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Why Republicans Lose Elections

Ann Coulter recently celebrated mass incarceration on Twitter, saying it was the flip side of the coin of a reduction in violent crime. This is the same Ann Coulter who hammers how every anchor baby brings two family members who vote Democrat, and it is literally the end of America.

Every person in prison has two family members who vote for Democrat nihilist judges. If 2 million people have been incarcerated for extended periods, that is 6 million people voting Democrat. Hello Obamacare. Goodbye to Ronald Reagan ever winning Governor in California. Three strikes, and Republicans are out.

Conservatives imagine the same belief system which rejects Bernie Sanders and gay marriage, includes an irrational desire for their sons to get murdered. And that is why black voters prefer Democrat criminal justice policies. These are the same conservatives who themselves prefer small government, and armed homeowners over a police state.

The problem with mandatory minimums for drug crimes, is they are literally the easiest crime to convict an innocent person. Most of the evidence and testimony in drug crimes, is controlled by drug users and dealers. If two drug dealers say the drugs belong to this innocent third person, they are empowered to take an innocent person's life.

People serving 30 years for drugs all say they are wrongly convicted. There is literally no scientific way to say if the true number is 1% or 50%. And there is no DNA to come along years later and exonerate an innocent person convicted of a drug crime. The only hope is Democrat judges who will burn it down and let everyone out of prison.

Even murder, all it takes is one witness to lie and identify an innocent person. And one policeman to delete five seconds of video, to save himself embarrassment from arresting the wrong person, or being called a racist and having his life ruined. You don't think it happens? Based on what? How do you know that doesn't happen?

Have you or someone you know ever been charged with murder? Have you ever sat through a murder trial, or obtained all the discovery in a murder trial, or even all the trial exhibits in a murder trial? Have you ever even read a law book? No. You believe what you believe based on no evidence or experience of your own, but based on religion. Like global warming.

What is the penalty for a policeman who hides a witness name, or deletes five seconds of video, or even lies on the stand? It's nothing. The penalty is on you, when the taxpayer has to spend money for 10 years of appeals, or when a judge finally lets a criminal out. The policeman who lies, or the prosecutor who suborns perjury, are like Al Gore. There is no controlling legal authority. The penalty is on you, when Democrats get elected.

I bought a new motorcycle, and went to show it off to my black friend who works in the city. He came out and looked at the motorcycle, and suddenly ran away. I went over to where he was, and he pointed out there was a once-inch ziplock bag lying on the ground where we had been standing. As is often the case in the city. He explained if a black guy comes out and meets a white guy at the curb and there is a ziplock bag at his feet, he is going to get picked up for dealing. They may even plant a bag on me like a policeman did to my friend in Denver. You can call me a liar, but you can't stop my black friend from voting to let everyone out of jail.

It is very easy when people are all packed into a neighborhood, to say the shots came from this window or that window, or the gun was found in this person's bedroom or that person's kitchen. So it is very easy to go through fifteen years of you and your whole family having your lives ruined, for something you didn't do. But the real numbers of people who believe the system is not just and vote Democrat, are manufactured by drug sentences.

Hey roommate, Joe is coming to grab something I left for him in the kitchen, can you let him in? Joe overdoses on opiates, you get a life sentence for opening a door. Joe killed himself. Republicans' reaction is to give the guy who opened the door life, and their favorite Republican candidate untold numbers of lifelong Democrats to fundraise and compete against. For Joe, who killed himself.

Even without any of that, a jury will convict 5% of people totally at random. Even if the prosecution just sings "The Sound of Music." Just because the person was accused and is wearing a jumpsuit, and there is some blood or contraband. If the defendant is an undesirable person, from a neighborhood where drugs are mainstream, the number goes up to 15%. 15% of those defendants will get convicted at random and get mandatory sentences, regardless of guilt, evidence, or reasonable doubt. I know, you think thousands of voters are nuts for electing Nancy Pelosi. But those same voters suddenly become sensible when they get called in for jury duty. Jurors are a demonic mob.

A black person in a high-crime area who doesn't want to get shot can stay home at night. A black person in a high-crime area who doesn't want to die from crack or heroin, can just say no. But what can a black person do to save himself from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and getting picked up for a shooting that happened a block away, and spending the next 25 years fighting it because someone said he looked like the shooter?

So black people are rational to reject Republican policies which send a police state into their neighborhood, remove discretion from judges, and insulate police and prosecutors from any penalty for misconduct. They would rather take personal responsibility. They would rather their fate is in their own hands.

You don't believe anybody is falsely convicted, or that any sentencing policies are literally unjust. Nobody bothers telling you, they just vote Democrat, do you believe that? Do you believe Andrew Gillum came within .4 percent of becoming Governor of Florida? Those black people voting Democrat are just irrational.

ACLU Somil Trivedi: The Unspoken Agreement Between Prosecutors and Law Enforcement - Recent events make it clear that prosecutors and police serve and protect each other instead of us.

I don't like this article because, in short, it is written by a leftist. And leftists solutions are always about how people feel, e.g. "deprogramming" and "rethinking" rather than permanent structural change. This would be like persuading Mexican people not to come to the US, versus building a wall. This is the idea of an "enlightened dictator" rather than checks and balances and democratic elections. Prosecutors need an institution to investigate them and send them to prison, not to be rehabilitated and enlightened with love.

I was visiting with a local Republican businessman several months ago, who had the same experience as me with a nutcase local cop who hallucinated crimes, invented probable cause, and wanted to search every vehicle. His psychological understanding of police behavior was something beautiful. He explained how cops in different situations were driven by emotion and attitude. Then he said he thought cops who lie should be shot. I agreed that there needs to be some deterrent to police perjury. But to me, an occasional person who actually has the moral compulsion to shoot a lying cop, was not likely to be a robust institutional regulator.

The ACLU's belief that institutional behavior can be changed by changing minds rather than by changing checks and balances, and laws, is sort of like the "white supremacy" they are fighting. White supremacists believe some people are simply bad, and need to be cleansed off the streets. The ACLU believes some prosecutors are bad, and need to be replaced with good prosecutors. Like shooting police who lie, this is a never-ending propaganda battle every election. Whereas simple legal and institutional changes like removing qualified immunity, or even just requiring police and prosecutors be investigated by an outside entity, rather than their own station or The Bar, can almost effortlessly and permanently adjust institutional behavior.

If you were to simply create an independent institution at the state level to compel reporting like the SEC, and deter prosecutors by locking up those who use lies or victimize the innocent, you would change prosecutor behavior the right-wing Republican way: By locking up bad actors. I don't doubt the lawyers at the ACLU are as opposed to actual regulation and punishment of lawyers as prosecutors are. And of course if you fixed 90% of police and prosecutor misconduct in one legislative session by forming the "Police and Prosecution Commission" as an adversarial independent reporting and investigative body, you would put the ACLU put of business.

If we fixed the problem through legislation and structural changes, then what role for the ACLU? The ACLU is perhaps like dermatologists. They don't want your skin to get better, they want to treat it year in and year out. And use injustice to raise money and elect Democrats, to perpetuate the whole financing machine.