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New York Police and Justice Reforms

Police in New York are some of the most hated people in the world, by those who have actual experience with them. Police in New York City plant drugs on suspects as standard procedure, making them unable to get a job for 20 years. Fossils like Newt Gingrich and Stephen Miller tell you the people who don't like the New York police are the same rehabilitation crowd from the 1960's. But it is not that at all. The recent justice reform laws in New York were not just some laws to let murderers out of prison. They addressed specific areas of police misconduct that the cop-worship cult has no idea of, and their bad children the police hide from them.

Make no mistake, police in New York do not care one bit about the innocent being victimized, any more than a baker cares if people are hungry. The cops want to make arrests, just like the baker wants to sell bread. The recent justice laws in New York were designed to protect the innocent from serial killer cops and prosecutors, who pay no price for victimizing the innocent for sport.

Getting access to witnesses earlier is a key way to protect the innocent from police and prosecutors. Who knew that something carved into the Bill of Rights might be important? Police often don't even write down the names of witnesses who don't support their narrative. By the time the suspect gets access to witnesses months later, other people they could have tracked down are long gone. And the witnesses they are able to talk to, have had their memories replaced by the police narrative written in the paper, to churn up clicks and show banner ads to the gullible justice mob. The more time passes, the less the public defender can even afford to track down witnesses, much less pay for deposition transcripts to sort out what they really witnessed.

Police also will not search crime scenes for exculpatory evidence. They will stage and fake things. They will leave items, or fail to record items, they know could exonerate the suspect. It is cheaper to just coerce a story of what happened, by threatening people at the jail, than to reconstruct what happened. By the time a defendant gets out on bond, the people who live at the crime scene will have moved out, together with all their furniture and even their neighbors. An innocent person locked in jail with a bond he cannot afford, will lose all his friends, all his family, his job, his possessions, all his ability to defend himself within a few months. Months before the public defender even reads his police report. Everything will be gone, except what the police chose to write down, and the witnesses the police found to back them up.

An innocent suspect held with a bond he cannot afford, cannot even talk to his family members to tell them the papers are wrong and he is innocent. Jail calls are usually cut off mid sentence. Prosecutors will lose some calls, and keep others, to construct a misleading narrative using the defendant's own voice. And prosecutors will change their fake story, to fit whatever they hear the defendant say the real story is, or to fit whatever evidence the defendant tells his family to help him find. They will fail to send DNA swabs to the lab, or change the location where they say they were collected, when they hear the defendant say those DNA swabs could prove the defendant is innocent. Prosecutors who hear the defendant say the names of witnesses, will then threaten those witnesses with life sentences, if they don't swear to the prosecution's narrative or swear the defendant confessed.

But I challenge any cop on here, or member of the cop-worship cult, to publish an answer to the following question with your name on it: Did this bullet pass through this hole this cop says it passed through And if not, should that cop pay any penalty for staging that evidence? Will you type up an opinion of that crime scene work with your name on it and publish it? Will you use your name to request to the FDLE to prosecute that dishonest cop for faking evidence in a murder case? No, you will not. Because cops and their worship cult enjoy victimizing the innocent, it is standard human behavior throughout history.

Charles Hurt: Rochester "Spit Hood" Arrest That Sparked Riots - Another Fake News Fiasco

These same police who will in most cases do everything they can to hide and obfuscate such a video, will kick in my door without hesitation to get any video if my neighbor somehow asphyxiates to death on my sofa. Not only will they not give me the same benefit of the doubt as Charles Hurt, but they will plant, stage, and overlook evidence as necessary to make sure they have no trouble pinning the blame on me and getting a conviction. And after police tell the newspaper their narrative of how I murdered my neighbor to sensationalize for clicks without any liability for libel, Charles Hurt will not defend me. Rather Charles Hurt will say I am a psychotic murderer and a perfect reason why we need the death penalty. And all this will happen while I am locked in isolation with no bond, months before I even get to see the evidence against me or talk to a lawyer, or even tell my family members what happened, without the prosecutor editing the phone calls or using the information to decide what swabs not to send to the lab because they could exonerate me.