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It is a bit shocking to see Newt Gingrich trapped outside reality like a fly in a jar.

Gingrich: 'Big Mistake' for Biden to Run with DNC Speech Theme of 'Dark Versus Light' ...

...(Republicans) being in favor of the police, and standing firmly with those who are trying to protect our lives. That's the light. They (Democrats) are strategically in an almost impossible situation. And I think that will become more and more obvious over the next two or three weeks. And then sometime in September, they (Democrats) will start getting desperate.

Biden bumped up a touch after his speech. But for the most part, the polls are stuck. The majority of people are seeing something Gingrich is missing.

Unfortunately, everything from the last three years has been partially eclipsed by unusual recent events. I don't know how the virus might create distaste for an incumbent. But Republicans added an issue they didn't have to, pushing all their chips into the table on criminal justice like it is 1985. Today's Republicans know nothing about this issue except what they recite from 30 years ago, and hands up don't shoot derangement syndrome. They are playing a pair of eights like a pair of jacks. This election was supposed to be about socialism, a dud for Democrats. They changed the subject and Republicans went crazy, and it is working perfectly for Democrats. And nobody can stop Republicans from trotting out this fossil Gingrich to serve the koolaid.

Biden has already announced that if elected his top priority will be putting an end to "institutional racism." What would the left's project to "root out" white racism look like? Probably something like China's Cultural Revolution (1966/1976) where Mao's Red Guard went on a witch hunt to weed out old thinking and replace it with new and improved thinking about "equality." No thanks. I think I'll pass on what the left has to offer us. The left is insane, as always. "Biden has vowed that, if elected, he will begin addressing institutional racism within his first hundred days of taking office." "Joe Biden calls Trump the country's 'first' racist president."

By refusing to offer a product to fix the justice system, you give a monopoly to insane people.

How are Republicans getting beat by an insane corpse? It is because they are captive to a cop-worship cult that is inoculated against reality. It is insane to watch Republicans trapped outside reality when the Democrats are poised to wipe them off the map.

Ever since hands up don't shoot, Republicans have been deprived of any ability to rationally analyze justice policy, or to avoid political suicide supporting police who victimize the innocent.

Here is a cop staging a bullet in a murder case:

Because of hands up don't shoot, you have lost your mind. You are incapable of saying that cop should be punished for staging that evidence to manufacture a shot-while-fleeing narrative.

Should that cop be punished for staging that bullet?

In a democracy, can a political party survive which supports police in the crime of perjury?

Can a political party survive which is waging a race war against white people and a war against standards for the sake of "equality" which is actually a war on civilization since civilization is basically about standards? Some excerpts below from an article by a Princeton Professor of Mathematics who points out exactly what the left wants.

"We should utterly reject the centerpiece of our adversary's ideology - the notion that our society is irredeemably racist. This accusation is no longer defined "in terms of recognizable discriminatory actions (which could be identified, measured, and cured) but rather as any manifestation of disparate or unequal outcomes. Differences of any kind - whether in income, education, or life expectancy - are all defined as manifestations of systemic racial animus."

"Woke ideologues are using this notion of structural racism and the justifiable American sense of guilt for the past treatment of our African American citizens as a club to demolish our institutions. By contrast, our banner should be the simple and powerful anti-racist and anti-racialist message of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Judge all humans not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

"How to Fight the Enemies of Academic Freedom."

That political party can not only survive, but win. Because Republicans have no clue what is happening to them. Republicans are being framed with nonsense. You really think your fellow man is that irrational? They will say any charge they have to, to get rid of these crooked police. Until you punish police and prosecutors for misconduct, people who blame it on global warming, or on helium ions, will tap into a sentiment and win elections. It doesn't matter if they say it is because of racism or intergenerational trauma. As long as police and prosecutors can victimize the innocent without consequence, anybody who admits it is happening, will win an election against someone who denies it is happening.

Democrats are surfing on a flawed justice system which Republicans refuse to fix. Democrats like that the justice system is flawed, so they can use it to accuse Republicans of racism every election cycle. I have been saying this since last year. The justice system has problems. As long as they are there, Democrats will use the problems to successfully accuse Republicans of racism, and win elections.

But the current movement is not even a movement of black people. It is a movement of white people, while black people get shot. It is white people, who hate the police for crooked behavior, using the a false accusation of racism to beat Republicans over the head. And Republicans are sitting there clueless "There is no such thing as systemic racism. So why are we about to lose an election? It makes no sense!"

It is because hands up don't shoot that Republicans are distracted by the fake racism thing. We're not racists! And unless you figure out what is going on, you will lose all your offices and get wiped out.

It is like a broken dam with water just gushing through it. As long as police and prosecutors victimize the innocent without consequence, Democrats will use it to destroy everything. They will destroy the universities. They will implement marxism. They will burn down the suburbs, and not suffer any drop in the polls until they nominate a prosecutor as VP.

Here is a cop lying under oath without consequence:

It is just sitting there festering. Until you fix it, it will drive people mad and they will vote for anything!

I_Callahan: The justice system needs to be fixed. You're right here. Mandatory minimum sentences for all offenders. No plea bargaining. Build more prisons to house more offenders. Broken windows policing. These are the only ways the TRULY innocent (you know, the people who live in rough neighborhoods across the country who just want to live a normal life) will ever have the peace they desire and are entitled to.

The lunacy you espouse is exactly what is happening across the country in big cities as a whole, and because of that, violent crime is up in every big city in the country. The fact that you can't see that is inherent in your screen name - you're so full of hatred toward cops that it's impossible for you to be sane about this subject at all.

Max's points are correct; you're just not mentally able to see that. I'd suggest you get help.

It is sad that instead of connecting the dots with solid arguments, people who disagree with me just tell me I am crazy. I agree that plea bargaining is flawed. It is a symptom of the weakness of actual criminal evidence, against the demand to lock up undesirables, and the randomness of the jury process.

But let's do some quick math. Suppose 2 million people are in prison right now in the US. Suppose over 20 years, that is 5 million people who are locked up for an extended period of time. Suppose they each bring an additional two or three family members or sympathizers, who are also chained to a relative or loved one in prison.

That is now 15 million people voting for nihilist judges who will let everyone out. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million. Andrew Gillum lost by 0.4% in Florida.

Do you have a plan B, one that is compatible with democracy?

While we are at it, here is a cop lying under oath in a murder trial:

Do you think that cop should be punished for committing that crime (like suggested in the 10 Commandments and the Stela of Hammurabi)?

Do you think a political party that supports police in the crime of perjury, can survive in a democracy?

Is it lunacy, to suggest that cops who lie under oath in a murder trial (as is forbidden by the 10 Commandments and the Stela of Hammurabi) should go to prison?

How about if punishing cops who break the law, and punishing prosecutors who victimize the innocent, would save the country from Democrats getting elected? Is it crazy to advocate for policies that will not only increase justice, but help Republicans win elections and save the country?

How about Republican fossils reciting law-and-order talking points from the 1970's, when Republicans were fighting a completely different fight against the "rehabilitation" and "root causes" philosophy? Is it lunacy for Republicans to fight yesterday's battle, when it hasn't moved the polls and if anything is costing them support?

All that is good and fine, but it doesn't address the truth: the more handcuffed cops are (or the less cops exist in an area), the more crime there is. Period. That is irrefutable. And the only people hurt by that are people who live in those areas.

And you can point to exceptions (like the ones in your links above) all day. The fact is that in 99.99% of cases, people who go to prison BELONG in prison. They all did something truly criminal. We don't have prisons full of innocent people who are there because of lying cops. Any incidences of this are exceptions, not the rule.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: your view on cops is full of emotion and hatred. So anything you see that fits that narrative is going to be foremost in your mind. You'll ignore the thousands and thousands of other cop / citizen interactions because those instances don't fit that narrative. You're in too deep now, and in the back of your mind, you know it.

At least the global warming people have fake science. Your 99.99% number is based on no science, it is completely invented. How many felony convictions nationwide in the last six months used the coerced testimony of felons? You have no idea. How many times were police accused of perjury in Seminole County Florida in the past year? You have no idea. You don't want to write down and report those numbers, with penalties for reporting failures. You want to keep the data that would enable us to have an honest debate hidden and obfuscated, in a cocoon of secrecy at the local level.

You say the more handcuffed the cops are, the more crime there is. Do you think the Founders wrote the Bill of Rights to handcuff police because they like criminals getting away with it? One of their Grievances in the Declaration of Independence was murderers were getting away with it. Thomas Jefferson wanted to drill a hole through a girl's nose for licking poon. And yet they demanded the Bill of Rights to handcuff police, it was a deal breaker. Why? Because they were like Jesus at the Passover festival, they knew what was in men, from history.

In the USSR, police had absolute power. And yet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo was able to murder 56 people, while those idiots put on a charade of solving crime. They killed innocent after innocent for his crimes, while Chikatilo ran free. Why? Because every product needs standards. Every product, including policing, will be delivered in the cheapest, garbage way that meets the measure, like watered stock. They will frame incompetents, and tell you they are heroes catching murderers. It is not the exception, it is the human condition throughout history. It is the historic standard of mock trials to which everyone gravitates without great vigilance.

You look at other countries right now where there is no Bill of Rights, crime and corruption are way higher. These countries run by dictators with secret police, or Russia, there is plenty of crime. Giving police more power does not solve crime, it increases the corruption of the justice system.

1019 people killed by police in the past year (Washington Post). The overwhelming majority was justified: https://www.washingtonpost....

21.1% of people 16 years and older had police interactions in 2018 (Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics - the most recent number I could find). That's 40 million people out of 253 million over 16 years old:

1019 / 40 million. That's 99.74%. I was very slightly off. But in the grand scheme of things, I am right.

City Journal comments is populated by lying idiots? Who would have guessed. Your original 99.99% quote had nothing to do with people not killed in traffic stops (LOL), it was "in 99.99% of cases, people who go to prison BELONG in prison. They all did something truly criminal."

Of course if police could hide a dead body or cover up a missing person better, they would do more of it. So instead they do more of what they can hide and cover up: Perjury, and losing and altering evidence. You admit police have been successful in hiding almost all statistics except body count.

The "overwhelming majority" killed by police that were "justified" probably did not have body cameras. I am sure killing Elijah McClain was "justified". But that does not mean insane Republicans can win elections with those justifications.

In the grand scheme of things, you have no independent scientific analyses on which you can base any estimate of the number of innocent in prison. What percentage of jailhouse confession witnesses do you capriciously *imagine* told the truth?

How can you ever tell if police are lying, except by having no other explanation for Andrew Gillum coming within 0.4%? I have solid evidence of police lying. Other than my website, there is no record of it anywhere. And I have seen police lie many other times in four states, and there is no record of it anywhere.

Dude you ranting and raving and calling people idiots will get you nowhere. That is the problem with your side. You resort to ad hominem, strawmen, and anedoctal evidence. I have no doubt their are innocent people in jail of all colors. I would be for a change in the ability of police departments and DAs to lie about certain things. I would be for time limits on interogations, etc. But I cant listen to people like you with screennames like yours. You are simply not rationale in your approach to the argument.

This guy told me that 99.99% of people in prison "did something truly criminal." He then claimed to show he was correct, by dividing the number of people killed by police in one year, over the number of people who had contact with police in another year.

How would you respond to someone wasting your time throwing garbage in your face like that?

If you don't like anecdotal evidence, do you support a new independent institution in the executive branch to require reporting, and punish reporting failures like the SEC, of every time a cop is accused of perjury, every time a felon testifies, and so on? Or do you just want to whine about my screen name because you don't think cops who break the law and victimize the innocent should go to prison?

Do you think this cop who staged this bullet or this cop who lied should go to prison?

Or is that irrational?

I have not seen any more rational arguments anywhere, than the arguments I have presented about justice policy, at this website.

My arguments are based on the rational principles of economists and philosophers like James Madison, Thomas Sowell, Friedrich Hayek, Adam Smith, and Edmund Burke.

Anyone is free to visit my web site, and make a rational counter-argument to any argument I have made there. I suspect what you really don't like, is that you cannot form any rational counter-arguments. And so you just whine about my screen name. And call my examples "anecdotal", while doing everything you can to support people who keep events in the justice system obfuscated and hidden in a cocoon of secrecy at the local level, where it is taboo to even write down most instances of police misconduct.

And then you have the sick dishonesty to complain that evidence is incomplete, of things that are intentionally hidden and obfuscated. Instead of demanding that all police and prosecutor activity be exposed to the sunshine so we can have an honest debate, which you do not want.

Meaning what?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Sowell doesn't spout the crap you do. Trump has done more for blacks since Lincoln. Biden is a racist! So you're an idiot Never Trumper? Vote Biden and you can kiss your country good bye.

I rarely go more than a few paragraphs without paraphrasing Sowell. I will offer one of several examples on the front page of my web site.

I wrote "I don't hope to convince people my morals are better than their morals." This is taken from Sowell's discussion of polemics and political debate at the beginning of "Vision of the Anointed." Sowell says "People are never more sincere than when they presume their own moral superiority."

Sowell's word from "the anointed versus the benighted" even passes through to the title of an episode of a podcast, based on my true crime novel.

Sowell explains human behavior based on the incentives and deterrents facing individuals in systems and institutions. He further discusses regulation and monitoring, and the corruption of institutions. And he analyzes different political processes as knowledge processes providing feedback to decision makers.

So I begin by describing a corrupted knowledge process and decision institution where police commit perjury without any deterrent. And I go on to investigate the political and regulatory processes, and voter feedback mechanisms, which produce this outcome.

I further predict that a backlash against tyranny of the majority in criminal justice regulated at the local level, will cause a party that aligns with this corrupt system to lose at the national level.

It is all based on the work of Sowell, and an analysis of our present institutions and the Founders' design, experience, and insight.

Other than your website. Why on earth should I believe you?

You shouldn't. It is not your job. There needs to be a new independent institution in the executive branch to investigate and prosecute police and prosecutors, and punish them to deter perjury.

You hate the police and 'the system' because bad journalists and members law enforcement colluded to imprisoned a female friend for two crimes that you say she did not commit. While this may be true, you err when you indict *all* police and the entire system as corrupt. This is a form of dysrational stereotypical thinking. We see it in some raped women who subsequently hate *all* men or some American Vietnam veterans hating *all* Chinese or North Vietnamese.

The renowned psychologist Keith Stanovich coined the term dysrationalia to refer to the tendency toward irrational thinking and action despite adequate intelligence. While you would probably do well on an intelligence test, you would utterly fail a rationality test.

I liken myself more to Isaac Newton, who was inspired by a single falling apple, to recognize the universal force of gravity. I believe that behavior is dictated by the incentives and deterrents built into systems, so that the same incentives will lead to the same outcomes, everywhere it is tried. I hold the tragic, fallen view of the nature of man, where man will do evil, any time he has any prospect to gain anything by it. There exists no institution in government to deter and punish criminal conduct by police and prosecutors, that is not captive to the same political forces the police and prosecutors themselves, and also the local judges, are captive to. And the local political establishment will reward police who fake evidence to predetermine the outcome of trials, to create a show of locking up whatever class of undesirables the local political majority or mob wants locked up.

These conditions and human nature, gravitate to the same phenomenon of mock trials everywhere in history and geography. I talk to people the next county over, and find out the same things are going on. Or I read the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, and realize our Founders were wary of the same types of "corruption", from their experience hundreds of years ago in a different country. Do you think the Founders had an irrational paranoia, thinking an entire nation would need checks on the natural corruption of the justice system? Do you think they were wrong to project their experience with justice in Britain, the Colonies, and elsewhere, onto the future police of the United States of America?

Would you advocate repealing the right to a jury trial, and the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments? Because no policeman would ever coerce someone in custody to make misleading statements? And no policeman would ever lock someone up, and deprive him of the means to discover and establish the truth and clear his name? Or do you acknowledge that, like our Founders believed, the police and the people will violate every Amendment in the Bill of Rights given the chance? Everywhere throughout history the laws of force have been equal, and used against the commoners by the political establishment, where their soldiers are above the law and answer only to local daimyos. Sensible people would fight and die, to avoid living under a Constitution conceived by your hero Stanovich.

Look at the video. It was a good shoot. The cops have to anticipate that he is going for a weapon. The deceased only has himself to blame for his actions.

You are missing the big picture. You are standing up for the right of police to shoot a guy in the back, 1000 miles away, involving some people you don't care about. If you lose the argument, you get Joe BIden, and socialism in your neighborhood. Democrats are tricking Republicans to fight an unpopular position in the mud, while socialism stands on the sidelines in a clean suit laughing. If Republicans don't gain in the polls in Wisconsin, and if they instead lose ground in the polls, will you agree to stop your handsupdontshoot derangementsyndrome?

Yup, my jaw dropped when I saw that... Evers did the same thing Obama did in that Beer gate incident. People in Wisconsin are missing Scott Walker by now.

You want to bet on the Wisconsin polls moving toward Trump in the next week?

The man shot by Police, Jacob Blake, has a history of assaulting police. He also has past charges for domestic abuse and a sex crime.

I promise you if I shoot someone with a history of assaulting people, the police will lock me up punishable by death, leave half the evidence on the ground, and go for donuts. But I know, police are a Japanese overclass.

My friend's boyfriend shot someone in the leg who has a history of rape, domestic battery, racketeering, prostitution, cocaine, prescription drug abuse. None of that was admissible at trial. On the contrary, police coached the witnesses to lie, and describe a completely invented person, who gave anonymous gifts to strangers. My friend's boyfriend got life without parole from age 30, based on an invented story of a crime that never actually happened.

Here is an example of police staging evidence in that case:

Do you think that cop should be punished for faking that bullet hole?

No, because you are a sick member of a cop-worship cult.

A lot of new infromation to update about the perp coming out now bb...add this. I am reading that this perp was known, wanted, history of loaded weapons in his possession and the children in the vehicle were not his. You cannot allow a wanted felon, with this history, who resists arrest, turn a 3500lb vehicle into a weapon with children that are not his own, and simply drive away.

A history of loaded weapons is half the people in this comment section. Hogs move quickly. Given the number of dead hogs on the side of the road by my house, I am pretty sure it is common in my area for people to have loaded guns in their vehicle. Though it may be primarily people who have connections with the local sheriff, who get to enjoy their Second Amendment rights.

you missed the "felon" part... expected.. smh

You missed the whole Bill of Rights. This guy is being tried in the comment section after he was shot in the street. You are accusing him of a technical crime - felon in possession - but I don't see a jury here.

There are bad people with guns.. and there are GOOD people with guns.

Who, whom? (Russian: kto kovo?) is a Bolshevist principle or slogan which was formulated by Lenin in 1921.

Lenin is supposed to have stated at the second All-Russian Congress of Political Education Departments, on 17 October 1921, "The whole question is - who will overtake whom?"

Sounds like the cops should be congratulated for a job well done in getting this perp off the streets.

That is a real policy preference and, unfortunately, an election loser.

How so? Does your party the DeMarxist think it is an election winner to support felons, rapists and Illegal Alien drug smugglers?

Obviously so.......... Good luck with that platform outside of Hollyweird.

"Hang 'Em High" Lynched or Judged

Nolte - Shaun King: "I'm Not Going to Call for Peace" in Kenosha

Shaun King does not care about black lives, he cares about destroying Republicans and instituting socialism. If Republicans are losing on this issue, and this issue is the one that will enable him to get socialism through, then he will push all his chips into the table on this issue. And Republicans will not just call but raise him, and lose the country. Over some idiots 1,000 miles away that were not even an issue a few months ago.

It saddens me, because I live in the middle of nowhere with spotty cell coverage. I need my guns to protect myself from hogs and gators and the crazy people who live in the woods eating rabbits they kill themselves. If the Republicans make this election about bail in New York, they have about as good odds as a Republican in New York. This is not 1985, it is a different set of issues. And then Beto will come take my guns away, and leave me defenseless.

No, he cares about destroying America.

Remember that scene in "Rounders" where Matt Damon "lays down a monster"? Republicans need to walk away from the justice and police issues, and put their chips on big winners that the Democrats are deranged about.

Make no mistake, the democrats are happy that this man was shot. Just like they're happy when a madman goes on a shooting rampage. These people are sick as hell.

EXACTLY! The fact that their elected nominee for President makes such an egregious statement - CERTAIN to lead to rioting, looting and violence on more cops - proves beyond ALL DOUBT that the DemonRats FULLY ENDORSE this mayhem.

Republicans keep running the old West Coast Offense, Democrats will keep running the zone blitz.

That's why Hillary is President.

She did win by 2.8 million votes. You are very comfortable with Andrew Gillum losing by 0.4%, or Stacey Abrams almost winning in Georgia. Remember these are COMMUNISTS WHO WANT TO DESTROY THE COUNTRY. And you are lucky to beat them half the time, and currently you are down in the polls.

Pretty sure Republicans have been banned from the entire West Coast.

Orange County used to be Republican. You remember Bob Dornan? Then they made paying felons to lie against innocents the primary business at the county jail. And Republicans got swept into the ocean. Kind of like New York. You remember Giuliani, D'Amato? Then police made planting drugs on suspects standard operating procedure, and New York became a sovereign district for prosecuting Republicans.

I am reminded of what Tommie Angelo once said to a poker player who had his money rolled in a rubber band: Can I have that rubber band when you are done with it?

Steve Scalise: Joe Biden Never Condemned Rioters Burning Down Cities or 'Defund the Police'

Pigs will fly before any Republican condemns police for lying and faking evidence to victimize the innocent.

Here is a cop lying at a murder trial:


Seems you know a lot about that crime seen. How is that?

Unlike most people who just stand in a mob and parrot everything the newspapers get from the cops, I looked at the actual evidence. And once I did, the office of the local state attorney began a criminal conspiracy to break public records laws, going so far as to cite case law in a phony way to trick the court clerk to hide records.

Unlike rubes such as Daniel Horowitz and Ann Coulter, I not only got all the discovery I could before the prosecutor figured out what I was doing, I actually sat through every minute of two murder trials with every kind of lying you never imagined, including jailhouse confession so-called witnesses.

Everything I saw was a sick scam. And idiots on this web site ask questions like "Wow, how is it really possible to have any clue about a criminal case before opening your mouth?"

Every criminal lies and hurts. Not even 1% of all police lie or hurt. So your stupid point is full of it. Censors keep me from telling you what I really think of your rank STUPIDITY!

If every person who is charged with a crime has lied and hurt someone, then you should campaign for a Constitutional amendment to get rid of jury trials. And we can just have the police check the "[x] life sentence" box on the police report, and get a parade.

What percentage of police who lie and hurt is there even a written record of what they have done, much less any punishment for it? Are you not in favor of punishing police who victimize the innocent? You are not.

Oh you mean like camaltoes kamala suppressed evidence so that she could when a case against a innocent man


So what? This is one out of hundreds of thousands. You dicks make it seem like this is 100% of the encounters.

If that is the only time it ever happened, it should be so shocking that you would investigate and complain. But since it happens so often, because it is as common as rain, you won't even visit the link. There will be no punishment for that cop who committed perjury, and you don't want there to be.

There would be no record like the record at my link, if I didn't make the record. The other hundred thousand examples, police also refuse to write down a record of. You have a sick scam, where police refuse to write down complaints of misconduct. So unless there is a video of someone dying, cops deny it even happened.

People are really tired of sick liars who make a big business of covering up and obfuscating cops committing perjury and tampering evidence and victimizing the innocent. They are at the point where they will vote for socialists in a vain hope to stop people like you from putting up a fraud.

Do you support an independent institution in the executive branch at the state level, to require reports and punish reporting failures like the SEC, of every time a cop is accused of perjury? Or do you want to keep lying about how common it is, and preventing an honest debate of the crooked corrupt garbage product the cop-worship cult feeds us?

Get lost you anti American idiot.

The Declaration of Independence and most of the Bill of Rights is designed to put a hand in the face of dumb evil cops. But there is this new cop-worship cult who thinks being American is defined as evil idiots committing perjury and brutality to victimize the innocent.

No, it was designed to insure the freedoms and rights of all Americans including police officers.

Police are employees. The consent for them to shoot ends when and where the public says it ends. If at that instant they hide and obfuscate, they are criminals and murderers.

Sadly, the police used to have union rules preventing sharing of bad behavior which enabled a bad cop to leave one precinct when things got heated and start all over in another with a clean slate. I believe President Trump has issued an EO to prevent that type of cover up , but blaming them all for the bad actions of a few is flat out wrong.

Police know they will never be held to any standard of conduct when they frame someone who has a past drug arrest. In fact they will be celebrated. Even if, as in the case of my friend, the past arrest was a false accusation, where the crime lab said the suspicious liquid was not what they thought it was. So they literally frame innocents, over and over, as like a carnival business. Like any other business, it is just a hustle, where they deliver the cheapest product possible that they can dress up to trick the customer. And the magoo idiots who support them, are as addicted to it as anybody who is addicted to a fake supplement or snake oil cure, and will squeal if you take it away.

Like I said, there are bad people in every area of our society, but a country without police is something I wouldn't want to see. Think Somalia. Thugs walking around with weapons ruling over the people. War-like conditions in every city. No, I don't blindly support all, but we absolutely need police. Need proof? Look at Seattle, Portland, etc - crime and murder far above the norm. I wouldn't want to have to open fire on the mobs, but without the police to keep order, it is likely what will happen.

They don't emphasize a Bill of Rights in Somalia. But I don't go for this idea that the product can't be criticized, that we have to eat rotten food or starve, that cops don't go to prison when they victimize the innocent, that they refuse to write down or report accusations of misconduct and then claim it is rare. I have seen cops lie in four states. Nobody ever says maybe there needs to be a deterrent. They call me a communist, or tell me to imagine an imaginary world without cops. I'm still not persuaded cops should not be deterred from lying!

Ever since hands up don't shoot, all police misconduct is defended by an army of liars. The result at the end of it, will be Joe Biden getting elected. Republicans either don't know there is this lying game going on, or think playing the lying game - government vs. citizen - is a viable strategy to win elections in a democracy.

Steven Malanga: The walkout in support of Blake, who was wanted on a sexual-assault charge and whose own girlfriend called the cops on him, hardly represents the kind of compelling case against police brutality one might build a mass movement around.

It is actually a great case, that hits near the center of the movement. The problem everywhere in history (which our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights were written to address), is that police misconduct and mock trials are overlooked, in fact encouraged, when used against a class of people who are considered undesirable.

Person has a past drug arrest? It is okay for police to frame that person for life in prison. It is rewarded. Ann Coulter says "people with past drug arrests are more likely to be charged with violent crimes, than people with past violent crime arrests." Yes, because drug people can be threatened with life sentences to coerce them to commit perjury, to convict other drug people of crimes that never happened. And no cop will ever face any consequences, for committing perjury to frame someone with a past drug arrest.

Example at this website

People at City Journal fight to protect a policy of never writing down, or requiring a census, of allegations of police misconduct, or police committing perjury. And then they are so crooked as to paint all examples as rare or anecdotal.

Can't wait to see the final nail hammered into the coffins of sporting events that have been hijacked by a bunch of woke, over-priced, over-glorified, whining neanderthals; maybe then sport leagues run by competent people will arise that can hire some real talent instead of these circus rejects.

You don't see a problem with police being used as their personal army by one side of the national political debate? Or in other times and places, by the other side? Today's movement is essentially a movement that says police should not be rewarded for shooting, or framing, anyone with a past arrest. And someone who calls basketball players "whining neanderthals" and "circus rejects" is the one doing the rewarding, at the ballot box, of police who victimize the innocent.

A deft switch to the war on drugs. But Blake's apparent actions that triggered the arrest warrant and the 911 call involved abusive behavior toward his girlfriend - not drugs.

Why is it that we find that so many of the young men killed or wounded in these incidents have horrific histories of behavior toward women - black women, I should underline - over and over again? And when you add in some of the rhetoric and protest behavior we have seen, it's hard to avoid a sense of misogyny pervading this movement - abetted by many others willing to turn a blind eye to what's been done to black women in the service of what is an increasingly narrow ideological agenda.

So police should have no deterrent or punishment for lying and victimizing the innocent, or even a written record of it, because some demographic has a higher incidence of what? Because something has been done to black women? The agenda to expose and punish police for misconduct is an attack on black women? Are you sure it doesn't have something to do with global warming? Is there any other reason you can give me to disdain the Bill of Rights, like every violent idiot in human history, for the greater good?

He resisted arrest. They tried a taser twice. Put a cop in a headlock. He is shown holding a knife. That's how you get YOURSELF shot. EVERY one of these recent cases is less than it appears and merely an excuse for anarchy.

Give me a link to a screen grab or an image where "he is shown holding a knife." Sounds like the fat blue lie to me. Now people are having evidence planted on them a week later on the internet.

Maybe someone has been planting evidence that you might have a functioning brain.

That is the fat blue lie. Police lie. If you point to it, it is like the emperor's new clothes, you must be crazy to not see them.

Here is a cop lying on the stand in a murder trial:

Quick, look the other way!

Obviously there was no time. The cops were racing after a running suspect, who was out of control, with a weapon, and not being stopped. With more time the outcome might have been different, but it was the suspect, not the cops, who decided the timing.

A man getting into a car is not "running." The police were accompanying, not "racing." Even "out of control" is an idiom which you are misusing. Blake was not under control, but he did not fully fit the common meaning of "out of control." With Blake facing away from him and getting into a car, the cop was not immediately threatened, nothing was imminent to happen, that demanded that cop kill him, with no time left to do anything else safely. You are another example of the fat blue lie, which is as stubborn as the bat virus.

I think that in your zeal to pursue police misconduct you're more than willing to accept piling up some dead or broken women's bodies. Because the narrative must always be sustained, whatever the collateral damage.

OMG, so this is like a late-term abortion thing? A cop can go up on the stand, and tell straight lies to lock up an innocent female for life without parole from age 21, just like this?

But punishing that sick evil cop for lying to take that young girl's life, would be an attack on women's bodies?

I know, police were supposed to only be lying about black males, right? Then it would be okay. Perjury about black males is good, because the existence of black males (who escape abortion) is a threat to the bodies of black females.

What about Uyghur males? They must be doing something bad, like fgm, that we need to look the other way on any lying necessary to round them up. LeBron is right to look the other way on Chinese rounding up Uyghurs, because I am sure they are some kind of violent medieval misogynistic paternalists.

Back to the police lying, exactly whom should police be given a free pass to lie about? Black males? All males? All males with a past accusation of domestic violence can be framed for life? Because protecting the Bill of Rights of people with domestic violence accusations would be violence to women?

Nope, not "a great case." Blake is a thug. Using his actions and the treatment he received as an argument to punish cops is silly. Lie down with dogs, get fleas. Or, you're judged by the company you keep.

And your charge that someone calling the players "whining neanderthals" and "circus rejects" amounts to that person accepting police misconduct is a weak straw man.

In a previous life, I dealt with LEOs on an almost daily basis. Of course, there are bad police. Just as there are bad pastors and bad cooks and bad wives and bad drivers, etc. One should not judge an entire profession/group by the wrongful, hurtful actions of some. One punishes the miscreants and lets the others perform their roles.

By the way, if you don't like LEOs, wait till you get vigilantism. The adage is, "The cops aren't there to protect us from the criminals; they're there to protect the criminals from us."

I judge an entire profession by the absence of, and opposition to, any deterrent or punishment for what is legally misconduct. Others judge that entire profession by their ability to ignore the law, to lock up people who "lie down with dogs", even when the people locked up don't break any actual law that could pass the legislature.

I am also sick of self-important scumbags who threaten me "if you don't like being served rotten cops, try starving." Kind of a post office/dmv argument.

Breitbart John Nolte: America Assaulted for 88 Days, and Joe Biden Said Nothing - He Believes She Had It Coming

Police aren't punished for individual instances of misconduct. Collective punishment is the designed paradigm.

The first sentence is untrue, the second seems to be correct these days.

Here is a cop lying under oath at a murder trial:

Here are cops and prosecutors supervising witnesses to lie:

Here is a cop staging a bullet to create a false narrative:

I have much more like that. What punishment has any of these people received???? NO PUNISHMENT.

You will say it is rare, when it fact it is at all times hidden and obfuscated. If I didn't make the record at those links, there would be no record. I have seen cops lie in four states. If I give you my name, will you be able to look up even one of those instances? No. So don't tell me it's rare. It's not recorded, and then liars lie and pretend it is rare.

I have a very close relationship with a police officer who lost everything, even his pension, for a misdemeanor offense. So you couldn't be more wrong.

Everything, even his pension!?!?!! Are you f'n sick? My friend lost her entire life, locked in prison and being taken advantage of by sociopaths all day, without parole from the age of 21, for a crime that didn't happen! Because a cop lied! She was held without bond for three years before even going to trial, sedated in isolation, and intentionally tortured in ways I won't go into! Taken from her family! I alone have spent and lost five times because of it, what your criminal friend ever hoped to receive in his lousy pension. Not to mention the taxpayer who will spend 100's of times what your crook friend lost in his lousy pension. And her family, their whole lives ruined. Because a cop lied and faked evidence, Detective Benjamin Sprague of the Altamonte Springs Police Department. Plus Alison Smolarek and Jackson Athaide. And prosecutors Lori "cankles" Sacco and Stewart Stone who lied at trial, supervised witnesses to lie, and coerced felons to lie, AND PAY NO PENALTY FOR IT WHATSOEVER. I had a close friend who was a cop who beat someone to death. He had to find a new job, so he started a business and sold it for millions. Tough break!

Human nature is what it is. Some doctors are murderers, some politicians are thieves, some police officers are scum. But to paint each profession with a broad brush is every bit as bad as the Klan painting every black person with a broad brush, or every black person painting every white person with a broad brush...Rethink your position, it is not logical.

When doctors murder, they are investigated and prosecuted. Without thousands of people having to march in the street demanding it.

I believe that behavior is dictated by the incentives and deterrents built into systems, not by the good and bad people in those systems. I hold the tragic, fallen view of the nature of man, where man will do evil, any time he has any prospect to gain anything by it. I see that police pay no price whatsoever for faking evidence, lying on the stand, and hiding witnesses, and a prosecutor gets no penalty for lying, and supervising perjury, in a murder case. So it is not one prosecutor, or one case. It is a system which incentivizes, and does not deter, evil behavior.

I judge the entire law-enforcement profession by the absence of, and opposition to, any deterrent or punishment for what is legally misconduct. Others judge and reward that entire profession for their ability to ignore the law to lock up undesirables, even when the people locked up don't break any actual law that could pass the legislature. Some people can't get the laws they want passed in the legislature. So they want their local cops to be free to break the law, to do what they demand even when it is contrary to state and federal law. The mob demands cops break the rules.

Human nature is for the 51% majority to dance in the streets, to torture and lock up whatever class of undesirables they don't like, with mock trials or no trials. The Bill of Rights is designed to limit that human nature. Laws and political checks and balances are designed to channel and confine and deter human nature. But police and people who support them, whine all day that their human nature must be allowed to run free, and attack the people they don't like, without exposing their activities to proper regulation.

Sellers of travel, people who braid hair, medical doctors, are all regulated at the state level. People who sell stock, and insurance brokers, are required to submit standardized quarterly reports and special event reports of all their relevant activities. But unlike other professions, police refuse to be monitored and regulated by an independent institution at the state level for that specialized purpose, and refuse to be compelled under threat of punishment, to report all activities and events for public scrutiny.

Cops and their supporters, more than anyone, want to get away with the evils of being human.

Sounds to me like you have an ax to grind in which case you're unable to be objective. Too bad that reservoir of white hot hate you have accumulated has impeded your ability to think rationally.

You are the one who whines that a cop you are close to who is convicted of a crime has trouble making money as a cop. But you are telling me that since I observe crimes go unpunished, and I don't like it, I am unable to be objective and think rationally? How about all these whining idiots who complain about police being shot, admit that they don't like police being shot, and they are therefore unable to be objective or think rationally! How about this whiner Nolte who is not affected by crime in New York City, stop grinding his axe about it? Nolte says he bought a gun because of current events? Obviously he is too invested in current events, he has an emotional position, so he is unable to be objective or think rationally about them.

Slimeball cops and their supporters will say ANYTHING other than yes, that cop who committed a crime should go to prison. Should this cop who lied under oath at a murder trial face punishment?

Let's start with simple questions: Did that cop lie? Is lying at a trial a crime? Is lying in a police report a crime? Do those crimes victimize the innocent? Should there be some penalty, some deterrent, for committing crimes that victimize the innocent? All I expect from evil cops and their supporters is to tell me that I am crazy, for suggesting people who victimize the innocent should be punished! Never once do they admit someone should look into that, or admit that there is any misconduct that isn't written down, or agree to make better records or have independent investigators, or admit that the product can be improved in any way. All cops do is what common criminals do: deny, deny, deny, deny, and tell you that you are crazy for accusing them of a crime. Not only cops, but people who participate in the criminal conspiracy to enable and cover up their behavior - meaning YOU - need to go to prison.

Yours is an entire profession of psychopaths and sociopaths who will victimize the innocent, and then deny it and tell anyone who complains that they are crazy. You say it is one bad apple here and there. But the entire profession is in a criminal conspiracy to cover up every bad apple. And the entire profession is in a psychological state of war to deny it.

I perceive that there is little point in arguing with So to the rest, consider a few questions: 1) What laws do we ask police to enforce? Are they enforceable? (See 55 mph speed limit, and possession and use of marijuana.) 2) We see that we are not one people, who uniformly agree on laws, so how many laws do we collectively agree on, and what do we do about crimes that we do not collectively agree on? Note the resurrected Marxist complaint that many criminal laws "explicitly" exist principally to keep the lower classes down. Lastly, who do we ask to enforce those laws? What methods may be used to enforce those laws? To conclude: Be thankful that we do not live in Sharia-law-istan, where the law can not be changed and penalties are nearly a throwback to Draconian death-for-everything.

There is one guy here who believes black males should get life without a trial for being accused of domestic battery. But since he knows that could never pass the legislative process, he asks police to achieve the same effect through whatever means necessary. And he promises to look the other way.

Democrats making themselves look like fools supporting a felon, sex offender who sexually assaulted his ex-girl friend that had a restraining order on him and then resisted arrest after black Americans called the cops. That is the Democrats hero they are rioting over this time. Give me a break.

You are very close to getting the idea. Right now cops have a free pass to frame people who have past drug arrests. But it gets to a point where it is so many people, that it can tip elections and you can't do it any more. There are so many people who have been accused of domestic battery or whatever, that you have to protect their Bill of Rights. It becomes too many people to lock them all in prison and assume their families and sympathizers don't vote. So this idea that a person accused of xyz, an undesirable, has no rights, is en election loser.

This self important scumbag wants to know what the alternative is. Social workers? Please, just no. Community groups? Oh, yeah, that's the ticket. The military? Wowzer, that'd be a winner. This self important scumbag (you do have a turn of phrase) is for weakened qualified immunity, the abolition of police unions (actually, I'd eliminate any government union), strong community oversight, and bad cops going to jail. I suspect that nothing short of defunding and disbanding the police and unleashing the dogs of chaos would satisfy you. Unfortunate.

I want an independent institution in the executive branch at the state level, to require reporting and punish reporting failures like the SEC, of every time a cop is accused of perjury, every time a felon testifies, and other detailed information which will enable citizens in a democracy to fulfill their responsibility to scrutinize and regulate the punishment of their fellow citizens in each county. And I want that institution to have a mandate to proactively initiate investigations into police and prosecutors for sport, like every other type of law enforcement, and without investigations needing to be initiated by criminals, prosecuted by the mob, and tried at the ballot box in another jurisdiction, in an irrational and haphazard way. That will create a deterrent to police and prosecutors victimizing the innocent, which voters can monitor, without having to vote for socialist nihilists who let everyone out of prison.

I have more detailed legislative proposals on my website cops2prisonDOTorg, which is currently unavailable because of regional network maintenance. One very specific area of legislation that interests me, is exploring specific laws for when people claim they are legally allowed to shoot someone, but they didn't really need to, and did so with a disregard for the value of human life. Right now it is either murder or not guilty, in many cases. And manslaughter is too technically general, so that the definitions and sentences may not be appropriate for this specific crime. Maybe we could have an intermediate crime to charge people with, who shoot someone on their front lawn when they don't really need to, and get 10 or 15 years depending. It is a new concept, which requires analysis, argument, and debate.

None of my proposals involves paying police less. It is Republicans who complain that police will quit if they face any regulation, and don't want to pay them enough to get a product that can withstand regulation like doctors or sellers of travel or stock promoters. I think police need to be paid more, to improve the product and give people the product they want. Republicans seem to prefer an unregulated universal justice product that is worse than universal healthcare or the post office or DMV, with the assumption that someone other than them will suffer from the terrible or unjust product. But that creates a growing pool of dissatisfied voters, and turns over any product changes or improvements to Democrats and their voters.

Of course many prefer an unregulated product, so they can bend and corrupt it to their own ends. And so that nobody who is politically connected, will be likely to face justice in a district where his caucus is in the majority. And so they can locally enforce the laws they would prefer, and in the way they prefer them to be enforced. Rather than enforce laws in the way that actually has passed or could pass the legislature or win statewide or national elections.

Your idea of "community oversight" is not like any other profession, and sounds like the demand of the lunatics to run the asylum. The Bill of Rights is necessary because in many "communities" the 51% majority would burn at the stake any class of people they consider undesirable, with mock trials or no trials. Of course locals will support police faking evidence, to predetermine the outcome of a trial, of someone with a previous drug arrest, or previously accused of rape. They will say fake the evidence and string him up! And nor can police or lawyers be investigated by their peers, or by individuals in the same community, who are captive to the same political forces. Human nature needs to be channeled and filtered through a system of checks and balances. Police and prosecutors need checks and balances from people who are remote, disinterested, independent, even adversarial. And who are monitored and measured by voters based on general ideals, not local events, politics, prejudices, and grudges.

It's liberating to have absolutely no white guilt, or any empathy for Marxists. You are only alive because of the freedom and protection of your idiotic beliefs provided by the US Constitution. Other than that, you would be killed off. That's the price Patriotic Americans pay for our constitutional freedoms: your existence.

Fortunately people aren't always watching, and at those times you can ignore the Constitution to kill people you don't like.

I would probably differ on the degree of criminality within the police forces that you seem to be asserting. I would tend to think again based on no specific evidence that it would be a much smaller percentage than you seem to be alluding to.

It may tend to defy your perceptions like the stock market. The more skepticism accusations of police misconduct are prejudged with, the more misconduct police can get away with, before facing any consequences. "Hands up don't shoot" created a lot of skepticism. So now police are walking around with pac-man powers, and Republicans' minds are inoculated against any legitimate discussion of it. In the time since "hands up don't shoot", a lot of people with real accusations of actual misconduct have been told to stuff it, call 1-800-E-A-T-S-H-I-T. And they are angry about it like you don't know.

Sorry Cleatus...I'm not a LEO, I'm a retired factory worker and a grandmother. So since you attacked me for no reason at all I feel entitled to judge you now. You are either a LEO who was screwed over by the higher command in your force and were tossed due to whatever infraction you committed. Or you are a pissed off offender who is unable to take responsibility for whatever crime you committed and were rightfully punished for. There, loser troll...Now how do you like being judged by a perfect stranger on a comment board? COPS 2 think not, More like repeat offenders like you to prison.

I don't care what you think of me. I only notice you prefer not to discuss actual police misconduct and policy solutions. Do you think police should be better centrally regulated at the state level, with an independent SEC-like organization? If not, is your only objection cost? And if so, why are you not willing to fund to improve this important function of government?

I stated a fact that about that officer...I never whined...and I mentioned his pension to let you know the price he paid , but I never complained about it, I observed the situation and he admitted he screwed up and paid dearly for it. YOU are the one who said they need to all go to prison, I would think you would rejoice in the knowledge that that officer paid for his crime, and the knowledge that he was punished for it. Well Cleatus, he served no time because in PA a misdemeanor is only punishable by probation. Not Jail! You are some extremely ignorant angry little man to think because I support the police I need to go to jail...Who's gonna' put me there moron? YOU? I'm very uncomfortable with the level of vitriol and hatred you have for the police. I honestly think you are one step away from going on a shooting spree and ambushing cops. You are that unhinged. I wish there was a way I could identify you because if I could I'd be on a call to the FBI with your unhinged comments. See a counselor before you find yourself behind bars...I have a feeling Bubba would have fun with you.

You could easily identify me by following the links I provided, or through the web site that is my name. I have no doubt that scumbags in the cop-worship cult want to abuse their power, to lock up anyone who points a finger at their corruption and criminal activity. Go for it, slimebag. You should try being an ordinary citizen, who doesn't get to call his cop friends to harass and abuse anyone he dislikes. You have a power-abuse reflex. You have an impulse to strike out and lock up anyone you don't like. It is a sick cop entitlement, years on the force and around cops warps your mind into a sick sociopath who thinks he is from a higher class and should face no consequences for his actions. So go for it slimeball. Send the cop-worship mafia to lock me up for having a political opinion. I am sure you have no problem saying all day this and that person should be locked up. But you think you are immune from the law, it is a sickness.

You provided no links at all...and I can't access the website that "is your name" because I don't know your name ass wipe. DUH! I'm blocking you moron I've put up with enough B.S form some psychopath with a hard on for LEO's AND GRANDMOTHERS who support them. I pray to God you aren't permitted to have a gun you are a threat to those around you

Yes, you object to the Bill of Rights for people you don't like, while police are flawless aliens who can shoot all day. It is a sick overclass mentality, and a threat at the same time. You are addicted to threatening and pointing suspicion and incarcerating anyone you object to. You should be in prison before you harm any more innocent people.

Abolish the police and see what happens.

Yeah, I get told by the overclass to eat rotten food or starve. Let them eat cake.

Watching cops pray for crime is like watching a dumped girlfriend scream in the front yard how you need her. It just hardens your resolve to do better.

You keep bringing up this single case, then drawing the conclusion that ALL cops are liars or are corrupt. But that just is not the case.

I only need one example of a crime, to prove that there is no one to report it to. Do you trust that crime will prevent itself, when there is no one to report it to?

But why are you rooting for this guy? Just because you hate police? He is a bag of shit. He obviously abuses the mother of his children. She had to get a restraining order against him. Can u imagine yourself ever climbing through a window and just jamming your finger in a woman's vagina to humiliate her and tell her she smells like she has been with other men?

He deserved and needed to be put down. If he had simply complied with the arrest, he'd be out on bail today with both his legs. The true tragedy is those kids, who are going to be stuck with a man like that raising them.

The police were mic'd up? Never mind your blurry trace. Police are government employees. The idea that government employees and an army of supporters would frenzy to incite a mob against a private citizen smearing him as you have done, is appalling and cancerous. You don't get that a government which makes a business of destroying private citizens assisted by a mob of supporters who will defend any behavior against any attack, often with lies, cannot be tolerated.

Trump knows that police supporters are diseased. That is why he pardoned a felon, had a drug dealer speak at his convention. I don't remember any cops speaking. And now Trump has to go to Kenosha to try to overcome the damage done to the Republican brand by the psychotic lying diseased cop-worship cult.

The more you work in a symbiotic relationship with silent hiding police to trash this guy and incite a mob against him, the more clear it is that you need to be put down. You just don't get the proper role of government in the spirit of our country.

No sensible adult wants to live in a world where anyone who dares accuse police of misconduct is set upon by an army of lying zombies. Or where police can do misconduct any time they imagine their zombie army will be able to incite the public against that person. The whole thing needs to be euthanized and dissolved in acid asap.

You are going to destroy a private citizen to protect a government employee. That is the swamp that ordinary people come into contact with. The "war on police" is a war on anyone who complains about anything police do.

Sometimes an event can send a person over the edge. They say post traumatic stress disorder can make a person violent and erratic. Sometimes in an office setting, an event can create so much bad blood, that some of the parties have to move on. After "hands up don't shoot" police and their supporters descended into a deep paranoid criminal bunker mentality of friends and enemies, a war on and between citizens. You cannot go on being police like that. I have seen it with my own eyes. They lied about my friend, printed lies about her in a hundred newspapers, lied under oath and at trial. And nobody will do anything about it because it is a war, police are fighting a war against the citizen where they can't give an inch, they can't admit getting a case wrong, they can't be accused of perjury. They are in a paranoid and defensive and dysfunctional state that cannot be tolerated in a government institution.

If you think Americans are going to side with the government over citizens, any citizens, it's a hard road. This victory that you want, of the government over the private citizen, or over undesirable citizens, cannot be allowed. A movement that pits undesirable citizens, against government which is like a polar bear, inherently corrupt, inherently abusive, inherently over-powerful, I have to side with the slimebag. I have seen what police, insulated from consequences, can do. I have seen the power of government against citizens. I have seen the helplessness. I cannot and will not ever side with government. I cannot celebrate the government as a hero, as a saver of puppies even. It is inherently a dangerous entity which must at all times be constrained like an untame animal. The ordinary citizens, dirty in the streets, and flawed, will never be any kind of threat in comparison.

In some ways drug users are good citizens. They are like Jews. They are aware at all times that if the public consensus turns against you or your hobby or culture, your life can be taken from you, in a dispassionate instant, as if by a 4,000-foot steel robot. People who aren't drug users grow comfortable, and more friendly, as the police become more powerful. Like someone who keeps a lion kitten until it is full grown. But drug users are inoculated by a healthy level of suspicion against the police, they value privacy, and limited government. For the dumbest reason.

First off cops don't publish news papers...your media does.

Cops send lies to newspapers, and manufacture sensational stories with villains, to promote themselves. Idiots like Daniel Horowitz suck it up like a pig drinking beer, and never look at the actual evidence.

I have talked to reporters who only have permission to quote police as their job description, or who literally have no talent beyond copy-pasting police. It's a problem that people don't realize papers gave up journalism as too expensive. People don't realize papers need to promote the police, and enable the police to lie, in a quid pro quo for the police to provide papers with anything to print beyond local sports scores and AP wire.

The police are their investigative reporters, and write the only juicy local stories. There is garbage that goes from local police or the local police Twitter, to an intern who will work another job after graduating college, straight to print or web edition.

Most papers don't have the staff to investigate police. And they don't have the editorial capacity to give reporters permission to quote anyone who does. Local papers are more like a Drudge Report, dealing in content they can get ready-made for cheap or for free. Such as transcribing youtube videos of sports and other local figures,

If a local reporter criticizes police, the police will stay away. If the police stop feeding them local gossip, they will be down to local sports scores, and go out of business.

On the flip side, police can say anything, any lie, about anyone. If the papers say "according to police" then they can print any garbage, any sensational blood libel, with no legal risk. So police have the magic pac-man power to enable papers to print lies, and thereby manufacture more juicy stories than an actual reporter could produce, who is confined to telling the truth.

Sounds to me like the person with no evidentiary support for his position is you . . . you just pronounce everything that's been reported which you don't like a "lie."

The person with no evidentiary support for their position is the Kenosha police, who refuse to provide a detailed statement to support any of this.

Police and state attorneys hide evidence all the time. Foolish is the citizen who revels in attaching himself to that sort of endeavor.

Blake was carrying a fighting knife called a "karambit," which is curved like a claw. It's a small knife that fits in the palm of the hand and is used to slash.

The type of knife wasn't in the police statement. Anybody who said he was reaching for a knife in the car was bearing false witness. Anybody who said he admitted before he went to the car that he had a knife, which has no basis, would deserve death in a capital case according to the Stela of Hammurabi. I don't anticipate any of you demanding your appropriate and just punishment.

It took them a week to wait for video and witnesses to speak, to invent a story without actually saying why he shot him when he did. I'm guessing that blur in the video was car keys or something. All witnesses say the same thing: They did not see a knife at that point when he was in front of the car. So we literally don't know that was a knife

If there was no blur, they would have said the other story, he was reaching for a knife in the car. In neither case will lying sickos who spread the story they didn't use (including admitting he had a knife before going to the car), apologize for spreading lies to incite a mob against a private citizen.

And the police wouldn't have told any story, and would have continued to hide and develop lies, if a Republican politician hadn't told them listen sickos, you and your supporters acting like criminals and spreading lies is killing us. Which it is.

There were people on Breitbart who believed the Jacob Blake events would increase Trump's support in Wisconsin. I want to point out that Wisconsin has underperformed states like Pennsylvania since police shot Jacob Blake.

I don't know. I've never been threatened with arrest or imprisonment. Hmm. Maybe it's because I obey the law.

If everyone who is arrested is guilty, do you think we should save money and get rid of jury trials? How about any other lines in the Bill of Rights? They sound like a waste of time and money, if it is so easy to avoid the police by obeying the law.

You sound like a lib who would say "I never get mugged because I am nice to black people."

How does that make me a lib? You see color so you must be racisssst.

Because what you said is inane and logically idiotic, but with a tone of smugness that shows you have no clue you are a space cadet.

I see your crocodile tears for less than one percent false arrest and will raise you evidence. By the way, the law and constitution exist for the less than one percent.

Here is a cop staging evidence in a murder case:

Here is a prosecutor lying and saying someone was shot while fleeing, even though it is contrary to the evidence:

Here is a cop lying to a jury:

There would be no record of that if I didn't make a record. And even after I make the record, you won't count it. So your "less than one percent false arrest" leaves out the ones nobody writes down, and leaves out the ones you will completely ignore even if someone writes them down and shows them to you.

Do you acknowledge that cop committed perjury in a murder trial? Do you acknowledge he did so without any punishment or consequence? Do you acknowledge if I didn't write it down, there would be no record of it, no way for you to know it happened?

If you ignore all that, then any stat coming from your mouth is less than worthless, a lie.

Who would ever do this job if the slightest mistake would put you in prison.

The taxpayer must pay what they have to. Because a lot of people don't want police, when random people pay the costs instead of the taxpayer. Who would want police, when they are above the law and there is no justice?

Money can increase the pool of available applicants, and allow those who do not react well to be encouraged to find another line of work.

Rep. Mo Brooks: "the tide seems to be turning in favor of America and the foundational principles of liberty and freedom that have combined to make us the greatest nation in world history. We can run down the issues real quick - law and order versus more riots and more crime..."

Police shooting people does not make America unique. The Bill of Rights makes America unique. There is no "thin blue line" or even anything at all to promote police, in our founding documents and debates. Rather, police are feared at every turn in the Bill of Rights.

Exactly, the left does just that, blame the victim for 'asking for it' or 'deserving it' due to 'such-and-such' reasons. It's akin to the old scapegoat means of a woman, savagely raped, being accused of 'asking for it' just by being near the assailant.

We hear this every day, if a cop commits perjury against me, I must have been doing something wrong.

Maybe they should be a political ad that states,
" stop breaking the law"
Then encounters with police won't exist.
And then you won't have to worry about getting through your day!
Too much reality?
Trump 2020

It's so disturbing to me, that this type of misguided comment is what Republicans hope to use to defeat marxist nihilists.

Because there is a genuine attitude that if you have a past drug arrest, proven false, or shoplift, then police and the court system can use you for sport the way a bird uses a worm.

And if voters want to have some control over what happens after you have that past false arrest, or you do that misdemeanor, Republicans say no, those people have no Bill of Rights. They are like undesirables in Britain.

The only way my comment could have been determined as "misguided", would be by somebody who has a problem obeying the law. That reality is a real kicker isn't it?

You mean like Byron Donalds and Darrell Issa?

You mean like Elijah McClain?

You mean like Donald Trump who engaged in a conspiracy with Russia?

And you have evidence of this alleged crime? Just like Adam Schiff?
We saw how that worked out with the impeachment hearings.
So come on big guy!
Lay out what you have!
I know you don't have anything except projection, accusations, assumptions, and hot air.
Go take a Xanax and get some sleep Sparky

So you don't actually like the Republican political strategy, of waking up in the morning and beginning reciting all the crimes people have been accused of, and repeating and repeating and repeating until they check the polls late at night, and fall asleep exhausted?

LOL, you really are quick to judge people based on media gossiping with no factual basis in reality. Present the proof of a Russian conspiracy or STFU, already!

Ann Coulter, in her most recent column, pointed out the people Kyle Rittenhouse shot were "a convicted child molester and a convicted domestic violence repeat offender". This doesn't just suggest or worry some that it might imply, or be incorrectly taken to suggest, that people with past convictions have no rights. Ann Coulter really does believe that people with past criminal accusations, or even general undesirables, are not protected by the Bill of Rights.

I have a friend who was falsely accused of having 7 pounds of illegal drugs. It was a moral panic, reprinted in 100 newspapers. The crime lab said she broke no law. But because of what it said in those newspapers, people consider it appropriate that police later framed her for murder, life without parole from age 21. To this day, I can show someone the court documents that all charges were dropped in the drug case, after the crime lab report came back. And people say no, I still believe she had 7 pounds of drugs, 100 newspapers can't be wrong.

First of all Ann Coulter pointed out that felons should not be possessing firearms. And secondly, past crimes are admissible to show intent when attacking innocent persons under certain circumstances. And since you were NOT there and are not his lawyer you do not have a clue what the proof is needed to show self defense.

I guarantee you that all rules of evidence and case law, would prohibit any past act by someone Kyle Rittenhouse shot, as evidence of his intent when being shot by Kyle Rittenhouse. Even if the person were accused and tried for attacking Kyle Rittenhouse, evidence of specific acts may not be introduced to infer that because a person acted in a certain manner on one occasion, the person acted in a similar matter on the unique occasion in question.

But since Kyle Rittenhouse had no idea who it was who was attacking him, then even the reputation of that person is irrelevant in weighing the decision of Kyle Rittenhouse. But Republicans sincerely expect to win this election, by saying things that are either stupid or dishonest, like saying case law used when proving a another person's intent when that person is tried, is relevant to whether Kyle Rittenhouse broke the law.

It is all cockeyed and crooked, and Republicans after "hands up don't shoot" are cut off from feedback from reality that would allow them to correct course. Republicans stick to this idea that someone with a past conviction or accusation, can have his life taken casually. The voters don't like that argument.

The ENTIRE spit hood is mesh material, spit is wet, it works just fine when wet

Imagine how many innocent people must be in prison, because medical examiners say people died of asphyxiation in a homicide when they didn't. All these fragile people die so easily, and yet police run around calling it murder and locking up innocents for the deaths of those who died on their own.

My friend is serving life without parole from age 21 for a death that was called in as a suicide. Witnesses said she was not near the guy who died. But police staged evidence to claim he was fleeing her. Instead of anybody standing up for her, I get to hear from an army of liars in the Republican party, standing up for those police who lied.

Twitter IS antifa. Why do so many so-called conservatives use, and thereby support it?

So twitter has already tried and convicted Kyle, and anyone who says it was self defense is banned. Meanwhile countless antifa accounts praising the Portland murderer are still up. Oregon Public Radio called him a "racial justice supporter"

Unlike Twitter, and Antifa, police who feed sensational libel to newspapers can't be sued. All papers have to say is "according to police" and they can print any blood libel. Local papers laid off all their investigative reporters, and just copy-paste the police Twitter feed. This is what papers will tell you if you call them and object to a story which you can prove is false. They say "we don't care if it is false, we only have the intellectual and legal capacity to reprint cop press releases."

US Attorney General William Barr: The streets of our cities are safer with this violent agitator removed, and the actions that led to his location are an unmistakable demonstration that the United States will be governed by law, not violent mobs.

It's nice that everyone on your side is getting kicked off facebook and Twitter (where they were dumb enough to go in the first place), but the Attorney General of the USA is out hunting snowboarders for their political beliefs.

One less person on the George Soros Rent-A-Riot payroll!!!

Reinoehl is even less than that. He is one less loony sleeping in his car. It's inappropriate for the Attorney General of the United States to pound his chest over some random idiot in the street. It makes it seem like he thinks his job is to target political enemies not crime. As if with hundreds of murders in the streets, there is no crime of greater importance than a broke unemployed halfwit private citizen from the other political party.

as far as the murderer that liked snowboards, hes lucky he died an easy death. if patriots had gotten hold of him it might not have been so fast an easy.

That sounds like war, not common murder or criminal justice. And what Barr did was assassinate a political enemy, not a common arrest. The voters don't like it.

Throatpunch: You sound like you like to blame everyone else for your actions and poor life choices but yourself. I smell BS about the mass conspiracy that law enforcement is out to get you.

The name you chose, "Throatpunch" makes you sound like a rape victim. Are you sure that wasn't the result of your poor choices?

Cops lie. Unlike most dindoo nuffins, cops work for the government. That makes them evil swamp things. And they have a cult army of lying apologists. That makes them election losers.

I wonder why they didn't just use your same argument on James Madison, when he proposed the Bill of Rights to satisfy the anti-federalists. Come on James, those ne'er do wells only want a Bill of Rights to compensate for their poor choices putting them on the wrong side of the law all the time. Who would need lawyers or public jury trials if they weren't breaking the law? Instead of amending the Constitution, why not just lock up those criminal BS artists.

Throatpunch: I'll take things that pieces of shit say to defend their shit views for $1000 Alex.

Cops lie. And then like a spastic sea creature, their cult of supporters attacks anyone who shines light on the lies. Most drug addicts at least wish they could self improve. Cops and their supporters lie like Tony Montana does cocaine, with no shame.

Throatpunch: Plus it sounds like you dislike women who don't give into your narrative. Good. We prefer real men who own up to their mistakes, not little junk boys.

How about this sick weasel cop who shamelessly lied on the stand about a younger girl:

How about this sick jealous cop who staged a bullet:

How about this sick male cop who deleted video timestamps and lied in his police report to frame a young woman:

You like that those mediocre men lied about that girl and used her for sport. No throat punching of those criminals who took advantage of a girl.

Breitbart John Nolte: Minneapolis City Council Realize Dismantling Police More 'Complicated' than Expected

Police and their supporters have become like a cancerous organ. Not knowing what to do about it doesn't make people stupid.


Move to China.

Breitbart John Nolte: "Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right." - George Orwell 1984

Ever since Heather MacDonald called "hands up don't shoot" a war, police have been surrounded by a propaganda army of liars.

Actually, I think it started when Eric Garner plagiarized Mary Jo Kopechenne's "I can't breathe" statement.

You think the Governor should grant clemency to common citizens recklessly accused of homicide by asphyxiation?

I think that if Ted Kennedy was a Republican - he would have gone to jail for Manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident.

That is decades even before Willie Horton. Got any ideas to win a campaign in 2020?

Strategy for Democrats - lie....lie...lie.
Strategy for Trump - put America and ALL Americans first.
I prefer the latter!

Except we have Barr and Miller and Gingrich, and about a million other people with violent paranoid flashbacks, fighting "rehabilitation and root causes" in the 1970's.

The left wing has convinced itself that it has a monopoly on intellect. It doesn't. Instead it has placed itself in an echo chamber and either dismisses or flat out refuses to hear any dissent. The counter-culture McMurphys of the 60's and 70's have become the Ratcheds of today.

Unfortunately, ever since "hands up don't shoot" Republicans have been inoculated against any legitimate complaints about the justice system. If a cop frames an innocent person, the cop is a hero and the innocent person is an undesirable communist. And they refuse to develop statistics, so any example of the same pattern of misconduct by police and prosecutors is anecdotal. And anyone who complains will be attacked by an army of cop-cult liars and called a druggy or a rapist or a communist or someone who should be executed without a trial. And then this mob of armed big-government fanatics who thinks they are above the law, wonders why they are down in the polls to a corpse.

No one thinks that a cop framing an innocent person makes him a hero. Just more projecting to distract from the fires burning in the left's backyard.

When you say "No one thinks that a cop framing an innocent person makes him a hero" you are an example of your person who "either dismisses or flat out refuses to hear any dissent".

Example one, Tod Harwood:

"To get a search warrant for King's home, for example, Harwood falsely suggested that a pair of bullets found on the floor of King's home were the ones that killed Breeden when the detective knew the bullets never left the victim's body."

"KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer, who was rehired by Gov. Andy Beshear in January, gave Harwood a 'commissioner's commendation' for his 'outstanding achievement in solving Breeden's murder.'"

Example two, Detective Ben Sprague of the Altamonte Springs Police Department, who was awarded LEO of the Year by elected State Attorney Phil Archer.

Here Detective Sprague changes the police report and lies to the jury that a man was shot while fleeing:

Here Detective Sprague supervises CSI Alison Smolarek to stage a bullet to fit the narrative:

Here prosecutor Lori Ana "cankles" Sacco tries to hide that Sprague deleted the video timestamps and invented his own:

Here Officer Jackson Athaide makes another lie under oath about those same video timestamps:

You will say that is just an anecdote. But if I didn't make the record and show it to you, there would be no record of it anywhere for you to find. This is an example of what you call a group who "has placed itself in an echo chamber" by refusing to record or investigate allegations of police misconduct to know how many there are. And then you call all examples someone manages to uncover against all obfuscation "anecdotal."

When a detective violated the "echo chamber" by saying another person confessed to the murder Tod Harwood framed an innocent person for, he got demoted:

"The city of Louisville in 2014 paid $450,000 to Detective Barron Morgan to settle a whistleblower case in which he said he was demoted by then-Chief Steve Conrad to the graveyard shift for telling the Kentucky Innocence Project about Jarrell's confession."

Since I know you won't click on or pay any attention to what I just said, I will remind you of a Sowell quote I sent to a prosecutor in one of those shameless frameups:

"Facts may be marshalled for a position already taken, but that is very different from systematically testing opposing theories by evidence... Discordant evidence may be dismissed as isolated anomalies, or as something tendentiously selected by opponents, or it may be explained away ad hoc by a theory having no empirical support whatever -- except that this ad hoc theory is able to sustain itself and gain acceptance because it is consistent with the overall vision."

If you begin with the assumption that undesirables need to be locked up and police are heroes, then all evidence faked in support of those assumptions will be rewarded. And all detractors who offer examples of cops lying and victimizing the innocent will be dismissed.

You are arguing a point I didn't make. I said that no one thinks that a cop framing an innocent person makes him a hero, not that no cop has ever done it. Any cop lionizing that behavior is just as guilty in my opinion. It's a ridiculous argument to cite anecdotes and then say that it is irrelevant that they are anecdotes. Police misconduct should be investigated and prosecuted, including those who cover it up. Persecuting all police because of the conduct of a few is as wrong as persecuting any group of people because of the actions of a few.

Not just all police, but all Republicans are complicit in covering it up. Here I have given you an example of three cops and two prosecutors committing crimes, lying and faking evidence in a murder trial. The evidence of their crimes is there for anyone to see and prosecute. A 21-year-old girl is serving a life sentence without parole, for a crime that did not happen. And the response of no LEO nor any Republican is to do anything about it. The response, man woman and child, is to say "nobody wants that, it is anecdotal." Well it is sitting right in front of your face, much more plain than a murder. And absolutely nobody will do anything about it, except attack me for pointing at it.

Doctor Sowell wasn't discussing the police with that quote. I own "Vision of the Annointed". I bought it and read it when it was first published, and have reread it twice. No one has written anything since that does a better job of explaining the moral bankruptcy of the left.

Doctor Sowell was speaking about human nature in general. In the beginning of "Knowledge and Decisions" he mentioned a warning of an imminent attack on Pearl Harbor, but no institution or process to accept, validate, and act upon that warning.

At the beginning of "Vision of the Anointed" Sowell said people have been making errors and committing sins as long as there have been people. He said the necessary ingredient for an error to become fatal, is insulation from feedback from reality. He offered as an example not police, but Nazi Germany.

Republicans refuse to comprehend any of the flaws in the justice system, or how they manufacture millions of people voting against them in close elections. Sowell additionally mentioned how, unlike the private sector where people pay a quiet price for errors, politicians will carry on indefinitely, and drag down a whole society, without ever admitting they were wrong. Because the price of publicly admitting error and adjusting course is too high.

It is just assumed that Tom Cotton's "the mob is coming for your house" ad will work and is working. Nobody checks the polls to see if it is actually working. And if the polls go the wrong direction in every state where he runs his ad, that was just a chance coincidence. (I just paraphrased Sowell quoting Schumpeter, again not specifically talking about police.)

Sowell was right about insulation from feedback, which is why the powers that be on the left seem to have made the collective decision to ignore, slander or suppress as many dissenting voices as possible.

I get slandered and ignored on here every day. As Sowell said, people are never more sincere than when they presume their own moral superiority.

You have probably never been charged with murder or any serious crime, or even obtained all the discovery and sat through the trial of such a case. So you are as Sowell portrays Hillary Clinton: Wanting to take over the entire healthcare system, having never so much as run a drug store for a day. You speak from no experience, but only theory.

I have an entire website based on the work of your thought leader, Dr. Sowell. I rarely go more than a few paragraphs without paraphrasing Sowell. I illustrate the justice system through the lense of Dr. Sowell's work, analysing the incentives and constraints in the processes and institutions of the justice system.

But because you find my thesis discordant with your preexisting vision, you will dismiss it without ever clicking the link.

look at how they tried to frame up Donald Trump. A gross miscarriage of justice and huge waste of tax payer money.

Everyone wants to regulate police locally. So that the local political majority has the freedom to use police any way they want, against the people they don't want. But after Heather MacDonald declared war, police developed a bunker mentality and began using that freedom even more broadly and abusively, in a perceived war with private citizens, where they can admit no wrong. A government institution which is aligned with a political party and develops its own interests - like a teachers union - becomes dysfunctional.

Jim Caviezel: Freedoms Are Not Taken Away by Communists, but Given Away by Our Surrender

Yeah I really need to hear another airhead quoted. What an army of armed cops who are above the law, defended by a mob of liars, has to do with freedom, is never specified. Over and over I see and hear about cops lying and victimizing the innocent without consequence. Rather than ever admit needing any product improvement, catgirldreamer II will do nothing, and instead demand the status quo or worse.

But we ARE DOING NOTHING! Who is standing up against the violence in the streets?! Very few. The rest of us ignore it or write a few lines and move on. The good people of America need to unite against this internal foe. ALL OF US!

The reason you are sitting doing nothing, and others are out in the streets, is a difference in experience. Those in the streets have an innocent friend or family member who has been victimized by police, or have been victimized themselves. You just sit at home saying "The paper says that guy was accused of having drugs, this guy had sex when he was a teenager, shoot him, give him life!" That is millions of people you are sitting at home eating popcorn, and inciting an armed government institution to take their freedoms away, using lies or any means necessary.

Charles Hurt: Rochester "Spit Hood" Arrest That Sparked Riots - Another Fake News Fiasco

These same police who will in most cases do everything they can to hide and obfuscate such a video, will kick in my door without hesitation to get any video if my neighbor somehow asphyxiates to death on my sofa. Not only will they not give me the same benefit of the doubt as Charles Hurt, but they will plant, stage, and overlook evidence as necessary to make sure they have no trouble pinning the blame on me and getting a conviction. And after police tell the newspaper their narrative of how I murdered my neighbor to sensationalize for clicks without any liability for libel, Charles Hurt will not defend me. Rather Charles Hurt will say I am a psychotic murderer and a perfect reason why we need the death penalty. And all this will happen while I am locked in isolation with no bond, months before I even get to see the evidence against me or talk to a lawyer, or even tell my family members what happened, without the prosecutor editing the phone calls or using the information to decide what swabs not to send to the lab because they could exonerate me.

Well... This is a fantasy out of Hollywood and sounds like a delusion.

Somehow, the guy chokes to death on your couch in your house & the police show up and you think they had planned their day around an elaborate conspiracy to frame you?

Like any of these cases, the cops are just doing their job & stuff happens. They try to investigate to prevent other murders by catching perpetrators. Somehow, in your mind, investigation is bad.

Your just way out there.

If cops just investigate and never frame anyone, then how about we net save money by 1) get rid of amendments 3, 4, 5, 6, and 2) create a new independent investigative body to investigate police?

When and if your scenario occurs, it is most likely in an historically democrat controlled city, among rampant corruption across all levels of city and county government.

Or half the counties in Florida, and every other state I have lived in. You think there is an "internal affairs" in any rural area where the Sheriff will railroad anyone who hasn't had sex with his cousin?

Puss. Tried to be a cop and got turned down. Most seriously anti-cop lowlifes got laughed at when they applied.

When I give details and examples of what crooked slime police are, I often hear from cops that they think I must be a cop.

You sound upset.

And even if there is some truth in your words - what does that have to do with this situation?

For every bad cop story, we can probably come up with a double handful of good cop stories. This seems to be a good cop story.

For one thing, printing allegations is not fake news to Charles Hurt, when newspapers who have laid off all their reporters copy paste cops all day.

For another thing, an angry mob is a designed part of the process of initiating investigations into police. When a stock goes up on volume before a merger announcement, the SEC doesn't wait for a mob to demand they investigate. But people like Charles Hurt don't want an SEC for police, an independent institution in the executive branch to proactively initiate investigations and prosecute them.

So there is no investigation or any accountability for police, unless criminals and a mob initiate it. That is the design.

You are one STUPID liberal that doesnt want law enforcement untill your in trouble then you will do exactly the same thing that chowder headed crybaby liberal did when the police caught him curled up in a ball and CRY for mommy.

You are like a pathetic ex-girlfriend crying in the front yard how I need you.

The only time I've considered defunding the police is when I realize how much easier it would be to whack you. No joke.

So you admit the job of police is to do murder on behalf of sick evil men like you.

Stupid convoluted logic of a passive aggressive soy boy. No, succinctly put, I'd like to see you assume room temperature. More precisely, I'd buy a raffle ticket to do the honor. Playtime is over. You're a mortal enemy and no words will alter that. You'll be wishing for a cop on every corner before this is through.

I am at the mud pits off Peavine Trail right now f****t. You just tell me when you will show up. In the meantime I am going to get some sleep and dream of a silly marshmallow idiot on the Internet.

I'm at Mort Drucker's general store out by Petticoat Junction. Ebb is picking me up and we're going to feast on Mrs Douglas's hot water soup. We'll be corn shucking after supper while you're cornholing in the mud out yonder in Penile Valley. U dumm son!

What are you, 12 years old, you wait for your parents to go to sleep so you can prank threaten to murder adults on the Internet? You are a sick child who has no part in adult debates.

Sorry, Charlie, no tuna for you. I venerate law enforcement officers. You disparage them. Which is the more common attitude among juvenile delinquents? Mom and Dad have been gone for decades. What's murder without officers to investigate it and charge it? Process that.

My only concern here is the discrepancy between your comment history and your current attitude. I only read a few and they appeared cogent and generally conservative. Either you're suffering a psychic break or you have a hard on for police. It's a little perplexing.

Which is the more common attitude among authors of the Constitution? To be a cop-cult parrot? Or to write an entire Bill of Rights with the primary purpose to stick a hand in the face of arrogant idiots, presumed to be corrupt through all of human history.

Yep, that's me. I'm a DJT cultist and a military and LEO cultist. Proud of it. You must be a Thomas Paine and a little bit of Rue Paul cultist. I swore an oath to the Constitution so spare your drivel for your boyfriends. No one's perfect, including LEOs but on the bell curve of virtue you score somewhere below the x axis. You're dismissed.

Haven't seen it to judge and have no plans to. "ugly dancing children?" You're just butthurt (chronically & literally) that they didn't feature pretty dancing boys. Now, you say, "Thank you, Sir! May I have another!"

You're a one man echo chamber. One trick pony and a one note samba. A punching bag that squeals and flatulates in harmony. A witless wanderer lost in rhetorical debates. At this point, I'm feeling like a dungeon master with a sore arm.

You say you swore an oath to the Constitution. I take it you are a cop because you can't write two sentences without thinking about sadism and forced sodomy. I bet you know a guy named Abner Louima.

Retired military, numbnuts, with a couple of billets in military law enforcement. Never a sworn peace officer. You wouldn't survive one day as either. Anything else, weakling?

Why do you support scumbag cops who lie and victimize the innocent? Why do you want to defend cops from going to prison, when they commit perjury and undermine the justice system and its credibility?

Oh, I know why. It's because you don't care about policy or victimizing the innocent or anything like that. You just want to think of yourself as cool. So if I were to argue about case law or LEO discipline or something, you would respond with "I am tough, I will kill you." So your political philosophy consists of "I am cool and you are a weakling." And in your simple mind, you think that makes you a Republican.

A cool guy would drive as long as it takes to shake down this donut-eater for lying under oath:

But you are just a basement couch tough guy who doesn't care if every cop is a fat idiot liar.

Come on, man! If you have trouble figuring out whether cops are liars or not, then you ain't a Republican!

The second paragraph is accurate except for the Republican part. You've caught on about the wanting to see you dead part. I think I hinted about that in my original reply. Yes, I quite certain that I'd love to watch you slowly die. That doesn't make me a bad person, does it? I mean, who would object? You can't fault my logic. Your grave marker could become my favorite rest area wherever it's located. I'd even camp out with a keg of Rolling Rock to over hydrate.

LOL, a dog ran up on the Internet and ate your self esteem.

Yeah ok you antifa commie . When you show up dress like a man and not like an anonymous commie ninja superhero. Punk

Like I said, any Internet f****t actually wants to come visit me on public property, I will be there to meet you. Though it is a waste of electricity to point that out to people who type big and do nothing. And then say "we need to get out in the streets to beat these Antifa thugs" but never do. Then one goes out with a can of mace and gets shot, and they all cry 24/7 and call in the US military for backup to take on a brain-damaged snowboarder. Those Patriot guys showed up in camouflage, and got murdered by a hippie in sandals.

Best part about blocking you is that I NEVER have to read your FUQING lies again TROLL!

You have the passion of a rioter.

Sen. Tom Cotton: 9/11 Compelled Me to Defend America and Our Freedom

Now Tom Cotton sees millions of voters and their families and sympathisers as the enemy.

Ha! And the moron "cops2prison" doesn't even understand the idiocy of his own post. B L O C K E D

At least I am not the one running a "the mob is coming for your house" ad that drains the polls like a bathtub.

Trump: Animals that must be hit hard!

There's a problem when Trump shows a video of a single person, and then says "Animals that must be hit hard!" That is a war, when you aim to "hit" multiple people for the crimes of an individual. He is saying all people on the left are complicit in this crime and must be targeted for death. At the same time, no matter how many police commit perjury, I get told it is one bad apple, and police are mostly non-perjurous. (And of course even those who are perjurous, all police will resist punishing those few.) But now we have one party, Republicans, seeing the police as their army to hit members of the other party.

This what Antifa and BLM do when bored...destroy lives.

That is what cops and their supporters like Ann Coulter do when bored. Ann Coulter is over on Twitter suggesting anyone who has ever been arrested, should be imprisoned for life.

Trump Jr.: Mueller Team Wiping DOJ Phones Shows the 'Deep State Is Held to a Different Standard'

It is Don jr who is held to a different standard. Most people who aren't politically connected have to deal with local cops deleting evidence every day. The Trumps are privileged in that no cops go crooked on them until late in their lives at the highest level. It is ridiculous to have a man that age, for the first time in his life, say OMG who knew cops could be crooked I must be the first person this ever happened to.

Exceptions, not the rule.

If it were rare, you would be angry and curious about where this happened, who was this cop who destroys the credibility of the justice system, and turns the country over to marxists. Was he punished? It is not interesting because it is standard procedure. Even when marxists are about to take every office, you still aren't interested to admit there is a problem. That's politics, cult suicide.

It IS rare. Just because you are STUCK on one case doesn't mean it's a problem everywhere and all the time.

Try not to be a complete idiot about this and do what's right which is to demand accountability (that's right and proper) but not expect the impossible because cops cannot read minds, they don't have x-ray vision like Superman and yet they do have the responsibility to act when there's a threat to their safety or the safety of someone else and sometimes that means deadly force is required.

When deadly force is used it is now very standard for an investigation to be launched and the facts of the case checked. THat's the accountability.

What's also quite common is people who get those facts and who refuse to accept them and I'm going to say that I suspect the case you're endlessly harping on may well be one of those cases but it is also quite possible that the case was indeed dismissed in a corrupt fashion. I think that people refuse to accept the facts more often than the police are corrupt so the odds are against you.

What people like you do is ignore the facts which I have made available in the case I am referring to.

You tried to explain me to me. I will do a neat trick, and explain you to you. You call yourself "RationalOne" but you don't care the slightest bit about the case I mentioned. Because it is outside your insulated preconceptions, you just don't believe it. Any "rational" analysis by you took place in another time and place, and is long over. And then reality defies your preconceptions, like in the stock market. The more preconceptions you prejudge allegations of police misconduct with, the more actual misconduct police are able to get away with before getting hassled. When police see people like you just don't believe when they are accused of it, they do it!

For that reason, you have no concern to look at the facts. But if you did, you would discover my friend was accused of having 7 pounds of GHB a year earlier. She never had 7 pounds of GHB, it was a false accusation, the crime lab said the police were wrong and dropped all charges. But your "rational" mind would refuse to believe that, and would insist because it was a moral panic in 100 newspapers, that she had 7 pounds of GHB. And GHB is a "date rape drug", so she is probably the world's most evil criminal.

And you would say because she possessed 7 pounds of GHB, it is fair game to frame her for murder. You may admit or deny you believe this. But I have heard it from dozens of people just like you. Ann Coulter is over on Twitter right now, suggesting anyone who has ever been arrested should be imprisoned for life, to make the world a better place. So you believe it is fair to frame someone who possessed 7 pounds of GHB for murder, and any faking of evidence police did to get a person like that is a good thing, and she brought it on herself with her bad decisions.

Of course, you KNOW you could never get an actual law like this past the legislature. You know you would lose a campaign, with a platform of life without parole from age 21, for anyone with a past drug arrest, in the vicinity of a crime. You know a politician who actually ran on what Ann Coulter advocates, life without parole for someone who uses stolen credit cards at Walmart, would lose an election.

But because you still think it is right and good, you will support a justice system which achieves that result which you think is good, outside the law. By coercing witnesses to lie, or losing evidence, or police straight lying, or whatever. But even though you know the policy you support could never win an election, you will become confused when you lose an election, when people figure out what policy it is you really support.

So when people figure out you support police lying to give life without parole to a 21-year-old girl with a past drug arrest (which you refuse to believe was proven false), they have no choice but to vote for radical communists. And then you say why are people voting for radical nihilists, they are irrational! And you never consider moderating your own flawed criminal anti-democratic behavior, even in the face of turning the country over to marxists.

And furthermore, as "rational" as you claim to be, your belief that police perjury is rare is based on no statistics. Because police and their organized defense mechanism, simply refuse to write down 99.99% of allegations of police misconduct.

There is no independent institution in the executive branch like the SEC, to force police to report all allegations against them, to publish those allegations, and to proactively investigate them. So "rational" people like you are free to make the dishonest argument that police perjury is rare, and all examples are anecdotal.

It is only when they kill a black person on video and don't delete the video or successfully beat the public records request for it in court, that there is even any record to use against them. People then try to use that video, very similar to how you think it is okay to frame people who got away after being arrested in the past. You think there is this "revolving door" so you need three strikes laws and habitual offender laws, to finally lock up people who need to be locked up, for nothing. But you object to the same concept being used against cops.

So people see police as "habitual offenders" who all their past misconduct was never written down, and was successfully defended by people like you who insist it never happened. They see police as people who, thanks to people like you, always get away with it. So now they need to use any charge they can, to beat the revolving door and lock up bad cops.

I think you should lecture people about being "STUCK" on this case of these cops who got shot in LA.

LASD Sheriff Challenges Lebron James to Match Reward Money in Manhunt

LeBron was not speeding. So a cop has no business talking to him.

On This Day 400 Years Ago, Mayflower Sets Sail From Plymouth For New World

Yes, they set out in search of low crime, and to worship a cop overclass who would someday be immune to justice. Oh wait, they were actually fleeing the police, who considered them illegal radicals.

Is EVERYTHING to COPS fault in your deranged world

I hear every day on Breitbart, how being American is defined as worshipping cops.

If there is any cop overclass it's because there is a criminal underclass that was unwittingly brought here a completely different way.

There were already savages in the New World. But they weren't allowed to vote.

Do you realize that this current anti-police movement is a movement of white people?

Rasmussen: Large Majorities of Black, Other Minority Likely Voters Concerned About Shortage of Police - "there is a war on police in America today"

The words "war on police" will destroy the Republican party. The American way is built on restraining police and an adversarial justice system. Treatng anyone who tries to defend himself against armed idiots and amoral sociopaths as an enemy to be destroyed, alienates millions of people. Like if a cop breaks the law and you try to report it, you are attacked by Republicans.

Breitbart John Nolte: The piece is some 1200 words long and nowhere does it suggest that Cuties' critics are anything other cynically motivated right-wingers, are anything other than "a hodgepodge of insane far-right conspiracy theories called QAnon, a movement that posits that senior Democrats, Hollywood executives and media barons feast, quite literally, on children, whom they also molest." Nowhere does the NBC piece leave open the possibility that well-intentioned people are horrified by a movie that sexually exploits children.

John Nolte has described how Republicans treat anyone who tries to report a cop for breaking the law.

They've already layed out the plan. They will declare white supremacists a threat to the nation. They will then declare Trump voters white supremacists. The CDC has said white supremacism is a mental illness.

Next they just piecemeal go after groups. They call patriot prayer white supremacists. Declare them mentally ill, and then take away their gun rights.

This will work because anytime someone is called a white supremacist the right jumps on the bandwagon to condemn them. So nobody will defend them anyway. And the FBI director is all about it.

As it is now, anyone with a past drug arrest police just fake evidence and say "Who you gonna believe? Me, Mr. Buzzcut, or a guy who was arrested with heroin last year?" So when they start using lies to incite a mob against you, welcome to America.

Of course cops are better at using lies than most people. Because any record of their previous lies is resisted or, if that fails, buried in a deep hole. And then if you even mention that police can lie, the entire Republican party will dump the intellectual equivalent of sewage on your head, rather than engage in any real policy analysis. Because their "war on police" is a war on common citizens who complain about them.

We wouldn't need video cameras, if police didn't have a million defenders when they commit the crime of perjury. And as long as police and prosecutors pay no penalty for lying, no amount of video cameras will ever be enough to make up for zero deterrent.

so police will be on the gun grabbing side?? What makes you think they will be on the side of demtards?? especially after all the cop bashing... you are a moron....

I promise they will shoot your ass just for coming to the door when they get a tip called in that you own a gun.

Then you don't let em get to the door.
Who will defend the door kickers families? They live among us you know. What happens when Daddy doesn't come home at end of shift?
I'll tell ya. The policy will be rethought.

So as long as I find my local police or political process imperfect, I can shoot them?

The left wants to shoot cops for what they are. We want to shoot pedophiles for what they do - which is destroy vulnerable human lives for their own pleasure.

The right says all day that cops can do what they do because of who they are. And individual cops are not punished. At most, people sue the city or something, for what individual cops do. So cops and their supporters being treated collectively is the designed paradigm. There is no individual responsibility for cops, by design. And police, themselves, more than any other group or profession except prosecutors, will shield members of their group from accountability for breaking the law or victimizing the innocent. So random police really do intend to stand with, and on behalf of, individual police. All police wish and intend to be accessories, eager conspirators, in the crimes of the individual.

Police and prosecutors who victimize the innocent, do it for sport, and to pander to the lowest impulses of their supporters.

Most police will not follow those orders because they know two things, it unconstitutional and suicidal, when NJ banned high capacity mags and gave everyone 90 days to hand them him or face 2nd degree felony charges the NJ state police said they would not enforce that law and surely not go door to door in order to do so and many local police said the same.

If the military is brought in or even worse the UN then it's on simple as that.

I guarantee if some dirty jig has a high capacity mag, they will call it felony murder on the nearest dead body and give him the needle.

Breitbart John Nolte: Joe Biden and Chris Wallace Started It by Interrupting Trump Numerous Times First
Rush Limbaugh: Joe Biden, Chris Wallace Were "Ganging Up" on Donald Trump

Republicans can live blog themselves getting run over by a car. As long as they protect police in the crime of perjury, the American people will be driving that car.

Breitbart John Nolte: Polls Show the Trump Show Is Harming Trump

This election was supposed to be about prosperity versus socialism. Then Republicans couldn't help themselves and said let's make it about a cop worship cult, and a path to utopia of government shooting and locking up the people we don't like. Then Biden said he's not a socialist.

So now it is the ordinary moderates against the cops, the people shooters. Republicans who think Americans like cops more than communism are lost. Americans hate communism because of the cops.

It's not Trump that is losing. It's Tom Cotton and the rest of you, who hate your neighbors with "hands up don't shoot" "handcuffing the police" derangement syndrome. You guys really thought riots in Wisconsin would push polls your way Guess what, everybody hates the cops.

This could be the dumbest internet comment I have read in a long time.

Let's calibrate your ruler. Who is about to win the election?

You may want to seek medical help, it appears you have gone off your meds. Please don't hurt yourself or others while in your semi-lucid state.

Wait, I'm waking up, where am I what year is it, who is about to win the election?

"Americans hate communism because of the cops."

how freakin' loony are you anyway??? wait...after reading your post you don't have to answer my question. you are fruit loops loony.

An American and a Russian are sitting in a bar, arguing over whose country was better. The American argues,

"See, in America, I am free to do whatever I want. If I wanted to, I could walk right into the White House, slam my fist on the President's desk, and say 'Mr. President, I don't like the way you are running our country.'"

The Russian then said, "I can do the same thing."

"Really? You can?" asks the American.

"Yes," continues the Russian, "If I wanted to, I could walk right into the Kremlin, slam my fist on the General Secretary's office, and say 'Mr. General Secretary, I don't like the way President Reagan is running his country.'"

There's nothing "moderate" about anything you said, you very confused radical. Anti-police sentiment is even less popular than socialism is. Ordinary working people rely on the police to keep society safe so we don't have to fend for ourselves and fight for our lives on a daily basis. It's a basic requirement for civilization to function. Most people understand this.

In utopia, the government is all milk and honey.

LOL....Quick question for you...Why then are leftists in leftist cities moving to republican states? These people are hard core leftists too......

Maybe they want cops and not a society of tents, needles, human waste all over the place and social workers trying to enforce laws?? Could it be? Dope

A Republican party that defines being American as cop worship is dead. Could it be that making it about cops will keep on losing?

It's not worship,'s respect. Sounds like your parents failed you.

Me and Andrew Jackson, who would clean the boots of no Englishman.

Better to worship criminals?

Better to worship freedom and restrained government, without investing too much hope in the rationality and goodness of mankind in any enterprise, including justice.

What think tank your getting your info from.. blm????? is an independent and original and unique think tank.

anarchist bs..

Sending police to prison when they break the law is anarchy? What is it when cops don't follow the law?

Drug dealers and drug users hate the cops. China the biggest drug dealer hates the cops. Hollywu and the DNC hate cops because China signs their checks. Which camp do you fit in cops2prison? The drug user or dealer or both? Or does China sign your checks? Tech, Pharma? Do you sell cheap junk?

I see cops face no penalty for the crime of perjury. Without that, no other law matters, it is all corrupt nonsense.

This is the opposite of reality, and polls show majorities of every race do not want less policing. This is just your particular cult, which nobody cares about. You might as well be saying a Trump will lose because he failed to address the alien invaders that probed you. While that may be the most important thing in your life, nobody else cares.

I have heard just today, people on Breitbart whining about the FBI abusing Trump, the House of Representatives abusing their role policing the Executive Branch, cops abusing Trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale, prosecutors abusing their power presenting evidence to a grand jury to indict the McCloskeys, cops framing Kyle Rittenhouse with a false arrest, and crooked prosecutors killing Jake Gardner. And you say "Thank you sir, may I please have another?"

Breitbart John Nolte: Frank Luntz Focus Group "Overwhelmingly" Says Mike Pence Won Debate

Too bad Harris isn't running against Pence, she is running against Heather Macdonald.