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Republican Cop Cult Disconnects from Reality

Report: Omaha Bar Owner Who Fatally Shot Protester Indicted, Commits Suicide
His death is on the special prosecutor Frederick Franklin's hands.

Are you joking? You think this is any different from 99% of other cases, which the grand jury usually calls murder? I can show you a guy who someone else crashed a boat into an illegal unlit dock extension at night, that person straight lied telling a different story every time, and they convicted the boat owner of manslaughter. I can show you my friend serving life without parole from 21 for a crime that didn't happen. The justice system has a major credibility problem and Republicans don't get it.

Beyond measure: he used self-defense, and the prosecutor sought to try him for political reasons. Nothing more.

The Republican cop cult suddenly complaining about someone being prosecuted is beyond ridiculous. It is sickly. And that is why Republican vision is so distorted, that they actually believe they have seen their poll numbers in Wisconsin go up.

Republicans celebrate the false prosecution every day, of anyone they consider undesirable. Their foremost political objective is to insulate and protect the freedom of local police and prosecutors to prosecute and frame the innocent at their total discretion, without consequence.

This is the moment which Thomas Sowell described in "Vision of the Anointed" when a movement cuts itself off from reality.

Leftists want to criminalize self-defense. They did the same thing to Kyle Rittenhouse.
Leftists try to destroy any American man who defends himself. (Or his country.)
Ayanna Pressley called Kyle a "white supremacist domestic terrorist." She tried to wipe him off the map forever.
Dems will crush our sons if we let them.

Republicans crush other people's kids all year. Ann Coulter would have some advice for the guy who killed himself: You don't want to go to prison, then don't break the law, it's as simple as that.

Shame on the author of this article, Alana Mastrangelo, for calling the person a "protestor" instead of the true term "anarchist rioter." AND, completely skipping over any details of what lead up to the shooting. Breitbart SHOULD NOT be posting articles like this from hack journalists.

Every time someone on Breitbart clamors for the death penalty for an illegal alien rapist, they got the story from a newspaper which left out all the details except the click bait. And which newspaper avoids any liability for libel by saying "according to police."

SOROS prosecutor?

I have a legislative proposal, to regulate local prosecutors at the state level, on my web site. Republicans don't want it. Because they want the leeway to enforce what they wish the law was, the way they wish for the law to be enforced, in their own counties.

Yes, look him up This is targeted prosecution and there has to be a case brought against this Frederick Franklin

You should like my website cops2prisonDOTorg, wherein I propose an independent institution in the executive branch to investigate and prosecute prosecutors.

Breitbart John Nolte:

In Florida, you can be convicted of a felony and earn back your right to vote, but only after you've served your time and paid any fines associated with the crime.

So Mike Bloomberg, a Democrat who hates President Donald Trump, is literally raising millions to pay off felons' fines so they can vote for Rapey Joe Biden.

According to news reports, he has already raised upwards of $20 million and has already paid off the fines for 32,000 convicted felons.

So a system that was set up to create an incentive for convicted felons to not only regain their right to vote, but to go about it in a responsible fashion which will obviously help in their rehabilitation and increase their confidence in themselves, is being gamed and abused by corrupt Democrats to rig the election for Rapey Joe.

This is the thing about Democrats. I, for one, completely agree with giving felons their voting right back after they have served their prison time and paid their financial debt to society. I'm a big believer in the power of second chances, a big believer that once someone's paid their debt, they've paid their debt.

But the left always has to take a good thing and abuse it in this way. Truly despicable people and shameless cheaters, to boot.

Before Nolte gets on his high horse, he should consider that many of these felons were let out of prison as a reward for swearing lies against an innocent person. This is primarily supported by Republicans, such as State Atttorney "BTK" Phil Archer and Sheriff "Doughnut" Bill Cameron.

Talk about abusing something, the criminal justice system is built on threatening people with life sentences, unless they swear to exactly what the prosecution wants them to say, often about a complete stranger.

How many of these felons were convicted based on the coerced or paid testimony of other felons? Felons are paid to lie in court to get convictions in other felony cases. It is no more complicated than that. And Republicans think that is really cool.

Ann Coulter: Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter
Breitbart: Lets hope there's payback for Jake.

Payback for injustice?

You people are such sad whiners. I did not bother reading the Trump-haired hermaphrodite's column. This is what police and prosecutors have been doing for a long time, to people with past drug arrests, specifically to please people like Ann Coulter. Every time someone gets shot, people here instantly say look what kind of person he was. He was arrested or accused in the past for xyz. He deserved to get shot.

Police and prosecutors framed my friend for murder because she had a past drug arrest, proven false by the crime lab (though that second part never made it into the newspapers). Of course people in the cop cult are happy about it, and will call me a communist if I complain. I heard from so many people with similar experiences, I wrote an essay about it "Massive Demand to Lock Up the Innocent in a Democracy." My essay was so well received, I turned it into a website which is my name, cops2prisonDOTorg.

I am quite familiar with the exercise put on by Jake Gardner's sympathizers, running around pathetically trying to tell people what really happened. My version is a website and book, at seminolescamDOTcom. Nobody cares, any more than anybody remembers Officer Rolfe or Nathaniel Woods.

Welcome to justice in a democracy, slimeballs. Now you get some idea why the Founders crossed the ocean in a sailboat, and wrote the Bill of Rights to stick a hand in the face of police.

Spoken like someone who doesn't realize how much cops have protected them from being robbed and murdered.

Also, I grew up poor in the inner city as a "white boy". The fake narrative of black people being "hunted" by cops is insulting. I was in danger constantly from black thugs hunting people like me. But you're not allowed to say that out loud. The real problem is that the black community as a whole has got to stop glorifying thuggery and crime and stop portraying them as victims when they get the consequences for following that lifestyle.

Everything in the criminal justice system is fake, a narrative. Like with most criminal cases, you don't care what the truth is. The black lives matter people are white people who consider cops to be habitual offenders, framing cops for racism to finally put them away.

I agree that there are bad cops and that "cop culture" needs to be reformed. But that's a far cry from cops being bad as a whole or in principle. The fact that you've never had a criminal point a gun at you is fortuitous blessing that you should appreciate. I have though. I've never had my house burn down, but I still appreciate the Fire Fighters. I've never had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, but I still realize paramedics are valuable citizens. Your problem with some police officers exceeding their authority and deciding they are therefor devils is unwise "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" logic.

I didn't complain about it whatsoever. Because I assumed police would rise to the occasion and get serious matters right. Then the opposite happened when they framed my friend for murder. I saw that the more the public is involved, the lower police drop.

And it is not a problem with police being human, everybody in all professions is human. It is a problem that the local political establishment wants to regulate police locally, to enforce the laws they would prefer, in the way they would prefer them enforced.

So suppose a Democrat area wants police to be able to harass and frame Trump supporters. They would prefer that there is no organized system to record or publish accusations of police misconduct. They would prefer that they are allowed to let felons out of jail, as a reward for lying about Republicans in court. So it is the human race that is bad as a whole, or in principle.

The Bill of Rights and our other founding documents, were designed to channel and dissipate and accommodate human nature. But mobs of men are inclined always to use government to pursue utopia, where that may mean using cops to lock up undesirables in mock trials.

WATCH: Sheriff's Office Replaces Vietnam Veteran's Stolen Medals

Once again demonstrating the men and women of LEOs are among our very best. If the DNC wins Nov 3, we are in for a horrific downturn in civility, safety and security.

TRUMP 2020!!!

I will tell you a sheriff story that won't be published here. There was a scumbag in the Seminole County jail Julie Madara. She was sentenced to 10 or 12 years in prison for breaking into home after home after home, stealing old people's irreplaceable heirlooms, and pawning them for crack.

The Seminole County sheriffs gave Julie Madara a newspaper with a story about another inmate in it, who was accused of murder, but they had no actual evidence. Julie Madara read the story in the newspaper about the crime the other inmate supposedly committed. Then the Seminole County sheriffs took all the paperwork of the inmate who was accused of murder, and threw it in a pile in the day room. Julie Madara read the police report, which said exactly what the other inmate was accused of.

Julie Madara swore the other inmate confessed the murder to her, consisting of an incorrect mishmash of the details she obtained. Even though the story Julie Madara told was impossible, the jury convicted the other inmate of murder, with no other evidence than Julie Madara swearing the other inmate confessed to the story the sheriffs gave her.

So with no other evidence, they gave a 21-year-old girl life without parole. The Seminole County sheriffs stood guard whlle the scumbag felon told lie after lie on the stand, and the other inmate's family, friends, and grandmother heaved and wailed with tears in court. Because they knew exactly what was going on, and how the scam works, but you are not allowed to tell the jury. And they let the scumbag who stole old people's heirlooms for crack out of prison, for swearing to lies on the stand

The last thing they did, before letting the scumbag felon out of prison, was redact the addresses of her victims from the court record. So that she could not go take revenge on them.

And this is not a unique event, it is common practice. So if every sheriff in the country burns in hell with screaming suffering for 5 billion years,. it will not be long enough in my opinion.

That's a broad brush that you're painting with there....

Sheriff Doughnut Bill Cameron of Charlotte claimed to be representing all sheriffs in Florida, when he defended this scam from efforts by the Florida Supreme Court to put an end to it. And I don't see any other sheriffs clamoring for sheriffs around the country who use this scam, or even the felons who get out of jail by committing perjury, to be arrested.

Florida Sheriff Doughnut Bill Cameron Advocates For Freeing Felons

Final Report of the Florida Supreme Court Innocence Commission

It is a cancer all the way around, all joining hands.

There are bad people in every profession...

The one thing about a sheriff, as opposed to a police chief is that he serves at the pleasure of the people and not the mayor...

There is a massive demand to lock up the innocent in a democracy. The other inmate I spoke of, has a story in Google in 100 newspapers, of being arrested trafficking 7 pounds of drugs. The crime lab said the police were wrong, she possessed no illegal drugs, and the charges were dropped. But that never went into the newspaper. So to a man, Republicans will tell me that girl was arrested with 7 pounds of drugs and got off, it is good they framed her for murder.

Sadly, this is more important to Republicans than all the other things they claim to stand for. And it is why we are about to lose the country to marxists and nihilists, one month from today.

But I noticed, when the voters do what you suggest, and vote for the other party like they did in New York, Republicans call them irrational.

It is a shame people have to vote for marxists, because Republicans refuse to punish cops who are caught in the crime of perjury like this one:

ASPD Officer Jackson Athaide Commits Perjury

Sounds like the last four years of Democrats creating false stories and dossiers about our President. This is a story about All Democrats and alot of Never Trumpers.

But the day has come when Republicans invest their hopes in a utopia through government, in this case the justice system. Thomas Sowell said of Heather MacDonald's "The War on Cops" this book will save lives! We will see how that works out. Americans have always liked police even less than communism. Those who sailed on the Mayflower were fleeing police, and entered a pact for communism. It is natural for men in their hearts to hate police and love communism. Because communism they have a dream of saving from corruption, and turning to their own ends. Few outside of today's Republicans dream of turning police to their own ends.

Broad brush again.....

It is actually Heather MacDonald who built the broad brush. In "The War On Cops" she had a chapter "Handcuffing The Police." The result is everyone who reads that book or talks to someone who did, comes away with this impression that anyone who complains about police misconduct is part of some scam movement to "handcuff the police" and undermine law and order. So it is a universal mindset that anyone who tries to hold police accountable is a marxist, and recording allegations of police misconduct is irresponsible. This mindset is uniform, having been reproduced in every city in America, where police can now break any law, and say "don't handcuff me." So the result of Heather MacDonald's work is widespread anger at the police who see the public as the enemy in this war, and the destruction of the Republican party that stands with them.

I can only speak for myself.... and my mindset is that politicians and LE are servants of the people that vote and pay their wages...

What about judges and juries and defense lawyers? Do they stand in the way of what you have voted and paid for? Are they a threat to democracy, an unelected, irrational, and subversive branch of government?

Is there anything more insulting? Division was caused by the Democratic party. The LGBTQ and BLM segregated itself from society to cause the Division. Biden and hillary created the broken unity with the political coup against our best president. This sign says, " join our communist socialist party, or else!"

The one person most responsible for the current political climate is Heather Macdonald. Anyone knows there is no independent institution in the executive branch to investigate and prosecute police, and deter police misconduct. By design, it is the job of those accused of crimes to investigate police misconduct. The FDLE specifically told me it is the job of private defense attorneys to prosecute police when they break the law. In her book "The War on Cops" Heather Mcdonald characterized this designed, intended part of the criminal justice system as a war. By doing so, she declared war on anyone who complains about police misconduct, and their families and sympathizers. She effectively declared a war by police and their supporters, their worship cult, on the general public. As if the general public is not a legitimate participant! As if the general public is more corruptible, and the government less corruptible! And she said that Republicans have a moral mandate to ignore allegations of police misconduct, to insulate police from any consequences of wrongdoing, to save lives.

Breitbart Nolte: Poll Proves National Media Push to Legitimize Violence Is Working

Another thing Trump supporters miss, is how broad and deep the dissatisfaction with police is. Republicans think it is some artificial movement, manufactured by agitators. But it is a genuine grassroots movement.

Republicans don't realize the extent to which elected officials are hearing local noise from passionate individuals complaining about the police, through whatever channels their voters use to contact them. I have been able to infer the level of this noise, by talking to some elected officials or their agents.

The VAST majority of people support police, except for the 18-29 brainwashed idiots. As a matter of fact the problem is we handcuff our police. We need to UNLEASH our police. If you got your butt kicked by a cop, you almost definitely deserved it.

This is what happens when Heather MacDonald's "Handcuffing the Police" chapter spreads and gets parroted by the average idiot, who is not really a deep thinker on justice issues. Most of the Bill of Rights is designed to handcuff police. Do you think our Founders, who complained in the Declaration of Independence of murderers getting away with it, wrote the Bill of Rights to make it easier for criminals to get away with it in their ideal society? No. They know police, and any institution that is less"handcuffed", does not serve its purpose more. It becomes more corrupt and less accountable, and serves its purpose less. In the case of the USA today, the police are like a dog that bit too many people to the ruin of its owner, the Republican party.

The time from Heather MacDonald saying don't handcuff the police, to the destruction of the Republican party, was four years. Body cameras were another factor.

You liberals want to de fund the police and close to 70% of those polled on this question spoke out against that. Liberal media hysterics aside just about ALL of the deaths caused by the police during arrests turn out to be free of any violation of procedure. The exceptions are less than 1/100 of one % of all arrests.

I am not a liberal. And Republicans refuse to compel complete and honest stats from police on a variety of misconduct issues. It is true, people who are angry at cops are doing what cops do: Go for the big prize, murder, even if they have to frame them for it.

You're full of shiiitt. Let's see these "stats" you are blowing smoke about. I say you are a liar...

I agree, let's see the stats. Let's create a new independent institution in the executive branch, to require reporting and punish reporting failures like the SEC, of every time a cop is accused of any kind of perjury, or failure to collect evidence, or selective evidence processing, or suspected evidence tampering. I want to be able to search by date, name, agency, defendant, reporter, I want it on the web to search by every field in the report. And I want all the trial exhibits and transcripts online. And I want a record of every time a felon testifies, whether as a normal witness, a coerced co-defendant, or a coerced jailhouse so-called witness, and what agency did the coercing. And I want the name of every prosecutor who has jurisdiction to act on any report of police misconduct, and the action that prosecutor took. And I want the outcome of every case where there were allegations of police or prosecutor misconduct. Then we can use stats like that to do honest research, and have an honest debate. And we can do what any brand does when its image suffers, use big data and product-quality metrics to improve the product.

Breitbart: A man who attended the Blexit "Back the Blue" event in the nation's capital on Saturday countered the narrative frequently touted by radical leftists, emphasizing that being American "isn't a skin tone" but "knowing what your freedoms are and defending those freedoms."

This sudden Republican idea that you don't have freedom unless cops give you your freedom is Democrat psychology, Obama's "you didn't build that."

Breitbart John Nolte: Dispatch's Fake Fact Check Results in Facebook Blacklisting Pro-Life Ad

Mankind was always evil. Add police and you have evil police.

FOAD, douchebag.

Exhibit A.

WATCH: Antifa Mob Attacks Pro-Trump Free Speech Rally at Twitter HQ

All the supposed values of the Republican Party are styrofoam props, when they support police in the crime of perjury.

So snivel, idiot. If your ELECTED mayors didn't APPOINT corrupt Chiefs of Police, you wouldn't have CORRUPT Police Departments. Would you, dummy?

If Republicans didn't oppose an independent institution in the executive branch to compel reporting, and punish reporting failures like the SEC, and initiate investigations into police and prosecutors, it would not be a problem. It was the Republican guru Heather McDonald who said the only institution tasked with regulating police and prosecutors, the citizen, is illegitimate. Republicans declared war on the regulators of police.

So, the bill of rights will belong to the government that idiots like you elect?

Republicans conspire for decades to get around trials by jury, because jurors are not accountable to Republican voters. So Republicans give police and prosecutors a mandate to lie, to predetermine the outcome of trials.

Communists spread division, idiot. That's what useful idiots like you peddle. You people aren't that difficult to understand.

I am not a communist. I am one of millions of white rural Republican voters who has lost everything because police and prosecutors in the United States can lie and victimize the innocent without consequence, thanks to sovereign immunity, the archaic rights of the King of England, interpreted in the broadest possible way by Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justices, and thanks to the desire of Republican voters that it should be so. It is Republicans who have declared war on their fellow citizens, their neighbors, as having no rights. It is the preference of Republicans to lock up and shoot the innocent outside the written law, and then say it is their neighbor's own "personal responsibility" for being sinners.


I am talking about the executive branch at the state level. But what if there is tyranny of the majority at the local level. Are you comfortable with police misconduct against the local minority being ignored in safe districts in your state, resulting in your party losing slim-margin elections at the national level when the locally unpopular seek relief?

The party of Teddy Kennedy and Billy Clinton exists today because of idiots like you. Moron.

The Democrats peddle communism because innocents victimized by police find no ear in the Republican party.

Elect better mayors, idiot. They run your pathetic police departments. Idiot.

Mankind is inherently corrupt. There need to be checks and balances.

Why do you settle for corrupt police departments, idiot? What has your mayor done to run his police department, idiot? Who are the mayors that allow CORRUPT POLICE?

Like all people throughout history, men will do evil anytime there is nobody to stop them. If local mayors operate independently like the Supreme Court, there is no Constitution at the local level.

Elect better GOVERNORS to run your STATE. Elect better PROSECUTORS, dummy. In 47 states YOU elect your prosecutors. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT doesn't run your STATE.

Okay, so what if the better prosecutors are Soros pawns? What if the mayor is Bill DeBlasio? What if the people in that state, send Hillary Clinton and Sandy Hook Cortez to Congress? All because Republicans refused to offend their base, their tiny sliver of lying cops and prosecutors, their worship cult. Will you be happy that you got what you just asked for, and it ushers in a blue wave? Because Republicans refuse to be those better mayors, governors, and prosecutors?

LMAO. Awww, sweetpea. ANTIFA loves DeBlasio. So does BLM. Democrats love ANTIFA and BLM. Enjoy your pathetic democrats. You deserve them.

Unlike you, I would like for my local Republicans to clean up lying police and prosecutors, so that people don't have to run to socialists.

Lol. You are too stupid or ignorant. Elect better MAYORS. Elect better GOVERNORS. Elect better PROSECUTORS. There are FIFTY STATES. That's why the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is not in your life, idiot.

You are forgetting that I never once asked for the Federal Government to be involved in my state. It is like you don't comprehend that there is an executive branch in my state, even after I point it out.

My state supports ANTIFA and BLM, dummy. And people here are finally seeing what a corrupt GOVERNOR and a corrupt MAYOR can do. You dumb ones need to be SHOWN. Enjoy.

What state is that? Your state is about to elect Trump?

My governor hates Trump. The Mayor allowing Portland to burn hates Trump. And they love ANTIFA and BLM. Trump has offered the aid of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, but they refuse. Portland is getting a CIVICS lesson.

Yes, Portland is getting a Civics Lesson that millions of people have been victimized by the justice system, and they are more passionate about it than any other voters. But Republicans are stuck in lala land, thinking this is some astroturf that Soros planted, which is even dumber than the Democrats' Russia conspiracy.

Lol. An idiot with a website sniveling about cops? LMAO. HEY dummy, mayors run corrupt police departments. Not cops. Mayors2prisonDOTorg if you hate cops so much. Moron.

It's funny that you seem to not even be aware of sheriffs.

What if I vote for the mayor to put innocent people in prison. Would you have a problem with that?

You should, moron. I don't know what makes morons vote for a mayor that puts innocent people in prison. Usually the courts find someone guilty before they are put in prison, idiot.

Usually a jury decides, not a mayor, idiot.

If police fake evidence, and there is no deterrent because there is no punishment when they are caught, then police and prosecutors can stage a mock trial to lock up whomever the mayor wants locked up, no?

Last I checked innocent people have to be PROVEN guilty of a CRIME before they go to prison. When did things change, idiot?

Things changed when the mayor decided to overlook police faking evidence.

If. If you weren't a moron, you wouldn't be nearly as much fun to pick on, moron. Corrupt Chiefs of Police and mayors tolerate corrupt police. Elect better government, idiot.

You elected a corrupt mayor? Boo hoo. Don't elect democrats, idiot.

What if I want to elect a corrupt mayor? Because I don't like Mexicans or white capitalists or my neighbor or someone, and I want those people put in prison. Would you have a problem with that?

Lol. Elect a dictator, idiot. Snivel about cops, idiot. What you do couldn't bother me less.

That's good, because I am going to vote for some people to knock on your door who enjoy punishing people as much as you enjoy being punished.

Lol. Elect whatever makes you snivel less, sweetpea.

When "Billy Clinton" gets elected, you are still sniveling 20 years later.

Lol. Still marveling at the morons that you liberal idiots elect. Like the little flop eared Marxist that couldn'teven marry a woman who was proud of her country.

The pathetic party of Teddy Kennedy and Billy Clinton hasn't changed in fifty years, idiot. Only now you have a Marxist dope, Bernie and AOC. LMAO. Tlaib, Omar. The Marxist pig, Kamala. She wants you to prove your INNOCENCE in her America. Moron.

Yes, it is too bad the Republicans offer nothing but tough talk and locking up even more innocents, and then cry when they get their teeth knocked out and shot, instead of free chicken and waffles.

Breitbart: Kamala Harris Lies, Claims Trump "Refused to Condemn" Neo-Nazis

I will tell you how the human race works. People spread lies about you if they don't like your policies. So you have to persuade enough thought leaders to carry your message to the gullible. Most people hate cops. Because they are above the law. When you worship cops blindly, you are pursuing a small sliver of voters. The rest will not defend you against lies. And you will lose.

Trump has approached the support of cops as a given. He hasn't made arguments or persuaded anyone who disagrees. He has not been like Reagan, making a case. So the other side has made the sale. I have made the sale, with evidence. But people don't want my experience, they have their own. Cops make the sale every day, all over the map, that they are intolerable.

It's ridiculous. All you ridiculous drama queens had to do is talk about increasing the deterrent, the penalty, for police and prosecutors who victimize the innocent, and you could have kept your American way of life. But instead, you broke paths with the American experience to worship government employees. In a politically suicidal delusion.

Thomas Sowell: BLM is self serving

It amazes me that Tom Sowell would call BLM "self serving" and not police. It amazes me that Sowell would consider people like Coulter and Heather Mcdonald, who have less experience in policing and criminal trials than Hillary Clinton has in healthcare, "experts". It amazes me that Sowell would say of the book "The War on Cops" "this book will save lives" only to usher in the worst crime and police dysfunction and death in my memory. But that was a chance coincidence.

Ann Coulter: Cop who blew away unarmed white white man was acquitted, rehired and given early retirement with a pension - because of #WhitePrivilege.

Ann is so close, yet so far, from realizing BLM is a movement of white people.

Sen. Joni Ernst: Sarah's Law Is About Justice

There is no deterrent to police and prosecutors lying, coercing lies, and losing and faking evidence. Republicans don't want there to be. For that reason Republicans have no credibility on criminal justice, are not taken seriously, and will lose even when people are getting murdered. For Republicans, criminal justice is not a matter of morals or ideals. It is just an old campaign tool, like a used car salesman wearing his same old polyester suit. Republicans no more care about the actual results of their promises, than Democrats care about the results of their own big-government promises.

Mark Levin: Joe Biden's "Communist Manifesto" Will Destroy Every Aspect of Our Culture and Society

Levin isn't doing a thing to stop what's coming. More people have contact with police than with the post office, schools, or the IRS. Republicans say if people have a bad experience with police, good, that's their fault, we don't believe them anyway, and we want to make the product worse when measured against the Constitution. Because liberals had bad justice policies 50 years ago. So Republicans race to be on the wrong side of the most passionate issue in this election. And they will call their own biggest fans communists and lose, rather than get a clue.

I was almost recruited at my college which was filled with CPUSA fronts mainly the United for Peace and Justice which was organized after the fall of the USSR and their World Peace Council, a KGB front. Our Studies departments were a branch of the Democratic Party recruiting tool. It all starts there.

The Republican party supports police in the crime of perjury. Soros and colleges can't do any worse to Republicans than what they do to themselves.

If you don't care about police perjury victimizing the innocent, then all the supposed values of your party are styrofoam props. And there is nothing left but the orange, and a corpse will knock you down with one finger.

got any info you want to share or do you just make up stuff in the basement? please enlighten us. we all want to hear a good fantasy now and then. come on, tell us the specifics so we can look it up and prove you to be the troll you are.

I gave you links. It's a lot of information. But you should examine your own assumption that a record of police perjury would be somewhere you could "look it up", if I didn't post it on the web.

It's really more that I don't care what somebody with the screen name "cops2prison" is ranting about. You people always try to make a national issue of isolated incidents. Even your screen name generalizes all cops for the behavior of a few.

The only person you are fooling is yourself, not knowing why Republicans are about to get wiped off the map. There is no penalty for refusing to accept complaints of police misconduct and hiding them. Even the few that are written down or proven, are never centrally reported or published anywhere. So by keeping all police and prosecutor misconduct in a cocoon of secrecy at the local level, by refusing to develop the data yourself, you say there is no data which you refused to develop, and it is all anecdotal.

And when there are bad cops, you say they can't be held responsible as individuals. They are the arm of a collective of all cops.

But then suppose there is a person with a past drug arrest in a house where someone gets shot, You say lie, fake evidence, lock him up, he is a thug, he is a Mexican immigrant, he bonded out. So Republicans are excited for newspapers to smear people with a broad brush, and give them life sentences or even death sentences for crimes they didn't do. And then you say your evil preference to disobey the written law, is actually their own personal responsibility for hanging out with lowlifes, for being a bad person. It is their fault you choose to reward police lies and falsely convict them because they are lowlifes.

And enough millions of people experience this firsthand, they figure out what is really going on, and what Republicans stand for. And Republicans, having lied to themselves, say why are all these millions of people voting for a corrupt socialist corpse over prosperity? We have refused to collect any data or believe any stories which could explain the destruction of our own party. And that is why Republicans are helpless to change course, and will blame it on Trump or Soros and not their own policies, their own war on their fellow citizens, when they get wiped off the map.

When there is no penalty for police misconduct, and in fact you insulate and even reward police misconduct, because Heather McDonald said you must to save lives, it will be incentivized to be everywhere, to be universal, like gravity. The same polices and philosophies, the same case law and lack of a regulatory mechanism, will produce the same outcome every day in every city.

Do you reject the idea that police who commit perjury and victimize the innocent should go to prison? If you think police who break the law should not be above the law, then you must agree with the name of my website, cops2prisonDOTorg.

Just as many frameups in blue areas as in red areas.

But Republicans can't allow any penalty for police and prosecutors who commit perjury to victimize the innocent, because it would go against their constituency, and their belief that all complaints about the justice system are just race hustlers and rehabilitation/root causes people, making them "tough on crime" in contrast to libs.

WATCH: Kamala Harris Tells Five Lies in Two Minutes About Trump and Race

But I thought Ann Coulter said everyone in prison is guilty

Most are, dont you agree?

LOL, how would I know? There are no stats on how many convictions police were accused of perjury, how many convictions used coerced testimony or the testimony of felons, whether co-defendants, actual witnesses, or jailhouse so-called witnesses.

If you were to tell me 50% of convictions over 30 years sentence used the testimony of felons, I would say for at least half of those convictions the jury heard total nonsense.

And what exactly does Ann Coulter have to do with Harris's lies?

In a jury trial, it doesn't matter if you come along the next day, and say look at the transcript, the prosecutor told five lies in two minutes. The jury hears it one time, and it's over. There is no video when a prosecutor lies at trial. The jury doesn't even get a transcript. It could take months and more money than you have to get a transcript, and the lies are often missing from the transcript. There is certainly nothing out there for people on Breitbart to examine.

To fix it, requires more money and years of work than many people work in their whole life, and more intelligence than most people have. There is no category of appeal for when the prosecutor lies. To even discover and communicate it, is prohibitive.

So prosecutors live in a process that is designed to reward lies used to victimize the innocent.

The In-Custody Death Of Gregory Edwards - Sheriff Ivey Requests That Judge Close Courtroom Oct 27th For Public Record Trial.

What they really fail to appreciate, is the extent to which they are killing Republicans and LEO's outside of Brevard. They say hey, we have a comfortable majority of support, we can do what we want. The people who live here are okay with this. So what if we lose 500 votes in Brevard over this. Then watch Biden win Florida by 500 votes.

Women for Trump: We stand for freedom in this country and we're here to defend the people that protect our freedoms and our liberty and the Constitution of the United State. We are here in support of Donald J. Trump. We value our freedoms in this country and we value those people who protect our freedoms. That's the police officers, first responders and everyone. They're the people that allow us to live, work and prosper in this country.

Regarding your freedom: You didn't build that. The cops built that. Especially the Second Amendment, the cops gave that to you. All our freedoms are gifts from the cops.

This blather is some perversion of cold war military appreciation. They really believe you can win an election after declaring war on your fellow citizens.

The main purpose of the Constitution is to restrain police. Republicans are such mindless parrots that they are pro-police and pro-Constitution. That is like some Sandy Hook Cortez blather that everyone has the right to a nice house.

I have a simple question which anyone who can't answer will likely lose elections. Should police who lie and victimize the innocent go to prison?

That is a ridiculous assertion. According to the Nation's founders and the U.S. constitution, our right come directly from God. The police most assuredly did NOT grant them to us as their gifts. The idea of a centralized municipal police department first came about in the U.S. in 1838 when Boston established the first American police force (long after we had been enjoying our God-given rights in the U.S. Other states soon followed suit, like New York City in 1845, Albany, NY and Chicago in 1851, New Orleans and Cincinnati in 1853, Philadelphia in 1855, and Newark, NJ and Baltimore in 1857). By the 1880s all major U.S. cities had municipal police forces in place, but none of them granted the American people gifts of freedoms.

Rep. Mo Brooks: "the tide seems to be turning in favor of America and the foundational principles of liberty and freedom that have combined to make us the greatest nation in world history. We can run down the issues real quick - law and order versus more riots and more crime..."

So according to Mo Brooks, police are one of our foundational principles.

No, your reading comprehension seems to have failed you. He said that the foundational principles were liberty and freedom. YOU said that means he was saying the police are one of our foundational principles, which is not at all what he said. What he was ACTUALLY saying was that the issue at hand presently is a simple choice between law and order (the Trump/conservatives position) or more riots and more crime (the Biden/Leftists' position) and that the tide seems to be turning in favor of America and the founding principles of liberty and freedom (which has made us the greatest nation in world history. See, . . . . it's not that difficult. Just try harder . . . . You'll do fine.

The whole police siding with a party rubs me wrong. Judges in Florida do not advertise party loyalty. Police should also maintain at least a facade of disinterested impartiality. The great right-wing economist Thomas Sowell calls BLM "self serving." He calls all government institutions self-interested, at the expense of whatever altruistic purpose they are advertised as serving. This descends from the Austrian economic idea of Darwinian evolution in social processes. Any institution will place its own survival above all other values. Police, more than any other government agents, do their daily jobs outside the possibility of public scrutiny. So they should take the greatest precautions against bias and corruption. But police are so free from regulation, they don't even need to pretend to be unbiased. They just say "we are aligned with this group of people." They are rewarded for bias by a tyranny of the majority.

You're a very angry person. Cussing out and name calling people that you have never met is a great way to get your point across. Well done. Thanks for the copy and paste reply.

When you are talking to a party of zombies, who are obviously losing an election for six months, and too cut off from reality to change course, there is literally no tone of voice that can save the beached whale that is the Republican party.

Gee, I wonder if anyone bothered to check which direction the polls actually went, after Tom Cotton started running his excellent "the mob is coming for your house" ad.

Gee, we should listen to Ann Coulter who tells us soccer moms love seeing people get shot in the spine, or their teenage sons run around with rifles blowing lowlifes' arms off like Republican zombie video game.

Not only do soccer moms love people shooters, Americans have always loved police. Police are what Reagan said made the USSR better than the US. Police are what they sailed in the Mayflower to find more of. Police are what we thanked King George for in the Declaration of Independence, and celebrated in the Bill of Rights. Police are literally the source of your rights. You didn't build that.

Thanks for turning the country over to socialists, losers.

Is it too late for me to grovel before Republicans that they might actually give a thought to Constitutional rights after saying the word "Constitution" every day, or that they might prosecute police who commit perjury, after talking about "law and order" every day?

Or is there a clause in the Republican version of the Consitution that says if I copy paste, or say fuck you, I have no rights? And police are a Japanese overclass. You know what? FUCK YOU SCUMBAG!

Ashley Moody is a sick character out of a horror movie.

Power hungry people and forien agitators will take advantage of libertarian small government policies and limited government infrastructure. Libertarianism overall sound nice on paper but it doesn't work.

The criminal justice system is the most over-hyped, oversold, misunderstood, and fraudulent dysfunctional big-government utopia of all. Some dweeb like Ann Coulter who has never been charged with a big crime or probably even obtained all the discovery in such a case, is an expert

Rep. Matt Gaetz: For America to truly come together, it takes two willing and peaceful entities. That cannot happen if the left continues to attempt to burn the country down.

It was Heather Mcdonald who told Republicans to declare war on the common citizen, by saying police should be above the law and have no opposition, regulator, or resistance.

Sounds like you should align with the anarchists

My friend is serving life without parole from age 21 for a crime that didn't happen. Not because anything like that ever passed the legislature. But because Republicans like it that way, and don't care about the law. For Republicans, the law is an obstacle to locking up innocents

Anarchy as in the absence of government. Of which cops are members

Any collective force applied to an individual is government? Another cop-cult idiot argued that anarchy is "might makes right." If cops act outside the law and the Governor ignores it, that is not government. Ron DeSantis is not going to say "Yes I am glad Officer Athaide lied."

Professor Michael McConnell: The Constitution's principal mechanism for taming and controlling the power of majority factions was what today we would call diversity, and the founders called "multiplicity of factions." In a relatively homogeneous district or jurisdiction, a particular group - whether ideological, economic, religious, racial, or based on some other common characteristic - can dominate and sweep all before it, without need for compromise or for consideration of the concerns and interests of dissenters. When the majority is "united by a common interest, the rights of the minority will be insecure" (Federalist No. 51). The all-white districts of the Jim Crow South provide a familiar historical example: political leaders in such districts had no political need to heed the interests of the African-American minority disadvantaged by their policies.

You know where there are no checks and balances, and there is tyranny of the majority? In the one government institution that touches the most people most often, with the most serious consequences: Policing. Suppose the Mayor of your town, or the 51% majority who elects the Sheriff, decides to ignore or suppress reports of police misconduct, and make sure there is no penalty whatsoever for police who commit perjury and fake evidence. The police can lock up whomever the local majority wants locked up, on fake charges, simply for being an undesirable. And they will win votes for locking up the innocent. And there is no independent institution in the executive branch at the state level to compel reporting with punishment for reporting failures like the SEC, and proactively initiate investigations into police and prosecutor misconduct. All investigations into government employees in criminal justice, all regulation, is supposed to be done by criminals and judges, who hold no real deterrent. And these only regulators, by design, have been declared illegitimate. And nobody wants to take on local governments, on behalf of people whom the paper have labeled criminals, with zero liability for libel. So there is literally no check or balance on local police absolute power. The only check is the sum of local minorities voting for the opposing party, in statewide and national elections. But when the opposing party wins, they don't address individual instances of misconduct, they let everyone out of prison. Because the families of the guilty have just as many votes as the families of those wrongly convicted based on police perjury. So there needs to be an independent SEC-like institution in the executive branch at the state level, to prosecute and deter police and prosecutors, by punishing them when they victimize the innocent.

Tucker Carlson: "Defund the Police" Was a Disaster for Democrats

We wouldn't be conservatives if we didn't recognize the evil nature of man, and the limits of the government utopia.

I disagree that "defund the police" cost Democrats in the 2020 election. The reason why police are hated, why reforming them caused Rep Spanberger trouble in her local election, and why hatred of the police defeated Donald Trump, are all the same reason: gerrymandering, tyranny of the local majority.

Police are loved by the local political establishment in every district, and hated by the minority. Because police are regulated by the local majority. The Mayor, or the 51% who elect the Sheriff, can overlook and even reward police perjury, to predetermine the outcome of trials, and lock up any member of the minority they want. And the local majority can reward discretion, to protect members of the local majority - the mayor's son, the corrupt donor - from prosecution.

So the local minority will always try to get relief from tyranny of the local majority, by voting for the other party in statewide and national elections. And the sum of local minorities makes a difference at the statewide and national level.

Suppose a state has 50 popular people, and 50 undesirables. Suppose there are 5 districts each with 20 people. One district has 20 undesirables. The other 4 districts each have 7 or 8.

The popular party will be so safe in their 4 districts, they will be corrupt and torture not only undesirables, but members of their own community. So the undesirables, and one or two marginalized popular people, will vote for the undesirable party at the statewide level, in each popular district.

That is 9 votes for the undesirable party, and 11 votes for the popular party, in all four popular districts. That is 36 votes, plus all 20 in the undesirable district, equals 56 votes at the statewide level. The undesirables are crushed in 80% of districts, and still win President.

Biden won Wisconsin. Biden won Pennsylvania. Biden won Arizona and Georgia. Because white people hate the police They hate Philip Brailsford, they hate Officer Rolfe. Who was rioting and punching black people in the streets? White people. Who do Republicans always point out get shot by police more than black people? White people. Who shows up to protest Ann Coulter's speeches? White people. Who lives in Portland? White people.

Scott Walker: If it holds, @LPNationalcandidate got 38,000 votes in Wisconsin and margin between @JoeBiden and @realDonaldTrump is less than 21,000 votes. #Elections2020

Given that Republicans are a bizarre cop worship cult who declare war on their fellow citizens every day, all libertarians should have voted for Biden.

The new Lt. Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson! "LAW ABIDING CITIZENS ARE THE MAJORITY!"

People who have broken some law, driven 56mph, punched someone, had two drinks before driving, cops who fudged a sworn statement, people who carried fruit or cash past customs, are the majority. Republicans randomly declare war on their neighbors and then wonder why they lose.

Hannah Cox: Hmm. It's almost like the republicans need to get back to free markets, limited government, and individual liberty if they hope to win libertarian votes.

Hannah, our freedoms are not taken away by senators, but by local police. And there is no gridlock in many cities and counties, to prevent police from locking up any innocent person, regardless of the law.

You aren't wrong. A very big reason why I'm consistently pushing for people to pay more attention to their local elections!

They do pay attention to their local elections. And they like that they can use mock trials to sweep the streets of untermenschen. And they want more of it!

It is a perfect cycle where police commit perjury in police reports and choose the most demented mugshots, local papers copy-paste it because they can't afford actual reporters and there is no libel risk. and then local people say I want the police to lie if they have to, to lock up evil menaces like that!

The demand to regulate police and prosecutors at the local level, is approximate to the demand to circumvent the Bill of Rights and the judicial grievances in the Declaration of Independence. It is normal for human beings to want to cut unaccountable juries out of the process, and have lynchings, witch trials whatever.

Your audience may be made up of rare rational idealists. But they must pursue a government that is not. Ideally, regulating police and prosecutors must be moved away from local politics, to an independent SEC-like institution at the state level.

Many of these corupt political people screwed up when they defunded the police Neighborhoods are suffering when something serious occurs

They didn't actually defund the police. Police tried to punish neighborhoods, to show how needed they are, by refusing to do their job unless people worshipped them. After Big Mike Brown, Heather Mcdonald wrote a book "The War On Cops". Republicans took this book as a moral mandate to defend police from any allegations of misconduct, and hide and suppress all allegations of misconduct, no matter what they do. So police said unless we can do whatever we want, unless we have total immunity to victimize your neighbor and lie and say we did it in "good faith", then we refuse to do our jobs. Police want you to suffer, and want anyone who complains to suffer, as revenge for Ferguson. It is a war. The police are on one side, the citizens are on the other side. And like abusive boyfriends, police want suburban women to suffer and cry, and come running to them, and defend them and beg for them, or else they will punish you by refusing to pick up the phone. Police want you to attack your neighbors on their behalf, and frighten you of your neighbors, or they will punish you. They want to take the worst possible mugshots of your neighbors, and write the most extreme police reports, to be copy-pasted into the local paper with no liability for libel, to convince you your neighbors are rabid dogs and make you beg the police to come put down your neighbors. And your neighbors are tired of gullible people like you sending the police to victimize them. And your neighbors don't know how to get through to you to make you stop!

White people hate the police? That's new. I think smart people just hate you. Widespread police brutality is a myth, and you're an idiot. Anyone with a brain understands that if you don't do criminal stuff, police will leave you alone. Don't assault police, you'll stay alive. Moron.

Thomas Jefferson complained, in the Declaration of Independence, that the King's agents were committing murder and being protected in mock trials and by sovereign immunity. Did he have a brain? Or should he have told the Inhabitants of the States to stay out of trouble, and the King's soldiers wouldn't bother them.

How about Andrew Jackson who refused to clean an officer's boots and got his face slashed. Did he have a brain? Should he have just not done criminal stuff, and they would have left him alone?

How about James Madison who, knowing the evil nature of man and the natural corruption of government, wrote the Bill of Rights to stick a hand in the face of police. Did he have a brain?

Use your brain and tell me: Do we even need a Bill of Rights, when the police can already decide who is guilty and will only bother you if you are?

Stupid white people hate the police. The ones who vote Democrat. That is the problem that this nation has - dumbed down, intellectually inferior to previous generations of Americans, especially the young.

People who do not like tyranny of the majority, and who do not like their family members being victimized in witch trials by police and prosecutors who pay no penalty for victimizing the innocent, are wise to not take on a naive and utopian view, of white trash idiots in uniform who are regulated by the local majority and permitted to break the law without any external check or balance.

That is a false narrative. No, cops are not the cause of black crime. The reality, covered up by Democrats, is that young black males between 16-36 are about 5% of the population but commit over 50% of murders and violent crime. It never occurs to blacks to stop committing crimes in disproportionate numbers. And the police, dealing with our most violent people are not supported by people who vote Democrat. Disgusting. Rot. A failed nation.

Trump did not lose black votes. He lost white votes. Because, as you just demonstrated, Republicans are disconnected from reality. Every day Ann Coulter says "Daniel Shaver was white" or "the Portland protestors are white people punching black people." Then somehow she arrives at the crazy non sequitur, that white people want more police and that is why they voted for Biden. BLM is a movement of white people. Did you not notice the trash can lids, pool toys, and lawn equipment at the riots? It is amazing how dumb Republicans are. They will point out that the riots are all white people, and then go back to rambling about black people and saying white people want more police.

If I can cure one person... Where did I say cops are the cause of black crime, or anything about black people? I said white people don't like cops, obviously because like in every nation in history they are victimized by cops.

No, whites do not hate the police - another false narrative. Criminals hate the police. Don't commit crimes and then you do not have to worry about the police. If you do commit crimes then you deserve what happens, especially if you resist arrest. And no, it is not ok to commit crimes and resist arrest just because you are black.

Do you speed? Because if you speed and you are not a cop, or even if you don't speed and a cop doesn't like how you drove, a crazy cop will plant a bag of weed on you. And if you are not the mayor's son, there is zero penalty for police lying about you, in the rare instance you can prove it. And yes police are sadists.

The angriest anyone ever got at me on here was some drunk old guy who had been a cop. He was all about the "don't break the law". Then he mentioned he used to tour Cuba, by going through the Bahamas! That's a law-abiding citizen. But because he was former military police, "don't break the law" doesn't apply to him.

Everything that is corruptible, is corrupted. Conservatives admit this about every government institution except police. And so the local political establishment always uses police to bully and victimize whomever they don't like, regardless of the law. And so the non-connected citizens of every race in every nation have always hated police.

The Founders tried to fix this. James Madison wrote an entire Bill of Rights to resist the use of police in a corrupt way. But it doesn't work, police and prosecutors just lie and say they complied with the Bill of Rights. Like a cancer, they have had 200 years to find the passages around the Bill of Rights.

But you resist the obvious which is right in front of your face.

Should we get rid of the Bill of Rights, and just have police walk up to people and say "You get 15 years"? Because if you did not commit a crime for which the penalty is 15 years, then you should not have to worry about any cop doing this to you.

I am a white person, and I see police committing perjury and victimizing the innocent my whole life, in every state I have lived in. And I talk to hundreds of white people over the years who have had the same experience, and hate police for this same reason, the same reason as everyone in history. And you have the thick skull to come here and say nobody hates police, except a small slice of criminals who are the only people who break the law.

Keep losing elections.

I get that, but these are exceptions and not the rule. When these things happen, deal with them, fix them. The problem we have now is that Democrats have used an n=1 sample size of one cop in Minneapolis who acted poorly to conclude "Systemic racism." That is scientifically illiterate and statistically incoherent.

The problem we have is that by definition half (median) of all of our people are below average. Democrats have total control of the media and culture and academia, and they prey on these weak-minded emotional-rather-than-rational thinkers. They are able to sell this fake narrative to these people; ergo the fact that young black males between 16-36 are maybe 5% of the population but commit over 50% of murders and violent crime cannot be solved. It never occurs to weak-minded pseudo-caring virtue-signalling white liberals that blacks need to tell young black males to stop committing crimes. Whites cannot fix this problem, and blacks don't have to if white liberals insist that this problem does not exist. It is the Elephant in the Room.

We see the Democrat media ignoring obvious facts like these blacks that get shot by the police being career criminals who resisted arrest. And we see blacks pouring into the streets and riot anytime a black commits a crime and resists arrest and something bad happens. Change that "Born to Run" song into "Born to Riot" for blacks. The fundamental problem is white liberals not only ignoring the black crime problem, but calling anyone who points it out a "racist" (what else?) This means that white liberals are THE PROBLEM.

You are the one who is listening to a gay guy on TV to find out what white voters think. I am a poor old white Republican living in the rural South, and I am telling you what white voters think. But rather than listen to what I am saying, you are still arguing with the city guy on TV.

Do you think that first guy who Kyle Rittenhouse shot cares about black people? Do you think the guy who knocked that black guy's teeth out at Twitter cares about black people?

Not that there isn't a racial element. And it is visible right in your comment. You are obsessed with black crime. And because of your obsession, you are blinded to facts, and you support a justice system that is evil garbage and victimizes white people, who then get angry. You are inoculated against facts by "hands up don't shoot" derangement syndrome.

White Republicans who read all these Ann Coulter books, have no idea what happens in the justice system or what it actually does. Ann Coulter and Heather Mcdonald have less experience in criminal justice than Hillary Clinton has in healthcare. When Heather Mcdonald said "war on cops" what it meant it practice, is war on the only regulator of police and prosecutors in our current system, accused criminals. Which means war on ordinary citizens, white people. Heather Mcdonald declared war on white people.

You talk about exceptions, not the rule. But there is no record of 99% of police misconduct. I have seen police commit perjury in four states. I have seen police frame a girl life without parole from age 21 for a crime that didn't happen. If you didn't get it from me here, there is no public record anywhere that it ever happened. You can go down to my local police station and try to report an instance of police misconduct. They will refuse to write it down, and they will threaten to prosecute you for lying.

When you suppress statistics, of course every example someone uncovers is called anecdotal. The information is suppressed and kept in a cocoon of secrecy at the local level. This is done to enable the local political establishment to use police to do whatever they want, regardless of what actually passed the legislature or is in the Constitution.

I can tell you all day about prosecutors coercing felons to commit perjury to lock up the innocent. But there is no repository of records of it, no big data to research and have an honest debate about it. Nobody knows exactly how often it happens, or exactly how often police commit perjury. People say don't you think most people in prison are guilty? How would I know? The system is designed to make public analysis and oversight of what is going on prohibitively expensive.

But nobody actually wants to fix it. "The Innocence Project" uses it to raise money, makes a living off of it. Judges and high-end lawyers are happy that the jury trial has been hacked and corrupted. Because it has moved the locus of decision making, the decider of guilt, to the appeals court. So high-end judges and lawyers are happy that they get the glory, and they are not interested in unelected unaccountable juries any more than Republicans are.

And the rabble on the streets are really angry about all of it. They are treated like zoo animals by psychopathic cops while you rant about black teenagers.

Here is Florida's most respected Sheriff advocating to let dangerous felons out of prison, to falsely convict the innocent, to put up a mirage of successfully solving crime and win points from the gullible, crime-oriented voter:

If you deny that is what he is doing, you are either intellectually dishonest, you have no idea what you are talking about, or you are just too addicted to telling your gullible constituents that you are saving them from crime. That is the sign of a weak mind, a mind that lacks creativity or insight or communication skill, and just copies a political campaign out of an old Republican recipe book.

Here is a 21-year-old girl being framed for life without parole, for a crime that didn't happen, by a Florida prosecutor suborning perjury:

Here is a Florida cop lying on the witness stand with a conscious intention to trick the jury, without fear of any possible penalty:

Here is a Florida cop staging evidence, without fear of any possible penalty:

Here are Florida cops and prosecutors coaching witnesses to lie in a murder trial, without fear of any possible penalty:

If you deny what I am showing you, then you are lying to yourself, and you will never know why you lose an election. I guess it is no surprise that people who lie about others also lie to themselves. Self-defense from facts that cast a person in a bad light, is the first step of vanity, the deadliest sin.

John Alberto Torres: Waiting for a Crosley Green appellate court ruling is torture

Too many now make a living off guilt being decided by politicized appeals-court judges, and the click-loving media. You should instead advocate penalties for perjury, and police and prosecutor misconduct, to restore the integrity of, and the locus of decisions to, the jury trial.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey after hiding a video for two years, and offering false statements about it: Truth Be Told

Don't ever forget the people in your county who voted for the killer. After winning reelection, Wayne Ivey said "It takes a community to protect a community,' and this community understands that." That "community" does not include, and has no interest in, Gregory Edwards. Ivey has a tattoo of the Constitution. But he rules based on something that is not in the Constitution, sovereign immunity, given through the archaic rights of the King of England in common law. The Grievances of the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights, were designed to stick a hand in the face of police, to be better than England. The only thing "Constitutional Conservatives" are interested in is the Second Amendment and abortion. They have no interest in due process, or life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, for Gregory Edwards.

Your prejudgment of my views are incorrect. Government has overspent on almost everything except for education and healthcare. In exchange, we have failed housing policies, failed law enforcement policies, failed foreign policies. high recidivism, and etc. Trickle down economics never worked.

High recidivism stats are stuffed with mental defectives who shout at the wall and run when police say stop. These stats are used to suggest matinee villains are getting too short sentences or whatever other false narrative.

Florida Police: Registered Democrat Arrested After Threatening to Shoot DeSantis, Rubio, and Scott

People on here talk about shooting me at least every week

New York School Bans Shirt Honoring Fallen Cop After Allowing Students, Staff to Wear BLM Attire

I would tell my child to wear the shirt in defiance of the school district. If they (school district) didn't like it, I'd let my lawyer and the courts do my talking for me. The 1st and 14th amendments are not suspended at the school-house doors, you (school district) douche-bags.

Why is it so hard to understand if you don't prosecute police for crimes like perjury, then police will be seen as criminals. Are you not interested in the 4th 5th and 6th amendments?

Why is it so hard for you to understand the 1st amendment without us using the 2nd amendment?

The 1st amendment is not your strength.

Knowledge isn't yours.

I have knowledge of tyranny of the local majority as predicted in Federalist 51. It manifests as police victimizing politically unconnected innocents for sport to captivate gullible members of the local majority faction.

If you ever need the police, Please dont call.

The right to lie is a deal breaker for you?

Move to Venezuela Or maybe Hong Kong, I hear the communist chinese police are very friendly.

They definitely don't "handcuff the police" in those places. Maybe that is why crime is so low there.

Hard to stop crime with no bail and no prosecution of violent rioters.

Bail has little to do with stopping crime. Cops don't get to decide guilt, or take away people's rights before trial to humor gullible housewives.

You need to understand that the only reason Veterans can defend our country abroad is because Police are protecting our families at home.

They aren't protecting them if they are free to commit perjury against them with no fear of consequence. Farmers grow your food. You still wouldn't let them victimize the innocent.

So, by insinuation, you are claiming that the police officer that this shirt was in memorial to (and every other LEO, for that matter), violated peoples 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment rights? Police are prosecuted ALL THE TIME, you moron. Besides, the article you are replying to on my comment was about how a SCHOOL district was violating someone's rights, and by extension, everyone's rights so how is my stating that obvious fact, somehow determined by you as me thinking it okay when police (or anyone else), violate someones constitutional rights? You ain't very bright, are you son?

The vast majority of instances of police misconduct are ignored and hidden, and those who try to report them are threatened and smeared.

If they are hidden and ignored, how do you know they exist?... Voices in your head tell you so?...

Newton recognized the universal force of gravity from seeing a single apple fall. I have seen police lie and hide misconduct in four different states, and I have heard numerous identical experiences from people all over the streets and on the web, from all over the US. Almost none of those instances are recorded anywhere that you could look them up. It is a standard outcome, a pattern reproduced by the same absence of deterrent across the country.

The vast majority of incidents of "police brutality" or "police racism" turn out to be BS.

Cops are psychotic sadists who operate without any fear of the law, and with confidence the evil and the gullible will enable them


Every industry is attractive to different types. If I called football players athletic or basketball players tall or rocket scientists smart, would you accuse me of stereotyping?

and idiots like you spread the lies as truth just to make yourself feel better. But then when you want to ignore the truth, you can do so. Instead of actual learning the truth about the police, you would rather use the lies as a basis for your lies. go ahead be stupid. No one is saying the police are perfect. But we do understand they are far better than your idiots are saying they are.

I have two whole websites of truth about cops from actual real-life events You are free to find a single lie in either of them.

Nobody is interested in your worthless propaganda websites.

I guess they must have voted for Biden for the socialism then.

Want to see real life events....visit Chicago on a weekend, or for that matter any night in general.

I have already seen real-life events and cops are evil scum who can victimize the innocent without consequence. Do you think these cops should face any consequence for framing this girl life without parole from age 21?

If you're a leftist that can recognize patterns of abuse, I credit you, you must believe the improprieties in our election is scandalous... I credit your bravery...

I'm not a leftist. I'm the furthest right Republican on here. I believe in law and order even for police. You don't see me blaming police perjury on global warming. I blame it on lack of lengthy prison sentences.

everything you say is also true about BLM and Antifa.

There is a police force to prosecute BLM and Antifa. They even sent the US military to shoot the hippie in Portland. There needs to also be an independent institution in the executive branch to prosecute police and prosecutors.

Your name says it all. Let the crooks reign, works well for BLM and Antifa and all of the old people they have been terrorizing. Spray painted any old ladies using walkers lately?

Unlike cops, if I victimized the innocent I would be prosecuted. Frame any innocent children recently?

There are bad seeds in every industry, cops are human beings as well, the vast majority of police are good humans... Actually, I'm for more training, higher hiring standards, demilitarizing police (even though these riots give the excuse to for more military surplus), but things will never be absolutely perfect, humans make errors...

It has nothing to do with bad seeds. When people commit murder, you don't say "there are bad seeds, doesn't mean we need police to prosecute murderers." You say "lock them up." I want to put police who victimize the innocent in prison. The foundation of our current criminal justice system is that people will do things when there is no deterrent or punishment for it, not because they are bad or irrational.

Move to Minneapolis where they are abolishing the police . You will meet psychotic sadists who will be glad to show you the reason we have police

I don't want to defund police, I want to give them life without parole.

You prefer to paint a group of people with a broad stroke for the illegal acts a few of them perpetrated. Is this also your worldview of black males age 15-35 regarding violent crime statistics?

Black males are prosecuted when they commit crimes. Police in general are not prosecuted. Police and prosecutors don't just pick a cop here and there and say this one cop can get away with it. Any cop can get away with it So long as the person he victimizes is not the mayor's son.

It is not about individuals, it is about institutional processes and incentives and deterrents. All men are evil. They will all do evil when there is not sufficient deterrent. All police are not deterred.

That makes sense if you conveniently throw out the facts of each individual case. Cops are tried in the justice system, and while it isn't perfect, when every case is brought before a jury and the details are in plain sight of the public, a verdict is reached. If the cops were found to have overstepped their bounds they are sentenced, if they are not, they are acquitted. It is about individuals and each specific circumstance. Of course, walking around saying 'all men are evil' probably does not allow for objectivity and reason to cloud your hate.

The idea that man is inherently evil is the basis of conservative philosophy. It is reflected in the Christian idea that man is fallen, or the idea that he ate the fruit. It is reflected in Federalist 51 where James Madison says:

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary."

It is leftists who begin with a belief that some people are good and others are bad, and that is why there is bad in the world. Contemporary conservative philosophy holds that the behavior of individuals is created by the incentives and constraints built into systems.

You got that wrong. The left believes that all people are equal (equally bad) and shaped by society. Conservatives believe that men are unequal.

Republicans have become like leftists. They begin with incorrect ideas about the human race. They then complain about the reality that is dissonant with their vision, and blame it on evil people, whom they hope to eradicate.

You contradict yourself, but liberals often do. If conservatives believed that incentives controlled behavior, the religious basis for many (esp. early) laws would not have been based on internal control i.e. bible-based belief in a punishing God. And leftists (not far removed from Communists) can imagine that a CCP-like surveillance state is coming here, and intrusive high-tech data gathering does in no way support the belief in the essential "good" of man. lol

The whole point of the free market instead of communism, and most of the point of the death penalty, is that incentives and deterrents control behavior. Reagan used to talk about police not needing guns in Britain, because hanging anyone who had a gun was a deterrent to any citizens having guns. Adam Smith said the baker bakes bread for me not because he is generous, but because he is greedy. Thomas Sowell says institutions are self-interested to promote their own survival over their advertised mission. One cannot remove survival as a short-run local incentive, because those who pursue it will grow in number relative to those who don't.

I am beginning to see Republicans are doing more than just worshiping lying cops who victimize the innocent, contrary to the intention of most of our founding documents. The whole party has lost its ideological core. That may be a result of populism plus pandering. Rather than leading the common man, you poll for the dumbest most popular ideas, and claim to support them.

I knew this election was lost as a result of vanity. Vanity works psychologically to insulate a person from reality. Republicans cannot see that the justice system they support reflexively is evil and corrupt, is run contrary to the intention of our nations's founding, as in in fact hated by a large part of their base.

But the extent to which Republicans have become like liberals is stunning. Liberals see the world as good actors, evil actors, and objects both good and bad. To them, dolphins are good actors, Republicans are evil actors, black people and trees are good objects, guns are bad objects. LIb leaders are cartoon superheroes. Now Republicans have adopted this same cosmology, where they are consumed and blinded by the vanity of their own goodness, and the evil of their opponent.

It was not always so. In "The Vision of the Anointed" Sowell claims political debate was asymmetric for 200 years, with the left thinking the right is evil, and the right thinking the left is well-intentioned but stupid.

Sacramento Sheriff on Not Enforcing COVID Curfew: Making Cops "Instruments" of "Oppression" Damages Community Relations

Police don't want to lock up 100% of the local people, based on what a 51% statewide majority wants. But police who are willing to lock up 49% of the local people, is still tyranny of the local majority.

Are you a libertarian?

Now that people know their law enforcement are not going to force them to follow these oppressive rules it is time to stop wearing the mask. Take off the mask! That is step 1. Step 2 is to refuse to cancel Thanksgiving or Christmas. Step 3 is to refuse to abide by the curfew. Businesses should also refuse to comply now that the police are refusing to force them to close.

Step four is to take mushrooms, worship satan, get an abortion, and drive 100 mph.

If you don't live there or have then your opinion is irrelevant either way. Having seen that department do their job's I'd say they're better and more professional than most. Btw if there is a lock up of the citizens it's because there is a high crime rate there.

Cops enforce the laws I vote on, or what the Governor I vote for has authority to order, within the limits of the Constitution. Cops work for the laws of the state. Otherwise, people vote for Joe Biden, which you do not like.

cops work for the city........ only the sheriff works for you.

If my votes decide the law and my taxes go to prosecution and lockup and they are citizens of my country, cops need my consent.

Pssst - you aren't in a college class anymore. It appears you are a bit wet behind the ears. Your position is one Marx would be proud of, though. Maybe go find a home somewhere else. ? Just sayin'

Say hello to the USDOJ.

Yeah, try that line during your next arrest.

Power corrupts, and the local police are corrupt. I will say it at my next voting booth.

Who cares? How about quit breaking the law?

Millions of voters care that local police and prosecutors victimize the innocent. Just because they are not prosecuted, doesn't mean police and prosecutors aren't breaking the law.

Cotton said in a statement Friday that Democrats have nominated a "radical" to challenge Loeffler for her U.S. Senate seat.

"Raphael Warnock compared police in Georgia to 'gangsters' and 'thugs,'" Cotton said. "Our men and women in blue protect us from crime every day, and the fact that Georgia liberals have picked someone so radical to lead their party shows how out of touch they are with the average American."

The transcript of Cotton's ad reads:

Radical liberals want to defund the police.

Radical Raphael Warnock even called Georgia police officers thugs and gangsters.

WARNOCK: Police power showed up in a kind of gangster and thug mentality.

Raphael Warnock even celebrated Jeremiah Wright, who said that America deserved 9/11.

WRIGHT: Not God Bless America, God Damn America.

Raphael Warnock hates our police, and he'll put your family at risk. Stop him now.

How do you save people who like to fight and lose?

Republicans: We are kicking criminals' asses and worshipping police. Everybody loves that.

Me: You are getting beat by a half-dead socialist who wants to take your guns away.