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The Myth That Burns Our Cities and The Lying Game

David Cole of Taki Mag is totally wrong (as are Ann Coulter, Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson, John Nolte and Daniel Horowitz) about what is "The Myth That Burns Our Cities".

White people have always wanted to get rid of Trump. What is different about Black Lives Matter, that white people are willing to destroy cities to sing along with an emperor's-new-clothes size lie about racism? What Republicans are missing is that police have been lying all along and victimizing the innocent without consequence, and white people want revenge. And Republicans' minds have been totally inoculated against this simple fact by "hands up don't shoot." It's like when commodity prices make a new high, and people say "I have seen this before, it will reverse." That is why they need computers to trade commodities. The human brain is captive to preconceptions. This movement is something different and Republicans don't get it.

Some background. Who are police primarily putting in prison? The crazy and the incompetent, not the evil. Everyone can name a politician who has caused more death and misery than anyone in prison. Load up your local county court docket. You will not find rational people like you or me, who decided to take a risk like in the movies, robbing a bank or smuggling drugs for a large amount of money, and made one mistake or got unlucky. You will see people who just went crazy for a moment and did something stupid, not for money or any rational reason. The prisons are filled with people whose minds are defective, and they are unable to take simple rational steps to avoid getting arrested. Every time people send the police out with a mandate to lock up more evil menaces, the police come back with a net full of incompetent people.

Consider the classic academic example of game theory, the criminal's dilemma. Both criminals are better off if neither talks. But each criminal is better off if he is the one who confesses and gets the deal. So they both confess and neither gets a deal. In all the places I have seen the criminal's dilemma written and mentioned, never has any wise person ever pointed out the real incentive facing both defendants is to lie! Because again, people who are not criminals or in prison, project their own "what would I do" thinking onto the kind of [mentally ill and irrational but experienced and desperate] people whom police actually pick up. Geeks who support police and want justice in a rational universe, cannot even conceive of the kinds of defective idiot-savant liars, and crooked police, and mob juries, that the real world is made of.

Consider a more realistic scenario where two people are arrested, and one of them wasn't even there. He doesn't even know what happened, and he thinks he can beat the charges. So his *incentive* is to deny everything. The second person who actually did the crime knows the police are clueless and think this other guy was there. So his incentive is to lie and say the guy who wasn't even there did everything! So the real incentive when a criminal knows nobody else was there or knows the truth, is always to lie! And the criminal gets the deal and walks, and the innocent guy gets life. And if a policeman has to delete five seconds of video, or lose one witness's name to make it work, he pays zero price for it and is never even investigated.

That is exactly how our criminal justice system really works! It could be a boyfriend and girlfriend with active cases and prior convictions, living in a house with a retarded younger cousin. The police raid the house on a tip. Who do the drugs belong to? They both say the cousin! Retarded person gets the mandatory minimum, life in prison. You say prosecutors could figure that out and wouldn't do it. Absolutely they would, why not? You say lawyers would speak out against a system like that. No, it is their cash cow. They like that it comes down to them, that they are the only savior. You say judges would stop it. They pay a price every time, especially when news media have sold the police story for clicks, that the defendant is PE#1.

Henry Hill in "Goodfellas" was a nice guy who would not even hang out with homicidal maniacs, much less ride along for no reason half the times they murdered people. What if Henry Hill was a small-time drug dealer, who was coerced to act as an informant from very early on? What if the entire movie "Goodfellas" was invented by a shifty drug dealer, based on gossip about the people who lived in his neighborhood? That doesn't fit with your preconceptions. But it fits with reality, that people who have no experience with the justice system have no idea about. The bulk of any product will be produced in the cheapest way that meets the measure. The prisons are stuffed with cases built not on shoe leather, but on lies.

It is also a game that favors prosecutors hiring habitual felons to prey on first-time offenders. A person who has never been arrested before, does not know enough about charges and trials and police reports, to know what the prosecution needs him to say. He might screw up and say "When Jim said he was going to try to grab the bag from the armed guard, I don't know for sure if Joe knew whether Jim was joking or not." A habitual felon has spent months in his cell, thinking of the exact lines and excuses that could get him convicted or get him off, for a particular charge. So only a habitual felon understands the game well enough, to be counted on to say and not say, the things the prosecution needs said and not said, to get a convicton.

An aggressive felon won't hesitate to completely invent "When Jim said he was going to try to grab the bag from the armed guard, Joe said yes, let's grab his bag, I am totally in on that." He knows the prosecutor doesn't just need to establish Joe was there, the prosecutor needs Joe as an eager accomplice. And the habitual felon knows what normal people don't know, that there is never any possible penalty for him lying, no matter how brazen the lie. It's a serious business, where experienced sociopathic menaces are put on the street, to secure the incarceration of a series of incompetents.

I remember when hate crimes were invented. Rush Limbaugh was frightened. He said these crimes are based not on any physical evidence, but on the contents of your mind. That requires thought police! That is generally what felony murder is. Police came to the home of Nathaniel Woods to execute a surprise warrant and enter his house. Prosecutors coerced witnesses to say Nathaniel Woods had a plan in his mind to lure police into his home. So why are white people going along with the felony murder prosecution of Officer Rolfe in Georgia? It is delicious revenge. Our justice system has been a lying game for too long, based far too often on the coerced storytelling of incarcerated drug felons. They made it a lying game.

Juries are just mobs, who will convict the innocent as often as they release the guilty, totally at random 10% of the time for no reason whatsoever. Prosecutor says he is guilty, he seems like an honest man, I have no reason to doubt that. That is why all it takes is a mandatory-minimum charge, to coerce someone to plead guilty to something he didn't even do. And they are faced with case law that has been perverted to fix the outcome of 1,000 prior cases, which limits and allows evidence in totally contorted ways that make it impossible to even tell the jury what happened. Including jailhouse witnesses who have been coerced to claim the defendant confessed, in an end run around the Constitution, 10 Commandments, and Code of Hammurabi. It is no surprise lawyers who have already been paid, advise the innocent to take the deal.

There is no SEC for police and prosecutors, no independent institution in the executive branch, to initiate their own investigations into suspect convictions and police and prosecutor misconduct. And there is not even anyone to complain to. Because no institution could entertain the complaints of 100% of criminals who claim the police acted in bad faith. So investigations of police are haphazard and extremely rare, initiated by criminals, and driven by the mob. Is it any wonder, with nobody but mobs and criminals to initiate investigations, that police realize nobody is watching and they can get away with it 99.9% of the time?

99.9% of claims of police and prosecutor misconduct are never even written down, much less centrally collected and reported. This enables Republicans to debate in a totally dishonest or misguided way by saying things like "How often do police really lie on the stand?" What percentage of convictions are false convictions based on lies? Republicans are less interested than the gun control crowd, in actual statistics and science to answer that question. They believe the research would all be biased. The only visible undeniable statistic we have is Andrew Gillum coming within .4%. And Republicans have no idea why, by choice. They say it is crazy and irrational, they cannot make sense of it.

Newspapers won't look into it, because they are down to skeleton staffs who do nothing but copy-paste local police blotters and sports scores, and transcribe Twitter and Youtube videos from public figures all day. Newspapers protect police in exchange for gossip. Judges are expected to deter police misconduct. Not by incarcerating police who break the rules. But by releasing criminals! Of course that does not deter crime, and only encourages more bizarre laws and perversion of the justice system, by a confused and angry and misinformed and polarized voter.

In Los Angeles, the free market grew the jailhouse witness scam to its logical end, where informants were paid, and paid for information they could claim defendants confessed to. And nobody pays any price, for victimizing the innocent in such a heinous manner. There is no justice. You have to be completely blind to and inoculated against what is actually going on, to support a justice system populated by people who feel no sense of right and wrong, and see justice as a cheap product like a used car, to pander to idealist Magoo suckers who will buy anything. If police have any kind of immunity whatsoever, then the system is not designed for justice. It is designed to be garbage and to kill the poor and innocent. It's like if ambitious politicians promised universal healthcare, and then made it affordable by shielding doctors from any liability for malpractice.

My friend was framed for first-degree murder, for a crime that did not even happen. I have documented this extensively and irrefutably on a web site You are welcome to go there and debate me, as to whether police who fake evidence, lie on the stand, and hide witnesses, and prosecutors who supervise perjury in a murder case, pay any price whatsoever. They do not and people will not stand for it any more. They will burn it down. And if black people and marxists have given them the product, the charge to achieve it, by singing along like "I Shot The Sheriff" and "Fuck Tha Police," then they will lie on the stand and say every cop and voter is a racist, if that is what it takes to finally lock these people up. It has been a lying game all along with neither justice nor truth, and it is time Republican suckers got wise to it before they lose all their offices to socialists and nihilists.