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Attorney General William Barr is a Sick Retard


U.S. Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday pinned rising crime in the United States on what he referred to as "revolving-door justice," affirming that violence would be greatly reduced if only a few hundred felons were removed from the streets.

"One of the problems we have in the criminal justice system now is revolving-door justice," Barr stated during a Kansas City, Missouri, press conference on the Trump administration's anti-violence initiative Operation Legend. "And I think too many criminals - to tell you the truth, during my exposure to the law enforcement community, which goes back over 30 years, there's one constant, which is that the police do their job."

"The police do - get the suspect and get the evidence," he continued. "The system falls apart in the prosecution and trial and the sentencing stage. And what's happening these days in the country is we're going back to some of the old practices we followed in the '60s and '70s where there's revolving-door justice and people are not being held. They're not being held before trial when they're dangerous."

Barr then discussed a possible solution to the country's nascent crime wave. "I think if you go to most of these big cities that are experiencing an increase in violent crime, and you go to the police departments, they will know who the shooters are," he said. "They will know exactly who the shooters are. And they're not that many of them, relatively speaking. Two, three hundred, that if you took off the streets, you would more than half violent crime."

Barr's remarks came as he announced 1,485 arrests have been made under Operation Legend. The program, launched roughly six weeks ago, is active in nine U.S. cities and has led to around 220 individuals facing federal charges.

Operation Legend - which operates in Albuquerque, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and St. Louis - was named after LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed in June in Kansas City. Taliferro's suspected killer was arrested last week.

William Barr is a sick retard, his simple fix is rounding up undesirables Chinese style. Idiots who go for this don't realize that most things they don't like about the justice system, came from the democratic process trying to protect innocents from people like Barr.

Once you accept this premise that there is some institution outside the jury who "knows who the criminals are," the next step is to figure out ways to get around the Bill of Rights to lock up whomever the 51% majority wants locked up. The response is other people voting to let everyone out.

It is a sick temptation that has been standard and common throughout history, that Barr doesn't realize he is a typical simpleton falling for. At the end of it, he will be locked up.

Barr said "you go to the police departments, they will know who the shooters are." People know who Barr is also. This is the temptation of every authoritarian, of people who voted for Hitler. They think if only we had more power, we could get done the things I want done. Then they invite the gorilla into the house, the golem, and the golem eats the ones who created it.

This is exactly why they framed my friend, and gave her life without parole from age 21 for a crime that didn't even happen. She was previously arrested with 7 pounds of GHB, and it went into 100 newspapers, it was a moral panic. Only problem is the crime lab said the police were wrong, all charges were dropped. Didn't matter, once that went into Google, police had carte blanche to frame her for murder for being a date rapist.

What Barr said is the single most evil statement I have ever heard any politician make. He is basically saying the police should be allowed to lock up whomever they think should be locked up! Which will be whoever their boss tells them to lock up. It is insane that we have someone so dumb in the Trump administration.

Habitual offender, felony murder, three strikes, are all tools that are used in practice with discretion to prosecute people not for a crime they actually did, but who have a bad reputation. The problem is once you create that hammer, it will be used on you. Or if not you, on other innocent people who vote. But rather than vote for a more rational system, they will respond by voting to let everyone out.

Barr's experience with police is not the same as the experience of the people who wrote the Bill of Rights. But Barr will find out soon enough what their experience was. One day the people who know he is the bad actor, the problem, will come for him.

Every day they come up with new scams to get around the Bill of Rights. One is jailhouse confession witnesses, where they coerce other inmates to say an inmate confessed. Another is local regulation of police, where the local political establishment has the discretion to overlook police misconduct which predetermines the outcome of a jury trial.

All the people who object to what I am saying, are socialists at heart. Scientists are socialist, because their brains are constrained. They imagine the world as if seen from a single vantage point, like a laboratory experiment. If I could centrally plan production and feed everyone I would. If I could just lock up the people I know are committing the crimes, I would. They don't realize that civilization is, as Hayek described in "The Use of Knowledge in Society", a complex knowledge process. And you can't just replace the process with the outcome we know everyone desires. No matter how many times socialists vote to try. Just give everyone healthcare! Just lock up the criminals! Just invent a new green energy source! Such a simple fix.

You obviously have a chip on your shoulder. Barr didn't say lock them up without a trial. He simply said the cops know who the really bad actors are and generally speaking, he is right. I don't know the details of your "friend" that was framed. But, I would say that 99 times out of 100, someone like you described was doing something wrong (wrong place, wrong time, hanging with the wrong people). Your friend may be the rare exception. You didn't mention what it was that she had 7 lbs of. Regardless, if police departments could be more proactive and target/profile the bad guys for prosecution (in a court of law with a non-political prosecutor), crime rates would plummet.

Exactly, you support her getting life without parole from age 21 for hanging out with the wrong people, for doing something wrong. Not for doing a specific crime that is actually punishable by life.

You are not so much evil as dumb. You know you could never win an election, saying anyone with a past drug arrest who is in the vicinity of a crime, gets life without parole without a jury trial. But you support essentially that policy, when you say it is okay for police to frame someone who was doing something wrong and hanging out with the wrong people.

So you know your policy could never win an election. But you still get unhappy when you lose an election, when people figure out what your preferred policy is. And you don't know why you lost, why people are so crazy to vote for socialism. You don't remember it was you who hid the real policy, who pretended the election was about something else.

And it is incredible that you are stuck on this idea that "what it was that she had 7 lbs of" is relevant. She had a bottle of a liquid that was legal to own use and possess. But there is nothing she could have possessed, not the blood of infants, that any Republican has ever said in a political campaign would make her guilty of murder a year later. And yet here you are, implying that whether giving her life without parole for murder is just, depends on what she had in a bottle a year earlier.

You don't need to tell me, I know you believe it is right and good to frame people for murder who have past drug arrests. I am only pointing out that it does not work out so well for you in the long run, it is myopic.

I am educating people as to exactly what policies Republicans prefer, and the tricks they use to get around the Bill of Rights. And if Republicans don't get a clue, Republicans will lose all the close states (when they are not running against a prosecutor).

If Biden loses this election, it will be because he chose a prosecutor as VP. And here Barr is saying the problem is prosecutors don't lock enough people up. Maybe he is saying the problem is sentences for gun crime are not high enough? The penalty for gun crimes and murder is already max. Barr is saying prosecutors are not tough enough getting the max. But if Biden loses this election, it will be because the voters don't like successful prosecutors.

Here Biden is realizing his mistake, and talking up his time as a public defender. And Barr comes along and says police know who should be locked up, it is all that stuff from the Bill of Rights that is broken. Barr is evil, but evil is normal for man. It's dumb, and that is my problem with it.

You said "Barr didn't say lock them up without a trial." That is basically what Barr advocates, he wants a shortcut from "what police know" to prison. I am sure whatever his shortcut is, will work just as well to send the innocent to prison as the guilty. So it comes back to police, not juries, "knowing" who is guilty and who is innocent. Because after that, it is a railroad.

But you took it a step further and said something totally sick and wacked out:

"Regardless, if police departments could be more proactive and target/profile the bad guys for prosecution (in a court of law with a non-political prosecutor), crime rates would plummet."

How do police proactively target people whom they know are bad, except by framing them? What is this "easy fix"? Let's be specific, prescribe some policy changes. Because all prosecutors are political, it just depends who is voting. And if they can be "proactive" they will run right past the "shooters" to their political opponents.

i hope you get the therapy help you need. I don't support anyone being put in jail for a crime that they did not commit. I simply meant that the rare cases of wrongful prosecution often stem from people putting themselves in bad situations to start with. The average American that leads what some would call a boring life, doesn't get harassed by law enforcement. When there is an interaction caused by some misunderstanding, it gets justly resolved. Does that mean injustice never happens. No. There will always be injustice in the world. I hope your friend, assuming innocence, is set free. I do find it interesting that you are being vague about the package in the initial interaction. Kind of sounds like that bad situation I speak of. I'm honestly trying to imagine a situation where I would be found in possession of approximately a gallon of liquid that would peek the interest of a policeman. For me, the only gallon of liquid I would be carrying would be from the gas station or the grocery store and it would be clearly marked. What situation was she in that allowed them to "frame" her for murder because they thought she was a date rapist? I'm one of those boring straight laced Christian Conservatives. It is difficult for me to imagine an innocent situation that led to the charge of murder. I'm truly curious. She may be a glaring exception to the rule.

You are a sick, sick evil man. Someone gets life in prison without parole for a crime that didn't happen, and you say "she must have been doing something wrong." The cop didn't do something wrong? Cops are animals, not to be held to the standard of right and wrong?

You said "I do find it interesting that you are being vague about the package in the initial interaction. Kind of sounds like that bad situation I speak of."

I'm trolling you. Here you say you don't support someone being in prison for a crime they didn't commit. But you are obsessed that what she had in a bottle a year earlier was the cause of her being locked up for murder. They framed her! Police faked evidence! They coerced witnesses to tell obvious lies, which are favored by the rules of evidence, in a scam that is voter-approved specifically to frame drug users.

You absolutely think it is right for police to frame her, because she was falsely accused a year earlier. Your mind is like a fly to light to that concept, you cannot help yourself or even recognize what you believe.

What she had in the bottle was a sex placebo, similar in concept to what they sell at gas stations, which she used herself. Or which other people including me used on her. She is a brain-damaged young girl, and guys would stick anything they wanted in her mouth. But I know you, I know your mind, how it works. You don't believe that. You believe what you read in the newspaper. You know it must be true, 100 newspaper articles can't be wrong. And in the end you really truly believe she should be framed for murder for it.

It has nothing to do with me getting therapy. It has to do with Republicans being honest about the policies they prefer. Because then they won't be forever confused why black people vote for gay marriage and gun control and socialism and reduced policing. Suddenly the world will make sense to you, and you won't have to all cry together on Breitbart all day, about why the world is crazy and people vote Democrat.

It is with your support, with your approval, to please you, that my friend is currently serving life without parole from age 21 for a crime that didn't happen. Wait, what was in the bottle a year earlier?

Grand Jury Indicts St. Louis Couple Who Used Guns to Hold Off Protesters

It's like AG Bill Barr said, everyone knows who the shooters are in the neighborhood, and here they are, in this case we found them. It's just a matter of sending the Thin Blue Line over there to clean them out and make the world a better place. And don't let those costumed known armed thugs get away with any unexplained hand movements.