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A Quick History of Police Misconduct

People who have no personal experience with police misconduct, sometimes find it hard to believe. Are these police really all going to lie? It sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory, or maybe just some weasel who got caught. For people who doubt their neighbors' sanity for suspecting police of lying, I will provide a rough timeline of how police lying became accepted and defended in mainstream America.

1) OJ Trial, 1995 - This was the TV trial of our generation. For many young lawyers, the impeachment of cop Mark Furhmann's credibility as a racist provided a template for how to attack the credibility of police. For many Americans, the not guilty verdict of a man who they thought was obviously guilty, showed that defense lawyers were cheaters who were able to hack a flawed and weak process by going after police.

2) Ferguson, 2014 - The popular "Hands Up Don't Shoot" narrative of a cop killing an innocent black teenager, was not supported by forensic evidence or Obama's Justice Department. Big Mike Brown was on video robbing a convenience store. This drove the law-and-order crowd nuts. It radicalized defenders of police and prepared them for war, ready to reflexively defend police against any future accusations of misconduct.

3) Handcuffing the Police, 2016 - Heather Mcdonald, an academic polemicist with no experience in policing, wrote a book called "The War On Cops". In it, she argued that police being accused of misconduct, and attempts to hold police accountable, were making life hard for cops and discouraging policing. She said any restrictions on police behavior amounted to "handcuffing the police" and this in turn led to an increase in crime and death. People swallowed this whole based on nothing more than vanity, because it was consonant their self perception as defenders of good. They never bothered to look at crime rates in countries where police have absolute power. The Republican Party took this as a moral mandate that all accusations of police misconduct had to be attacked and suppressed, and the accusers smeared, and police had to be defended and insulated from any and all consequences zealously, to save lives and the suburban way of life.

4) 2020 Election - After perhaps 200 years of believing leftists were well-intentioned but naive, Republicans under Trump became consumed with vanity. They believed they were good and Democrats were evil. They adopted a tactic which they previously scolded leftists for, that they could use big government in the form of police, to bludgeon opponents with their utopian vision. The regulation of police is so intertwined with the letter and spirit of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, never before in American history was there ever a need for any government institution to regulate police at the state or local level. The regulator was the individual, the regulator was the accused, the regulator was the citizen of conscience. Republicans declared this only historical regulator of police illegitimate, and in doing so declared war on the common citizen. Anyone who so much as jaywalked, deserved whatever he suffered without complaint. Through this battle, Republicans sought to relive the glory and political success of their forebears, who took on the "rehabilitation and root causes" movement in the 1970's.

So today, the right of police to lie is literally held as sacred by many, a final bulwark, a thin blue line against the disintegration of society. It is just as strange and hard to believe, and just as real, as the worship of cows in India. Police literally must lie to protect us all and save the world from communists. And anyone who accuses police of any misconduct must be destroyed, to preserve our way of life.

Imagine being trapped in prison for 70 years for something that didn't happen, because a cult of people are too vain to ever admit being wrong.