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False Prophet Ann Coulter

Spending the evening reading a little more of Ann Coulter's great book "Guilty".

Fun fact: Ann Coulter has no experience as an accused criminal, as a cop, as a judge, as a prosecutor, or as a defense lawyer. Ann Coulter knows less about criminal justice than Hillary Clinton knows about healthcare.

As opposed to you, who does have experience as a criminal?

If I were a criminal, then my writing on criminal justice in the United States would not be fiction like when Ann does it.

Whether or not Ann has experience as any of those, what's necessary is research skills - which Ann has. You can't dispute the facts and studies.

Criminal justice statistics are manufactured with an agenda. A person who has used very distant and general statistics, most produced by an institution with an agenda to create a narrative to support themselves politically, does not actually know how crimes turn into convictions at the micro level. I can research football all day, and yet I could not coach or run one play.

Even worse, the false criminal justice mythology marketed by Ann, is counter-productive to her policy goals. Like Thomas Sowell warns, criminal justice is governed by an abstract and elitist vision, by distant actors and decision makers who pay no price for being wrong. The actual outcome, where the rubber meets the road, manafactures Democrat voters. Mass incarceration manufactures Democrat voters with a greater persistence and inevitability than immigration. De Tocqueville would ask: What happens when the voters realize they can vote all their family members out of prison? The costs of imperfect justice are absorbed by voters, who do pay a price and then vote. They suffer and vote against the remote intellectuals like Ann.

Ann's writing has encouraged a fad of protected police and prosecutor misconduct, and false convictions, which manufactures Democrat voters. Connick v Thompson + "Handcuffing the Police" + (life drug sentences + felony murder + leftist testimony case law + coerced testimony) = Joe Biden. And it also comes out to $$$ for Ann, when she rants about the dysfunction.

What if being prosecuted for a crime were like campaigning as a Republican, lies and lies? Republicans won one hand years ago, when they defeated the left's "rehabilitation and root causes" philosophy. Republicans thought they must know something about this game. Republicans return to the crime well and come up dry because Ann poisoned it.

The saddest thing is every criminal case Republicans know something about (Limbaugh, McCloskey, Gardner, Flynn, Rittenhouse, Duke, Proud Boys.......) Republicans say OMG the justice system is retarded! But if a paper embellishes a police report about an unknown immigrant for clicks, Republicans post "no bail!" on Twitter. It is really nothing more than a shibboleth, because they think it is a vote getter.

I've read Ann's columns on the Central Park Five. They proved to me Ann has no clue about criminal justice. Example: Ann said it would be "awkward" if a cop led a kid's parents to believe there is a benefit to a false confession. Reality: Cop is admired, confession is undisclosed hearsay. Ann's "truth" about the Central Park Five is actually a set of theories, from somebody with zero experience in either crime or law enforcement. It is sad, because being outside reality leads Republicans on a path to election loss. If cops can shoot an unarmed person with no static from their peers, you can be sure getting random people to confess will only win them accolades. And false confessions save gas actually investigating crimes.

If Ann had actual experience in criminal justice, she might have come across a false confession at some point. She might have tried to make it awkward for a cop, and found out what really happens. Sad.

Well I am single mom. I found the chapter extremely interesting. Specifically the study that demonstrated single parent homes the most influential common denominator among criminals. I was not offended -- just gave me things to consider while parenting.

Ann loves to trash single moms because, in addition to single moms being an example of the flawed nature of man (other examples being kings, priests, cops, politicians, lawyers, and teenagers), Ann is a single non-mom.

As a single mom whose child is more likely to be arrested, you should be appalled by what Ann has created. In the US they will let sophisticated dangerous felons out of prison, as a reward for swearing your child committed or confessed crimes. Broke papers who laid off all their investigative reporters, and have to be cozy with police to generate juicy gossip, will reprint the false acccusations against your child for clicks.

One thing for certain, is that single moms can less afford private lawyers or legal research, making your kids a soft target, easy meat. Prosecutors have an incentive to invent villains, and coerce drug felons with the threat of life sentences, to swear a fake narrative. They will incite a mob against your innocent child, and use your child for sport to win elections, like cheating in a fishing tournament. They will claim your child is a world-record swordfish. And Ann will lap it up and tweet all over the place that your child is a "super predator" and the reason why functional married moms need to elect Republicans. It will be "awkward" for you, not for the cops or for Ann. Ann will cash $20 a book ranting against your children.

Then you will go around crying your child is innocent, can they really do this? Does anyone care what the truth is? And everyone will say look at these untermenschen bastards with their single moms. Read Ann, they are all "guilty", it is thanks to bad parenting. What a dirtbag single mom you are letting your child run wild.

There is one more chapter. Next thing you will vote Democrat. Republicans will say if you had a bad experience with the justice system we don't want your vote. What makes white people like you so crazy to vote for socialism? It must be voter fraud. Felons should testify against the children of single moms who can't afford lawyers, in exchange for getting let out of prison, not vote or own guns.

Here are two examples of young people who were sluts and smoked weed, and it led to the media inciting a mob against them as murderers: Kim Hallock and Mandi May Jackson. If you believe the news, you will believe both are murderers. Neither is. Try fighting that as a single mom.

This scumbag Ann will destroy your child with no mercy. She will do it as a sick virtue signal to demonstrate her own vain moral superiority, and as a shibboleth to attach herself to the Republican political win over "rehabilitation and root causes" in the 1980's.

And if you think I am not in reality and Republicans are, and they would never lock up your innocent child, you should try guaranteeing Trump would win 47 states. And then try going to the Michigan statehouse with your own electors and getting locked out like a child. Vanity blinds.

And I will remind you if it is Kyle Rittenhouse or Jake Gardner or the Duke lacrosse team, Ann Coulter will whine all day. But when it is your child threatened with life without parole for a crime that didn't happen, she will post your kid's ugly mug and say "single mom dirtbag."

Punishment for the crime of being white. This is your new country.

If you think that is bad, you should try getting a fair trial in Ann Coulter's utopia when you know a drug dealer.

Plus, Ann is a qualified lawyer. So yes, she does know how the criminal justice system works.

"Qualified" is not even a common term. At least I can define and test "systemic racism": Are black people less likely to have political connections which would protect them from police misconduct? Do racially homogeneous countries have harsher sentences and coerced testimony?

Sowell said aggregations like "most women are beaten, abused, or shouted at by their husbands" are trick arguments, using trick statistics, used by crooked power hoarders, who mislead to rally support to their agendas. Ann reads Sowell, and says women are safe with their husbands, to pretend to be the honest one, the contrarian with the unique viewpoint. Then Ann retweets "5,000 people let of of jail, many of whom are convicted of or in pretrial for violent crimes". "In pretrial for" LOL.

Kyle Rittenhouse GUILTY Jake Gardner GUILTY Rush Limbaugh GUILTY Duke Lacrosse GUILTY NYC Proud Boy GUILTY Officer Rolfe GUILTY! Who is letting all these scumbags with their hustler mob of supporters out of prison? GUILTY. Michael Milken, GUILTY, Donald Trump GUILTY. Vain is Ann.

Decent people understand the concepts of Self Defense & Presumption of Innocence

Ann proved that Breonna Taylor is guilty right on my computer screen.

The number one way sociopathic cops convince gullible housewives their victims are worthless untermenschen, is by petting dogs in public. I noticed Ann retweets a lot of dogs lately. I am speculating Ann does not own a dog. But surely Breonna must have no rights if Ann loves dogs.

Ummm....did Ann Coulter wrong you personally in some lifetime. Your posts seems specific and personal

Police are the only branch of government most people come in contact with. So when Ann Coulter starts a cult of people who think police and prosecutor misconduct is good to imprison strangers who aren't part of her cult, they have to fight back. You awaken now to why Trump lost?

Do you awaken now to how Trump could lose in a place like Georgia? Do you awaken to how Raphael Warnock, a commie abortion radical gun grabber running as Jeremiah Wright and Fidel Castro, could be up in a poll in a place like Georgia? Do you awaken that Ann Coulter destroyed us?

Ann and H-Mac went to work with unsurpassable efficiency. Sowell said "this book will save lives." General well-being ought to have been the consequence. It is true that instead we find misery, shame, and at the end of it all, a stream of blood. But that was a chance coincidence.

We are ready to accept almost any explanation of the present crisis except one: The present state of the world may be the result of genuine error on our own part, and the pursuit of our most cherished ideals apparently produced results utterly different from those we expected.

And yes I am angry that PTSD lunatics like Tom Cotton read Ann's garbage, and waste millions on ads that push polls the wrong way. Then they slither away to write and sell some more garbage to salve parrots, and blame Trump for embarrassing the party.

And mentally-ill cops run out and shoot more unarmed people, thinking that Trump actually won the election and martians rule.

Breonna Taylor: The True Story of a BLM Hero - Ann Coulter Hey, guys, I found out the true facts in the Breonna Taylor case! Remember the "botched raid" (New York Times) on Breonna's apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, last March, when police officers killed...

Ann you should write some more Breonna columns, it really seems to be helping Reverend Warnock in the polls. Maybe you could get Tom Cotton to buy some more PTSD nutjob cop-cult ads also, declaring war on your neighbors. You couldn't be raised by wolves, to think it's a good idea to argue that girls should be shot, during an election campaign.

Trial by jury is in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, specifically to protect from people like Ann smearing people, and inciting a mob against people with hearsay, to prove they should be dead. Everyone knows a loud person can incite a mob that you are evil and deserve no rights. Ann will keep smearing people, in hopes of creating a country where you can shoot anyone that you smear on the web.

Cops are just too sloppy, and poorly monitored and regulated, to obtain a license to kill so easily. Judges will sign any garbage affidavit, and there is no penalty for cops who fill affidavits with lies and misinformation.

Republicans confuse police having a right to do something, with non-Republican voters having no right to say they don't like it. Police don't have a divine right to do anything voters don't like or consent to. Not for long anyway. Ann is inciting it's good to kill without trials! Republicans confuse what police have a right to do, with whether the voter can decide what police have a right to do. The voter can, and Republicans are in denial.

If you have sinned, then Ann gets to approve of whatever torture or death she likes and nobody else can complain. It's a delusion by people like Ann, that her preference is supreme and other people's preferences or lives are subjugated. If you sin, the game is whatever Ann wants.

Ann defines other people's individual responsibility as her personal preference. Ann tells you what Ann would like. If anyone who disagrees has ever sinned, they deserve to suffer something they don't like - whatever Ann thinks is appropriate - as an appropriate price for their sins. It was Breonna's own choices, that made Ann find Breonna distasteful.

No need for a jury trial, if we can prove on TV that people are evil sinners and untermenschen, and that their lives and happiness are not useful to us and don't benefit us in any way. What has Breonna done for Karens lately? Then why should she get to live?

It's like if I kick a dog, then you get to say you would like to have sex with me for your birthday. It's an argument criminals use, and pedophiles use. That little girl was running around naked and having sex with all the kids! It's her own fault for being a slut! It is extremely deluded and self-centered. It is a trick for vain and violent people, to imagine their sick preferences are actually morals or even laws that passed the legislature.

Simply say the person you torture is immoral. Thwn your own capricious aggressive impulses toward those strangers become moral.

It is a neat trick where you take someone's rights away, and then smear them in the public square with hearsay to prove you were justified in taking their rights away because they were worthless untermenschen. And Republicans are shocked when people call them nazis. Old, old game that Ann plays. And very easy to play, not some kind of genius.

Literally every immoral violent person, no matter how dumb, argues his victim deserved it. The dumber the more so. The dumbest pay Ann to make the argument.

Republicans never say "This is tragic and unfortunate, but what can police do?" Rather they argue "Breonna was a dirtbag and it is awesome they killed her! We wouldn't want to improve if we could!" Ann keeps saying Breonna is a dirtbag, expecting you to be glad for the killing.

Ann should run for office, on a platform of lining up anyone with a drug mugshot, and shooting them like in communist China. I am sure advocating that you should want your neighbors to be shot will work great in a democracy. I expect Trump to win 47 states to shoot dirtbags.

Sadly the Republican Party has become infested with people who lack complete human minds.

The truth is Breonna was killed without being convicted of a crime, and now Coulter wants to advocate for homicide by inciting a mob against the dead with hearsay. But it doesn't work, and the voters just run to the other party when Ann opens her mouth and sounds like a nazi.

You can't dispute the evidence the truth was being hidden exploited by MSNBC CNN ABC and CBS

You want theories, here are theories: Breonna, an EMT, was trying to save the dead guy's life. The guy on the jail phone was lying about having money to try to get someone to pay his bond.

Ann spends life assuming felons in jail are lying. It is next-level self-delusion to select a felon who wasn't at Breonna's house, talking on the jail phone trashing his ex's new boyfriend, and lying to hustle up bond, and say the test of whether this felon says truth is whether he fits my narrative. And then reverse to say he validates my narrative, this felon who wasn't even there.

If you are using hearsay to prove to strangers on the internet that someone you never met (and really have no idea what you are talking about) should be killed, you need to check if there is an "n" in front of your party.

Ann's religion requires you to believe a black guy in jail, trying to hustle up bond, when he boasts that he has money to the ceilin'. Of course there is always some small catch, like the Lambo is in the repair shop today.

Ann is just saying what was in the documents. There is nothing she said that wasn't in there. I live in Louisville

It is sad that Ann imagines she has any idea about this stranger Breonna in another state. And it is sick.

That Ann can find something written somewhere, upon which she can develop theories and insinuations and smears, does not make her inciting a mob against someone as deserving death, a moral activity.

There are many things written in many documents for Ann to pick and choose to tell her story. It does not mean that Ann, or the people who wrote a document or its opposite, have any idea about anything. It is more evidence of the agenda of the person who wrote the document based on the document based on the document, based on which document they selected or left out to claim to base it on.

I am being totally honest. This is well known to right-wing philosophers as the tragic view of mankind. Ann lives in a utopia, where elites like her with an abstract utopian vision can decide on the internet who deserves death, and expect others to cheer the sentence she determined, without any critical thinking because it fits their own preexisting opinion.

Uh huh...btw, a Nigerian prince just called me and says that Boko Harim has a windfall cache of gold bullion they found in a diamond mine, and need $20,000 to transport it out and will give you $400,000 if you help out, along with the starving children, the suffering Jews in Russia, Haitian orphans, sex abuse survivors and the Twin Towers fund.

Here is a test: Did Ann Coulter change your mind about Breonna Taylor or the Central Park Five? Or did she prove she deserves your $20, by slapping together a flimsy proof she knew you would lap up without any critical thinking, because it proved something you already wanted to believe?

That is what Ann does for a living. She pulls together all kinds of random factoids, to help people feel good by justifying what they already want to believe. Her appearance of being brilliant, is actually very dull stuff enhanced by the glow of your own smug preconceptions.

Generally you knew what the book would say, and that you believed it, before you even bought it. And surprise, the conclusion of all this research makes sense to you! So of course you would never bother to think twice about the so-called research that validated your preexisting conclusion. Of course it's right, it makes sense to me!

At least our minds can read. All of your bilge is untrue. The point is not that people should die. It's that corrupt provably lying media you evidently consume whole do not report the facts Ann has laid out. You are afraid to check because you know no one but a liberal would stick their neck out so far if it wasn't true. If you are not a useful idiot for the marxist racist blm/ are a marxist racist.

You cannot point to a single lie I have told.

You lied about Ann approving of shooting people. Where does it say that? She disapproves of lying about what happens as a result of media lies about police shootings. She is correct about the facts in the Taylor case. She is correct that millions of dollars of damage and lives were ruined (some black) because of media lies.

What if people knew the truth, and they just didn't like what happened, and were tired of being disdained by elitist intellectuals like Ann? Elitist intellectuals like Ann pay no price for being wrong, but are paid by prejudiced people to justify their prejudice.

blah blah blah

But if I say something you already thought, and pretend to prove it to you scientifically which you will lap up like a dog without any critical thinking, you will give me $20 for a hard copy of your own dumb thoughts sold back to you.

This is a neat trick where if you can smear someone with hearsay on the Internet. She did not smear with hearsay. THAT IS A LIE. Prove she used 'hearsay'. You lose. Again. Why don't you look up the police reports?

Just as one example, some crap some guy said on the jail phone to try to get his friend to post bond, would not be permissible at a trial of Breonna Taylor (except possibly by the defense to impeach his statements if he is a prosecution witness), because it is not sworn, and therefore fits the legal definition, and the only sufficiently common definition that fits the context, of HEARSAY.

As to whether there is a penalty for police committing perjury in reports and affidavits, there is not. So any police report would fit a common definition of hearsay, used by millions of people who have actual real-life experience in the justice system, and who voted for Joe Biden.

These are official police records with which it is a felony to tamper. Where did you get yours? Tne daily beast? ??

It's the new Republicans, they worship government employees.

Here's afun fact for you. EMT's, nurses, and doctors have a habit of doing illegal stuff with drugs because they have an excuse that this is their profession. I used to party for DAYS with a group of nurses due to modern chemistry. Breonna isn't a saint, she was dirty and thought because of people like you, she wouldn't get caught.

Caught? She was killed. Yes, she thought she would not get killed. I am not aware that she was convicted of a crime. So of course any sane person is appalled that people on the internet would endorse killing people who have not been convicted of a crime, and then slandering them to justify it after they are dead. And most people understand that you are too stupid or racist to realize the same thing could happen to you or your family member.

So, your one of those people who believe anyone in a lab coat on tv, when the Kardassians tell you that only their chocolate bars taste great and are less filling and if you only rub this cream on your 3rd leg, you will be in delicious ecstasy for hours as told by Dr. Fealgoot?

I believe people are so dumb and gullible, that almost nobody should be in prison. Because any 12 idiots, or a mob of 12,000 of them, and the competing charlatans who lead opposing factions of them, are too much lemmings to determine guilt or innocence any better than my dog.

You're the pretender, Bosco. The tone is borderline sociopathy. You need to care about victims first....THEN the perps. :-/

Anyone who lets felons out of prison for testifying, is rewarding felons for victimizing people. And is not manufacturing actual justice, but a mirage of being tough on crime, for not having come up with a new campaign idea since 1985.

Quid pro quo. Grow up.

I got stacks of proof of cops committing perjury and faking evidence. And none will ever be charged. Because they are investigated by their own department, and charged by members of their local party lodge. You probably know that, and still don't realize why Trump lost.

You aren't telling me that people lie in court are you? The cops are a bigger target than most so deserve more protection but I am a critic of the police belonging to unions for the same reason I am against any public servant unionization. I deal with the reality on the ground and I will not use the usual qualifier that nothing is perfect so I'm going to go with the cops in general when it comes to marxism and the need to defeat it.

You don't defeat marxism, by supporting cops who turn millions of innocent voters and their families into nihilists through misconduct. Suppose cops lie about just 50 people a year in 10,000 incidents (one lie in every 200 incidents). Multiply that little lie times four family members, times 20 counties per states, times 50 states, times 20 years. That is four million voters who run to the other party when a bunch of cop worshippers ride around with "thin blue line flags."

My dear friend is currently serving life without parole from age 21 for a crime that didn't happen. As I result, in the past year I have:

Mailed out at least 6,000 printed pages
Spent $520 printing t-shirts
Built two websites
Wrote a book
Wrote about 50 essays
Made about 400 facebook posts many were shared multiple times
Made about 300 Twitter comments
Made at least 3,000 disqus comments on sites like Breitbart, Hoover and City Journal
Sent at least 2,000 emails to perhaps 400 Republican candidates and 20 Democrats
Talked to dozens of people on the street
Been the content source for a podcast in the top 100 in at least 10 countries

All to prove Republicans are scumbags! And I am just getting started!

You don't win elections by letting police lie to victimize your constituents. Police and prosecutors who face no consequence for victimizing the innocent, but only a reward when they libel your neighbors as untermenschen, make millions of people hate your party with unrivaled passion.

Hey, come back in about 5 years and let us know how that hate works for you.

I will come back in 32 minutes: Republicans lost control of the government because they ran as a crazy cop cult which turned off the majority of voters.

It's the system we've got. Nothing's perfect but millions of people (including Africans who think btw that black prog Americans are nuts) want to come here so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the system here is superior to that from which they are leaving.:-|

You say it's not perfect. Then you campaign on a worship defending the imperfections, rather than admit them and improve over time, like every other human endeavor.

Heather Mcdonald declared war on any citizen who takes on his designed responsibility of regulating police.

Or why not just say a cop got shot, or a suburban Karen got shot, so what? Lots more cops get shot in Africa. Even if we defunded the police, Chicago would still be safer than Liberia during the civil war. So leave murderers alone and be happy with what you have.

You argue we are saving lives (in some private math), by defending police who kill like stoned idiots! Even the dead, like Breonna, must be attacked with hearsay "to save lives" according to this unwritten calculus. And then you pretend it is intelligence for Ann to quote a felon in jail who wasn't even there. Or quote a police report who quotes a cop. But only if it says what you already believe. If the same cop worked at the polling place when Trump lost, he was an enabler of fraud, part of the local swamp, part of the local political machine. A cop is a truther when Breonna dies, but a liar when Biden wins. All this proves is your own prejudice and preconceptions.

Reminds me of the media who quotes an "un-named" source against Trump and when another "journo" quotes the first guy, we have confirmation. Support recidivism all you want. It's a free country. Just remember when crime spikes and your mother is mugged or worse with no consequences for the perp, that's ALL on you.

The only life-ending crimes perpetrated against me and my family, have been perpetrated by cops.

Provably false. Read "The War On Cops" by the inestimable Heather McDonald.

I have posted hundreds of pages and documents proving police lied to take my friend's life. I challenge you to prove even one sentence of it is false:

Fun Fact: Heather Mcdonald has zero experience in criminal justice, less than Hillary Clinton has in healthcare.

Fun Fact: Heather Mcdonald's work is an abstract an elitist vision based purely on theory, by someone who pays no price for being wrong. Like Ralph Nader or Paul Ehrlich, Thomas Sowell said of Heather's book "this book will save lives." If instead we find crime and misery has skyrocketed four years after Heather's book, that was a chance coincidence. We will never admit her book led us to where we are today.

Did Heather Mcdonald look at crime rates in countries where police aren't handcuffed? Is crime lower there? Or are crime and corruption higher?

Did Heather Mcdonald offer an explanation for why our Founders emphasized handcuffing the police in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution?

Were police and escaping crime really part of our Founding wisdom? Or did they sail on the Mayflower to evade the cops, knowing that indians and high seas were the lesser risk?

Fun fact: There is no independent institution in the US to investigate police and prosecutors. That is designed to be the job of the common citizen accused of a crime. Heather Mcdonald declared war on common citizens who fulfill their designed role in regulating the encroachment of the state on individual liberty! Is it any surprise Republicans who support this declaration of war on the common citizen lost the election?

It has nothing to do with a marked number of the public falling for blm/antifa, "ideas" that will bring on a system tried and true that will exponentially increase misery.?? I've had myriad engagements with the police that turn out well, largely because I obey the law and show respect to the badge, if not always the individual. Always fair? Of course not. Only utopians who think they know best strive for this impossibility. But the points made by McDonald are really just stats. As an example, white cops are not stalking black people. The engagements are driven by calls to the police, not race.....etc. And, as far as winning or losing, Republicans lost no seats in the House during the last election and flipped a record number of seats. Are you saying that all of these do not support the police?

What on Earth made you think 100,000 white people in the street, punching black people and burning down their businesses, care about black people? You watch too much MSNBC, The only thing I care about is putting cops in prison, so they will stop victimizing me and my innocent white friends and family members. And that is why white dudes like me did not turn out for Trump's bizarre vain reality-disconnected cop cult.

Who cares if white cops are stalking black people? The black people voted for Biden and can find out the stats if they care to, and probably know them better than you. You have millions of rural white people who hate cops, and you are arguing with some lesbian on MSNBC about black people, not with me. This is one of the craziest delusions among Republicans, that I want to lock cops in prison because I care about black people suffering. I want to lock cops in prison because I care about ME suffering!

It is true that racially homogeneous countries do not have as much coerced testimony and harsh sentences. Because they don't take the utopian view you take, that it will mostly be suffered by people from a different race or religion. And of course people who are part of the political establishment, don't care that justice is crooked and the only way to protect yourself from it is to have political connections, which minorities are less likely to have.

There are no checks and balances on local cops. For the local majority faction that seems great, as anticipated by James Madison in Federalist 51. But the victimization and oppression of the untermenschen creates adverse outcomes in a democracy, especially at the statewide and national level. And then you will say everything is a disaster and the cops are as good as they can be, in the same five minutes.

If you have the majority, that's the way it will be. Be careful what you wish for. Power does not exist in a vacuum. Again, do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

This idea that people refuse to try to improve the cop product, and threaten to let you get raped and carjacked if you even ask, is sick and offensive and a political loser.

Imagine being dropped in the polar bear cage, and the bear chases you around, and finally it catches you. That is like me trying to avoid the conclusion that Republicans really are racist, and then no longer being able to escape it any more.

You would never suggest that one more Karen should get shot, even though it is unfair, to save an untermenschen being falsely convicted.

You would never suggest that one more cop should go to prison, even if it is unfair, to save police from being chased out of the city or defunded and a Karen being shot.

But you will gladly say an untermenschen should be falsely convicted or shot, even if it is unfair, to save a Karen being shot, or to save a cop from any kind of trouble at all.

That is racism. That is all it is. And it is so deep in your mind, you can't be fixed, only replaced.

From what countries who do not handcuff their police ought we to trust regarding crime stats? In those countries, it is often a crime to question the authorities. It is clear by this conversation alone that that problem does not exist in this country. ( Actually, countries. I am not in the United States) so, relatively speaking, they are handcuffed here. I like it. In a manner of speaking, they WERE trying to evade the cops. I hope you're not suggesting that police here never face justice. There is no question that corrupt police is a big problem in a country that prides itself on having as fair a justice system as anywhere else. But enabling people whose raison d'etre is to dismantle the protections enjoyed by a society that understands that the overwhelming majority of police are serving that society that relies on them. They aren't called The Thin Blue Line for nothing. Too bad we need 'em. Too bad they screw up sometimes.

When the State of Florida lets obvious liars out of prison as a reward for victimizing the innocent, and lets police blatantly lie on the stand to victimize the innocent without consequence, and the result is people like me, and thousands of people who are more successful and influential than me, all devoting our lives to putting cops in prison and destroying the Republican Party, you are deluded to think you are doing a good job.

You don't care whatsoever that cops lie to victimize the innocent without consequence, and prosecutors coerce felons to lie to victimize the innocent, even when it is plain as day, and the result is it destroys your political party and your country, and you have no idea what happened.

We have Tom Cotton running these ads "the mob is coming for your house" and they push polls the wrong way. We have Raphael Warnock being painted as "defund the police", and he is in the lead in some polls in Georgia! You have Newt Gingrich saying at the time of the Democrat convention that Democrats are getting destroyed by the riots and will become desperate by mid September. And then your party gets destroyed, "the rioters win" and you have no idea why.

Republicans came up dry at the old crime well because the criminal justice system is pure garbage, and totally insulated from that reality by a vanity pumped up by Heather Mcdonald. And Republicans have no idea the hole they are in, with no way to get out of it, until they stop celebrating the victimizing of the innocent as worthless untermenschen.

Did you ever even consider any kind of deterrent to cops lying and prosecutors coercing felons to lie?

I know, it is like Abbott and Costello "But that would result in your family getting raped and carjacked like the 1970's!" Enjoy losing, scumbag.

You make it so easy. I make a point and you come right back with a vile example meant to prove my point. The biggest pandemic we face are the sick race baiters and rumor mongers like you spreading hateful social disease. it's unfortunate that nobody every taught you how to succeed in a free nation but let's face it. You've got no plan B to fall back on if you and the other brainwashed woke zombies actually succeeded in destroying the greatest nation to ever exist.

I'm the race baiter? You are the one who has introduced race into this discussion, over and over. When was I even talking about black people until you came along?

It started when you commented on an article regarding the supposedly racist treatment of Breonna Taylor. Then you specifically doubled down on dumb with the hateful, racist rumor mongering about "100,000 white people in the street, punching black people and burning down their businesses". You are the gift that just keeps on giving.

I very deliberately spoke of Breonna as someone who has a mob incited against her as an untermenschen, or a minority faction, in an abstract way, in the general sense used by Madison in Federalist 51. My intention was always to analyze general principles of political economics, that might apply to Kurds in Iraq or Jews in Germany, or whatever "minority" Madison had in mind.

The idea is that the human mind gravitates to homicide outside trials just like it gravitates toward heroin and socialism. The human mind gravitates toward inciting mobs against perceived sinners and justifying their death. You could argue much of the development of Western Civilization, from the New Covenant to the Bill of Rights, is designed to mitigate this general pattern of dehumanizing individuals through slander and taking their rights.

So in essence, I was calling Ann a nazi. To do that, you have to use an abstraction where black people and Jews serve an identical role. So I intentionally avoided considering Breonna a black American, or any of the specific narratives people usually try to associate with brown Americans. You simply mistook me for something you commonly see. You mistook my narrative for a popular black American narrative, without examining it closely to see it was intended to be a more generalized nazi narrative.

It must be great to be a seer knowing what is in the minds and hearts of others. The US Constitution is along with the Magna Carta one of the greatest documents in the history of the world. Is it being followed? No but to the best of our ability.

You like felons voting or owning guns? Or just victimizing people with perjury you sick scumbag?

Quid pro quo scumbag here. >:D You get the big dog by getting the littler dawg less time and sometimes the innocent get caught in the middle. Who likes it? Absolutely fight it but don't be surprised when it happens. Life is not fair....but we are closer to fair than anywhere else. It's like air and water. Too much water and too little air and you die...but without either, you never exist.

When jailhouse confession witnesses are 99.9% major criminal liars who walk free to victimize innocent smaller fish, and Kamala is President, where does that fall on your spectrum of not existing?

Not sure if that stat can be verified but I'm with you there and we oughtn't let the good be the enemy of the perfect. Isn't the large spike in violent crime precisely because we have successfully handcuffed the cops? I mean, we can do it if we want, right? I'm not sure the victims are thrilled but we can tell them that it would seem voters got what they wanted in that regard.

The question posed by serious conservative philosophers like Thomas Sowell would be who gets to decide what is the right amount of air and water? Certainly not you in your secret society, you sick arrogant criminal scumbag.

We fought the British at Yorktown so that juries, not prosecutors and their mob long before trial, would decide who is a big fish.

The activity you have described is a usurpation, far beyond what the Constitution intended or the voters or even most legislators are aware of. You have to be beaten back and punished and imprisoned, for being a traitor to not only the founding values of our country, but the current intent of the people.

A sick scumbag like you who thinks he has the right to pick who is guilty and fix the outcome of trials by coercing lies, like a vigilante without gullible voters ever knowing or approving what he is doing, should die in prison.

It is my only mission in the estimated 39 remaining years of my life, to make it happen. And I will wipe out all existence to get justice if it so happens. Because man has a taste for justice. Just as you have a taste for the arrogance and corruption of power.

Phew! Good thing you don't get to decide.?? The disconnect between seeking justice and explaining all existence could suffer "if only" is a signifier of some unpleasantness extant. There is no way you have 39 years left with that level of cortisol informing your at least waking life. I'm a man so our tastes are similar. What you describe as arrogance and power seems to be something on which you are fixated. I want fairness and accountability as I presume you think you want as well. It seems our means diverge. Potato, potato, I guess. Ah well. The vagaries of free debate. Not too shabby, all things considered. ??

You even admit you lock up the innocent to suit some abstract utopian social vision. But you have 40 million halfwit zombies like Ann Coulter saying nooooo, they are all Guilty, we would never do that, nobody has the authority to decide to lock up the innocent to suit his own secret utopian scale of values. If somebody did that, there would be mobs in the streets! If people secretly usurped the power of juries to decide who is guilty and then coerced lies to fix the outcome of trials, it would lead to the disintegration of society! And nobody would know who the culprit is. They would not know that this clown right here in the comment section is the splinter driving our current social upheaval.

It is not even the bigger fish that you are getting. It whoever is easiest to paint as the bigger fish (usually the smallest fish), so that gullible people will read your Twitter (that broke papers copy-paste for clicks), and think you are heroes. But you are fake heroes to millions of people who have suffered your scam, and the election outcome proves it.

The air and water was your abstract metaphor for your personal utopia where you convict enough innocent people for the gullible public to think you are really tough on crime, and justify your own criminal existence. Which is really as many innocent people as you can successfully libel as villains and untermenschen. The more, the greater of a hero you can paint yourself to be.

How about not committing crimes as a way to avoid jail? Too simple for you cupcake?

Do you advocate repealing the Bill of Rights, since everyone who is accused of a crime is guilty?

Do you think our Founders were delusional to complain to the King of being shipped overseas to be tried in mock trials without juries?

An entire Revolution, when our Founders could have just obeyed the law and the King would have left them alone. You just lost an election you were certain you would win, your party is in a demented embarrassing delusion spending millions to get kicked out of courtrooms, you are still convinced your evil ideas are shared by a majority, and at the same time you are convinced that you have achieved utopia.

It is a defense mechanism. You are so vain you will never admit in even one sentence that you were wrong and need to improve.

Everything is perfect, we will win in 2022. Never mind half our party is in a dystopia, having lost their minds for not being able to even find their way back to reality.

Certain to win? Delusion, dude. Just like in '16, no one thought Trump would win. To be honest, I just didn't want Clinton and Trump said all the right things. THEN, dude, he actually started DOING them. Awesome. If you believe Plugs took this election fairly, I've got some police bonds I want to sell you.?? Down ballot Repubs did great and will again. If you support the party of lies, malfeasance and corruption, you will get China Joe and his rapidly declining dementia. We know Harris is your goal and if you want a civil war, you'll get one. And you'll get it from patriots who believe in the Constitution. The real one, not the one to which you distort.

It is sad. Once again Republicans confuse losing with being in the majority.

And I remind you we were told that this election was the one, our last chance like global warming point of no return! Which it probably was, for 50 years.

You are right, it is crazy talk suggesting that cops who lie on the stand to victimize the innocent, and prosecutors who coerce felons to lie to victimize the innocent, and none of it would they ever openly admit to the mainstream of voters, is all within the voted law.

If all that about your friend is true, that is unfair and hopefully will be addressed. Engaged is helpful. Good one on you. You must admit it is wonderful to live in a system where you can challenge unfairness and corruption and make a difference.

The main issue Republicans made this election about - cops - happens to be the most perfectly gerrymandered. So that Republicans could lose by three million votes, and still have almost as many seats as the majority they lost to, and are forced to watch from the bench. And so that the majority they are forced to watch, has the President and is convinced of their populist mandate.

Picture a state with 51 Democrats, 49 Republicans, one city and two rural counties, three representatives. Suppose the city is 68% Democrat, 23 to 11. That leaves 28 Democrats and 38 Republicans in the two rural districts. Democrat wins President, Republicans win representative.

If you don't think people become disconnected from reality by flattery such as Mcdonald gave cops, you should have heard Nancy Pelosi after I explained how she has a mandate this election after accounting for gerrymandering.

Most people don't realize the extent to which local departments took Mcdonald's book as a mandate to cover up police misconduct, and insulate police from the consequences of misconduct "to save lives." It became like a cult with a secret delusion that they are the chosen people. Their behavior worsened, even as it was enabled to worsen by people who were conditioned by Ferguson to doubt reports of their bad behavior.

To what extent?

I would love to compel reporting and develop some stats on that. But suggest that in the state legislature, and Republicans will run around like ants who had their hill kicked over for fear of having their only vote-getting scam exposed.

I'm sure there is not one good reason an elected official could offer that would explain why that would be a good or not a good thing. ??

Local regulation of police and prosecutors favors local politics and specific outcomes, rather than abstract ideals like truth and due process. So I believe prosecutors and police should at least be compelled to report and regulated by an independent institution in the executive branch at the state level. Then the voters at the state level - who are less interested in a specific crime than the local police who got shot or the black people who shot them - can at least discover, if not deter and punish crimes and the abuse of discretion by prosecutors.

They would say prosecutors already answer to The Bar. The Bar does not answer to the voter, so that is as dumb as ants. They would say it is unfair for police to be regulated, because some nonsense like it would cost too much. Even though sellers of travel and hair braiders and tanning salons are all regulated, so it is more a nonsense objection that is as dumb as ants.

I could go into more of their objections and reasons, but it is all nonsense and political fluff. What it all comes down to, is a belief that a smaller percentage of people experience the justice system than experience medicare or the VA. So free universal justice is worse than free universal healthcare. But the costs of it being terrible are absorbed by untermenschen. This ignores that millions of people come into contact with police, and are passionate voters.

One of the more interesting objections to developing big data to research the justice system, is all the research would be biased! Universities would just twist it around to prove everyone is innocent, or everyone should be let out or something. That is pretty funny. But there would be honest research also, and it could improve the product.

People say regulation of police would reduce policing, increase costs, increase crime. I think the whole product needs to be improved, the costs need to go up. The salaries need to go up.

I like to remind people that after the SEC was created, Wall Street didn't sell less stock. They sold more stock than ever. And at higher prices like in the dotcom bubble. Because the SEC protected the brand of stock promoters in general. It changed the incentives a little, to long run collective brand improvement, rather than individual get rich quick schemes. (Not that I don't have complaints about the SEC.)

An independent institution in the executive branch at the state level to compel reporting, and proactively investigate police and prosecutors (so that investigations are not initiated by criminals and prosecuted by the mob) would make being a cop a higher-paying job. Like a doctor, which it should be.

You have to spend the money, justice should be a more sophisticated enterprise than it currently is. It is costly but it is worth the money.

If we only needed as many cops as doctors, I'd agree. The cops are simply the pointy end of the spear. The spear could always use some sharpening but as long as there is crime, there will be police or there will be anarchy....People will beg for it just like black communities want MORE cops, not less. THEY are the victims.

Black communities want more cops? I thought Republicans don't believe polls. I don't even remember where that came from. But when Republicans are suddenly telling me what black people want, I can no longer hear them over my own laughing. Did black people overwhelmingly vote for the "defund the police" party? Do they support Raphael Warnock? Do black people really like socialism, gun control, abortion, and cross-dressers? Or don't they have firsthand experience that police victimize innocent black people in an "unfair" way, and people like you think it is a low cost relative to amusing Karens with a mirage of solving crime.

I am tired of this crap of threatening people that you must be allowed to victimize the innocent or there will be "anarchy." Anarchy is a word from the fantasies of bored teenagers, with no real-world meaning. There is not a cop in the world who has spent sufficient time contemplating the history of human social organization, that he can point to a time and place in history where the anarchy he predicts ever existed. It never did.

The most common use of the term anarchy by people who have some idea what they are talking about, is what one guy called "might makes right" or similar to when James Madison said "anarchy may as truly be said to reign as in a state of nature, where the weaker individual is not secured against the violence of the stronger".

When you use the name "Peace Through Strength" rather than something like "only the process can be just", and then you tell me that you get to decide, without the voter knowing what you are doing, who will be framed as the big fish through the use of lies, it looks to me like you are the one who has already created anarchy, meaning strength without justice, governance, oversight, or checks and balances.

You indicated you are aware of people lying in court. I hear the same thing from cops quite often, even judges. Where is the record of it you made when you saw it, so that voters can decide if it is the right amount of perjury? Did a majority of voters really knowingly grant you the right to overlook perjury, or even demand it? You say hey, it's the best we got, nobody is perfect. But is that for you to decide, or for the voter? Where is the politician who won on this platform of admitting there is perjury and he likes it?

The closest thing in the United States to the "anarchy" or dominance of the strongest faction which James Madison said would result from a lack of checks and balances, is the regulation of police and prosecutors by the local political majority faction, so that they can victimize the minority without any interference, or constraint by the Constitution or legislature. They just lie and pretend they complied with the Bill of Rights, and nobody has the information and jurisdiction to stop them. You are the anarchist.

And once again, I do not care about black people. I do not watch MSNBC like you, or even have a TV. I see Breonna Taylor as a general historical class of minority, who has a mob incited against her as an untermenschen.

When police and prosecutors face no consequence for victimizing the innocent, that is anarchy.

You will never convince me to be happy that every town has a gang of sociopaths who can go around victimizing anyone they want, and cover up the evidence, and there is nobody to stop or investigate them. And then libel whoever they victimize sufficiently that the local 51% majority accepts whatever evil they have covered up.

You said "If we only needed as many cops as doctors, I'd agree." There are currently more doctors than cops in the US. There is generally agreed to be a "doctor shortage". One major political issue is how to pay for more doctors. Another is how to pay for fewer police.

Taken together with your sudden belief in polls, to say contrary to actual voting results that black people don't want to defund the police, this is more evidence of your vain delusion of the role of cops in the world. What cops do is so important we need 10% more of them, we need more of them than doctors, it is justified to lie and victimize the innocent to do what they do, and they are a "thin blue line" against "anarchy", defined as an imaginary situation that has never even existed.

If a robber comes to my house, at least I have some hope to shoot him. A cop can come over and abuse me all day, and there is nobody I can call who won't tell me I need 10% more cops abusing me.

Well at least there's that groovy Second Amendment, right?

I am more interested in the fourth, fifth, and sixth. In practice, my right to own a gun is not worth much. Because the local samurai will just use it as an excuse to arrest me on some technicality, or lie about it as an excuse to blow my head off, or lie about me and stage evidence if I ever use it, to give me life in prison.

So no, owning some puny little gun is worth zero if you are not politically connected or friends with the sheriff. It just makes you a target like in feudal Japan. So if Beto wants to come take everyone's guns, that is fine. Because I am already beat by the crooked scumbag local political establishment, and a little gun can do nothing to fight that. I do not have any delusional fantasy that a little gun can change that I am already beat, they will only use it against me.

At least if I lived in Africa and someone kidnapped my friend for no more reason than to impress his friends, I would have some hope to go into the jungle and get her. And she would not be locked in a box out there for 70 years.

This should not be complicated for Republicans to understand. Ann is trying to convince people they should be happy Breonna got shot, and it won't happen to them. But what people see, is Republicans arguing that anyone with a drug mugshot should be shot without a trial like in China. And then they vote Democrat. And it is not an accident. Ann structures her argument to appeal to people who really do believe black people should get shot. So she makes an argument look what kind of a person this is. Rather than, for example, arguing extensively about what it is like to serve a warrant, and how warrants are imperfect but necessary or something like that. Rather than argue the abstract principles, Ann goes right to the person and says this was an awful person. Because that is what people pay her $20 for. And when voters see Republicans paying Ann $20 to trash a dead girl, they run to the other party. No matter how many dogs Ann retweets on Twitter.

Whether or not you believe in free will, there is a point when the laws of physics determine someone's fate, such as when you are falling from a building. The laws of physics do not permit Trump to continue as President, regardless of any decision he might make.

Sowell wrote "Human beings have been making mistakes and committing sins as long as there have been human beings. The great catastrophes of history have usually involved much more than that. Typically there has been an additional and crucial ingredient - some method by which feedback from reality has been prevented, so that a dangerous course of action could be blindly continued to a fatal conclusion."

The Republican Party is trapped like a fly in a glass by the stubborn miscalculation of its members. This idea of using the Insurrection Act is as deluded as the self importance of the Republicans who use lies keep my friend in prison for a crime that didn't happen. It is as wrong as Newt Gingrich thinking the riots would make Democrats desperate by mid September. It is as doomed as Ann trying to convince people they should be happy Breonna Taylor is dead, or that they perceive no cost from Jacob Blake getting shot in the back. The Republican Party will continue blindly in a delusion, and will continue to lose elections, until all members who embrace the delusion are displaced.

The perception of moral superiority and invincibility blinds people to the reality that they are evil losers. It convinces them they are in the majority, and their election loss can only be fraud, when in reality their policies are sick and evil. They will keep getting beat up until they are dead.

Honestly what kind of sick people lock my friend up life without parole from age 21 for a crime that didn't happen using lies, and then think they can explain to my face that it is a good thing and I should be content with it, or that it didn't happen. Sick evil deluded people on a rail to ruin past the point of no return.

I can tell you the exact moment Trump lost this election. It was when he went to Wisconsin after Jacob Blake got shot. People expected him to talk about the greatest cost of all, the tragedy of a man getting shot in the spine and paralyzed. But instead he walked around and looked at the broken glass of the buildings or something, and talked about the small business owners hurt by riots.

I think it was right before he went there, that Trump made some comment about cops who "choke" or something. Whatever it was, Trump needed to "speak from the heart" like that, on the tragedy of a man being shot in the spine, and why it is necessary, and whether anything can be changed or done better to mitigate such events. At the very least he should have tried to explain why it is the best people can do in a tragic world. Of course he does not have the freedom to just say Jacob Blake is a dirtbag like Ann says of Breonna Taylor, and it is actually a benefit that he is shot.

So Trump needed to go to Wisconsin, and say "You don't like seeing a man get shot in the spine. And I don't like it either. And blah blah blah." And really put some time and thought and energy into something that really bothers a lot of voters. But instead he followed the lead of the Republican Party, that the opinions of voters who don't like seeing a man get shot in the spine are illegitimate and irrelevant. So illegitimate and irrelevant, that you don't even need to address those beliefs, but just assume they are in a minority.

Republicans will tell you in private emails they passed some police reforms, and the Democrats weren't interested. But the reality is Republicans were shy about it, because they knew many of their constituents didn't like it. They did not get on their soap box and try to beat up the Democrats for not going along with the policing reforms, like they did with virus cash, where they reminded voters every day that Democrats were stopping them from sending another $1200 or whatever. Republicans never used leadership like Reagan would have, to sell the position of one side, to the other side who disagreed.

People have utopian visions for policing or anything else. In reality, they should just cut back. Either that or maybe send the military into Portland, LOL.

I'm cool with that. In fact, I'm cool with the Insurrection Act. Hell, it's there for a reason. ??

I think it may have been Thomas Sowell in "Migrations and Cultures" who said the periods of fastest advancement in China were between dynasties when the government was weakest. Ann Coulter hints at utopia that is more like China than Hong Kong.

Freedom, not peace through strength, is the source of creation. This was argued by the physiocrats when a new bourgeois emerged unregulated by feudal rulers and traditions.

It is some very sick people who think using lies to put my friend in prison for 70 years is a road to utopia. They are Republicans and they must be plowed under.

The reason we lost states' rights in the 1800s is not because there weren't people willing to die for them. There were people willing to die to take them away. All Republicans have to do is say we would rather Breonna wasn't dead. Then they would have a majority and could have anything they want. Instead of overwhelmling enemies.

You are in the minority. You are not going to get anything you want. Republicans need to stop deluding themselves over election fraud. They need to somehow become aware of reality. It's a slow process when you don't believe anyone, for thinking everyone is a marxist.

You are a joke. My friend is serving life without parole from age 21 for a crime that didn't happen, because Republicans use lies to amuse other Republicans. And you have the sick delusion to say you are for Liberty?

What liberty is it that you have even lost? Your taxes are too high? Ann Coulter wants taxes raised. You can't drive 80? Move to Montana. You have to wear a mask? I don't have to. It's just a joke, you have not even lost any liberty worth caring about. And that is why you are not in the street protesting, you are not winning elections. You haven't even lost anything.

I am here complaining about someone's liberty, others are complaining about Breonna's life. You claim to be for life and liberty, but you spend all day arguing why two people who were not given due process should lose their entire lives. You argue against life and liberty all day. That is all Republicans do, is argue why this person should be dead, that person should lose his liberty.

You are not for life and liberty.

I just can't even understand how Republicans became so subhuman that they use lies to lock up a 21-year-old girl life without parole for a crime that didn't happen, and then are so dumb, deluded, or evil, or all three, to blather about liberty and the Constitution.

Honestly, are you a sick sick sick deluded evil idiot? Are you criminally insane?

You are standing up for free speech, I have had two posts removed on Breitbart today, where I advocated that cops who break the law be punished using the law.

Like I said, life's not fair but you overstate the case.

Instead of having all these cops, why not just let all victims of homicide die, not just victims of cops? If homicide is not really worth arguing about, and it is up to people to navigate and avoid it themselves, then why have homicide detectives?

Why is death so unimportant when a cop does it, but the taxpayer has to spend a fortune and people have to go to prison when anybody else does it?

If death is necessary to achieve other goals, and voters who don't like death are to be ignored, then we should just let all voters die and spend the cop money somewhere else.

Again, record recovery in the House and Repubs will retake in '22. ??

How many times are you going to say things that have no basis in reality, like there are more cops than doctors, or down-ballot Republicans got more votes than Trump? Trump did a million votes better than Republicans in the House of Representatives. They won because of gerrymandering. I previously explained this in two posts, only to have you complain that I responded twice. If Trump and Biden got the exact same number of votes as Republicans and Democrats in Congress in their states, Trump would have certainly lost the popular vote, and by my calculation also lost the electoral vote.

In fact I have never pushed any such "racial BS" and you cannot quote any such thing from me regarding black people getting shot. I do believe people are racist, and it manifests in systemic racism. Is a racially diverse country more likely to have coerced testimony and longer sentences, because people assume injustice will be absorbed by untermenschen? Is police and prosecutor misconduct allowed against people who lack political connections, which black people are less likely to have?

The result is that white people like me suffer injustice, and seek to destroy Republicans to save our own lives, not because we care about black people. Where have I ever said that I care about black people, rather than what I have actually said which is that I do not?

As long as you continue to hallucinate, and embrace delusional beliefs, your party will continue to lose.

One of the things I mention on my web site, is I was surprised by the extent to which people I meet on the street have similar experiences with police. Like literally everywhere I go in this extremely rural area where I live. If I provide the slightest suggestion to get them going, rural people will start ranting about cops lying and being crooked as if it is Boss Hog or Sheriff Lobo.

Prior to that experience, I spent years trying to understand why so many people didn't like Republicans and were so angry, and even voted Democrat. I came up with a lot of theories, and never typed one up because they were not very concrete or convincing. It was exciting when I realized millions of people hated cops, and were causing Republicans to lose elections against radical socialist crazies by 0.4%.

At first, I thought it would be valuable to Republicans to discover why they are having to work so hard to barely win. If you begin with this knowledge that white people have bad experiences with cops and the justice system, you can predict a lot of things correctly and explain a lot of things. But I was disappointed to discover that Republicans are hopelessly vain and disconnected from reality, and incapable of learning such a simple reality that is not hard to find evidence of.

So slowly, over just a few months of talking to them, I came to believe Republicans are disconnected from reality and cannot win and are pure evil in many cases. And while there are a lot of Gadsden and Confederate flags in front of homes in my area, I saw few or zero Trump signs or flags. Most of those are in more commercial or industrial areas, in front of businesses. The sign closest to me was a Biden sign in a community area. And I was surprised it lasted.

I still believe the thin blue line flag is bad math for Republicans. They came up dry at the old crime well. They lost. They are in the minority. They say lotto is a tax on people who are bad at math. The criminal justice issue is a tax on Republican politicians who are bad at math. And like COVID, it mostly strikes politicians 60 and over.

Even this clown Limbaugh is like "I don't know why we lost, I still believe we are in the majority and these cop haters are in the minority." A cop did an illegal search on Limbaugh's doctor, and everyone from Limbaugh to Coulter thinks it was immoral. Limbaugh had to spend who knows how much in legal fees to overcome it. This clown Limbaugh thinks oh, it was just me, it is because I am Republican and the prosecutor is a Democrat, I am a victim, I get unfair biased treatment, nobody else has to deal with what I have to deal with. News for hedonist hippie FM-type Limbaugh: Every white dude has cops breaking the law to take his life and his family's life. And zero percent of them have the kind of money and platform you have, to do anything about it. So yeah, you hate cops, they hate cops. You are in the majority and you didn't even know it.

There is certainly nothing unique about my story that they let dangerous felons out of prison as a reward for claiming my friend confessed. It happens unknown thousands of times. My best estimate, is the inmate is lying 99.9% of the time, and the person they convict with it is innocent more than 50% of the time.

They literally tell inmates "Anyone who can find out what this other inmate is accused of and claim he confessed to it gets out of prison." And the stories don't even have to be remotely consistent with the evidence to create a conviction, for more reasons than I will list here. Some reasons are it is the only complete story of the crime the jury hears from a witness, rather than fragment and pieces. In some instances it works the other way, the judge only allows evidence which is consistent with what the witness claims the inmate confessed to.

Like suppose there is weed in an apartment, and the defendant went their to smoke weed. If there was also a gun buried under the defendant didn't know about, and an inmate claims the defendant confessed to going there to get the gun, the judge will allow the prosecution to show the jury the gun, and won't allow the defense to show the jury the weed.

You are not allowed to tell the jury anything unpleasant about felons, because left-wing judges didn't want juries to be biased against them as defense witnesses. Jurors have no idea there is no penalty for perjury, and they think the prosecutor would not want perjury, and you are not allowed to tell them the truth. It is a sick sick scam which people like you are like "So we let actual dangerous felons out, and give innocent people life, who cares, I don't believe anyone hates us for that."

I have spoken to girls whose cases were settled who I knew were best friends with other girls in the jail, because they told me. And when I asked them about the other girl after their case was settled, they denied having heard of the other girl. Because they were afraid if they admitted knowing the other girl, the State would bring their charges back and threaten them with life if they didn't claim the girl they knew confessed.

Great America Party: In particular, it is the unique responsibility of those in state government closest to the people to determine how best to assure the Founders' first priority: life.

They are saying they resent the checks and balances promoted higher up the page. If they want to make their own laws and be exempt from state law, they should just be honest about it. They won't get to use state prisons. They want to secede from their own state. They want enforce what they wish the law was, the way they wish the law permitted it to be enforced. Unhcecked Tyranny of the local majority, with no external check to protect the rights of anyone unpopular.

Elizabeth Banks Says Stand Your Ground Laws Are "BS" that Grant You "Permission to Kill People"

The justice system is too retarded to figure out who is guilty of murder. It just ends up how politically popular you are.

Kelly Loeffler: His running mate, @ReverendWarnock, is involved in domestic & child abuse, celebrates anti-Semites Jeremiah Wright & Louis Farrakhan & has attacked our police & military. Georgia deserves better.

Trivia question for Loeffler: In the United States, what institution is the designed check or balance, given an independent and adversarial role to regulate local police, and their encroachment by government on individual freedom and happiness?

The man on the Clapham omnibus is a hypothetical ordinary and reasonable person, used by the courts in English law where it is necessary to decide whether a party has acted as a reasonable person would - for example, in a civil action for negligence. The character is a reasonably educated, intelligent but nondescript person, against whom the defendant's conduct can be measured.

My sister's thesis advisor(?) wrote a somewhat popular book about "Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust." He proves that ordinary Germans were not unaware of Jews being killed as some claim. Rather they thought it was an ordinary and reasonable daily activity to kill thousands of Jewish citizens.

He opens his book with a story of German soldiers who are requested to sign a pledge that they would not steal, while slaughtering thousands of Jews in Poland. Their captain takes great offense that anyone would need to tell his men not to steal. He says their adherence to norms of morality and conduct derive from their own free will, and not from any pledge or fear of punishment.

According to this author, the Man on the Clapham omnibus in Germany in the 1930's would have found it unreasonable and imprudent to let a Jew live.

Ordinary Germans

In 2012, the shooting victim, Arturo Cabrales, had been drinking in the front yard of his home in Watts when deputies in raid jackets pulled up and detained his uncle, allegedly for drinking on the sidewalk. An argument erupted. Paez entered the yard, chased Cabrales and, according to the autopsy, shot him twice through the side and four times in the back.

Paez said Cabrales had a gun, and the district attorney's office declared the shooting to be justified. But in a motion to include expert testimony about the deputy clique, an attorney for the family claimed the shooting investigation had been corrupted by the "intervention and involvement" of other Jump Out Boys.

Julio Martinez, one of the seven deputies later fired as a Jump Out Boy, helped find a gun on the other side of a 6-foot fence, according to the department's investigative files. In the family's lawsuit, a medical examiner testified that he did not believe anyone "shot the way this person got shot" would be able to throw the gun where it was found.

The time logs for the shooting, recording who entered and exited the scene, were also written by deputies - Vargas and Curtis Sykes - who would later be fired as Jump Out Boys.

None of the deputies were found to have engaged in misconduct, but the county in 2014 paid $1.5 million to settle the Cabrales case out of court.

The wrongful-death lawsuit was part of a pattern of allegations of unconstitutional policing that boiled up after the Jump Out Boys firings.

Johnny Yang was an employee at a marijuana dispensary in 2011 when, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Sheriff's Department, Paez and Martinez entered the facility on false pretenses and wrongfully arrested Yang and another man on gun and drug charges.

Martinez allegedly lied throughout his police report, and Paez allegedly planted two guns on Yang's desk.

The episode was captured on surveillance footage, which ends when Paez appears to unplug the cameras, according to prosecutors. Paez and Martinez were both charged with altering evidence and conspiracy to obstruct justice. Martinez was also charged with two counts of perjury, and filing a false report.

If hispanic people didn't drink in their front yards and act like animals, we wouldn't need the Jump Out Boys to jump out and shoot them. This is clearly a direct and inevitable consequence of their own poor life choices of untermenschen, that we need to pay cops to shoot them. Anyone who calls Republicans "nazis" is just an inarticulate person who can't come up with rational arguments.

Ann Coulter: Good shooting! Shooter stopped, no bystanders harmed.

We all love a good shooting. I hope the dog wasn't hurt.

Jeanine Pirro: The fight to control the Senate continues and @RepDougCollins is here to discuss this and much more.

Hey Jeanine, ain't it crazy how all you have to do is advocate shooting black people, and suddenly you are the go-to expert on everything?

Ann Coulter: A governing principle of the Democratic Party is to ask, "Who is in the dock?" before deciding whether to enforce the law.
On the other hand, if you're a conservative, don't commit a misdemeanor in a blue state. Proud Boys, Capitol Hill protesters, police and other presumed Trump supporters are getting more prison time than actual murderers for minor infractions.

What Ann is really objecting to is not Democrats, it is county-specific justice, aka "Boss Hogg justice." Ann Coulter calls Thomas Sowell "inestimable". Then she ignores Sowell's central life thesis, that problems are about the incentives and constraints built into processes, not replacing the bad people with the good people.

Ann Coulter: This is the part of the Derek Chauvin trial where they bore us to death so the public won't watch and learn that George Floyd DIDN'T die of strangulation, he died of a heart attack, probably due to Fentanyl overdose.

The term "vagus" appears nowhere in Ann's million pages of writing.

Literally 16 days after the CDC said that universal masking policies could help avert future lockdowns, California locked down again.

Florida, which does not have a statewide universal masking policy, did not.

It is incredibly hard to be this wrong, this consistently.

In Miami, I could not even open the door to a single business, without getting shouted at for not wearing a mask. This includes small privately owned gas stations. Every food truck and empanada window I went to had a sign that said masks are required while ordering, and had mask shamers who enforced it.

Even in rural Florida, 100% of large businesses like Walmart and Publix and Wynn Dixie and Home Depot required masks, around 80% of chain businesses required masks, and around 50% of mom-and-pop businesses required masks.

Anyone who lives in Florida, would know masks are required and are worn. I don't pretend to know if people in California actually wear them.

Ann Coulter: Derek Chauvin, Human Sacrifice

Ann has never seen a murder trial before.

"AP will no longer name suspects in minor crime stories"

Ann Coulter: I guess that conceals the information better than just hiding the photos.

I thought you didn't want newspapers to have sovereign immunity, to promote false and malicious gossip for clicks.

Man who raped and killed a 7 year old girl in 1973 just died. The state made him eligible for parole so made the family focus time and energy for 50 years keeping him in prison.

You might also say it is wrong they have to work for food.

Others might argue they should be thankful for the opportunity to work for food, or to influence the fate of their enemies. But you believe your own moral superiority exempts you from having to make an argument.

You are like a utopian who says everyone has the right to a living wage, or to a nice house, or to have their preferences served without ever needing to advocate for themselves.

And Thomas Sowell says, if the world is imperfect, it is only because others are evil.

A fascinating element of explaining the Black Lives Matter movement to foreign students/mentees is that it is ~impossible to keep them engaged PAST the revelation that most 'martyrs' were violent criminals.

Actual comment last Friday: "So, a rapist gets shot? So what?" Thoughts?

So let's have a vote.

Should we get rid of the Bill of Rights, and make it legal to shoot anyone whom a faction of people on Twitter label as a rapist?

I suspect you would demand a recount, after that vote.