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Timeline of Destruction of the Republican Party

Have you noticed Republicans coming up dry at the old crime well, among white voters, and in swing states, in the 2020 election?

Thought leaders like Ann Coulter say this must be because the media didn't report the riots or events of the summer, so nobody knew about them. LOL. Here is the true timeline of the destruction of the Republican Party.

After a 2011 Supreme Court ruling said they could, crooked prosecutors like Republican Phil Archer could not resist the temptation to use lies to convict the innocent, to appear to be successfully "tough on crime", and put over a fraud on the gullible, crime-oriented Republican voter. Knowing how much Republicans hate juries, prosecutors said hey I can just lie and hide evidence and trick the jury and get any result I want. And there is no consequence, no penalty for lying, but only a reward when the voters see me locking up lowlifes. I can use this cheap scam to win votes, I can create fake villains and lock them up, and Republican voters will love me for torturing their neighbors with lies.

And scumbags like Phil Archer were right, it worked for a time, people are dumb suckers who will torture and believe any blood libel about their fellow citizens. Especially with mugshots all over the Internet, people had no problem believing their neighbors were worthless untermenschen who deserved their own torture, based on nothing but accusations.

But people whose family members experience unredressed injustice at the hands of their government, have extremely long memories as politics go, and greater passion than voters on any other issue. As the numbers added up over the years, the justice system became hated by the people it was supposed to protect, when too many of their friends and family members got firsthand experience and became victims of it. Even the victims of crimes do not like to be lied to, or to torture random people, quite so much as Republican prosecutors and their voters like lying and torturing random people.

Used-car salesmen like Republican Phil Archer spent the credibility of the justice system recklessly, for their own self promotion in a party of naive geeky idealists. The justice system came to be associated with cynical, sociopathic prosecutors, coerced lies, and hidden evidence. The crime well was poisoned for the white voter, and Republicans can never go back to it again. It is the end of the road for something that fed the party for 50 years.

White suburban voters wanted criminals locked up. Instead, Republican prosecutors delivered a carnival scam, using lies to lock up the innocent thinking it would excite Republican voters. That is how dumb prosecutors like Phil Archer think you are, that is how simple is his take on the ideals and values of Republican philosophy. Maybe, but if so, it is nevertheless doomed to failure in a democracy, by any party dumb enough to believe it. Thanks to this brilliant strategy, white suburban voters all over the country are running to Democrats, even half dead ones, even as their neighborhoods are burned by agitators. This for ignoring our better sense about government and human nature, and the lessons of history, to invest a utopian trust in police and prosecutors.

Even the great Sheriff Grady Judd is a fraud. He said he would have had the George Floyd cops in his jail by sundown. Before he knew the facts. When in reality, there are no video cameras in Polk County, nor body cams nor dash cams, and Grady Judd does not want them. And then he tried to boost the reputation of police, by trying a murder case in the media, inciting a mob against a defendant based on hearsay, and putting great pressure on police and witnesses and even jurors to not contradict his narrative. That is not trial by jury, that is a Roman trial.

When I put up the websites and, my intention was never to prove Republicans are scumbags. My intention was to elucidate major credibility issues in the justice system. Discovering that my fellow Republicans are, in fact, scumbags on criminal justice issues, and proving it, has been very disappointing.

I don't think Republican politicians want to be scumbags, I think they are idealists. But they have unintentionally cut themselves off from reality. For example, there is this hero Republican prosecutor Phil Archer whose standard business is to use lies to get convictions. Many common Republicans knowingly support that. But the sort of philosophical intellectual idealists of the Republican Party have sealed themselves off from simple facts like this. How have they sealed themselves off?

The first step, is Republicans have a preconception of anyone who stands up for the Bill of Rights, or echoes the common historical judicial grievances of the Declaration of Independence, as coming from the discredited "rehabilitation and root causes" movement in the 1970's. The second step is Republicans have a preconception of anyone who complains about police misconduct as being a race hustler, like in Ferguson. Republicans miss that the recent anti-police movement is mainly white people, and it is genuine grassroots. Republicans think it is Soros astroturf.

The third step is assigning a branch of government, an institution for the regulation of police and prosecutors, and then rejecting the legitimacy of that branch of government. So that there is no regulation of police and prosecutors. And then making the disastrous political mistake, of aligning themselves with a group of armed government employees who are unregulated, who pay no price for victimizing the innocent. Americans have always rebelled against that sort of thing. Nobody sailed across the ocean to find more police.

Anyone knows there is no independent institution in the executive branch to investigate and prosecute police, and deter police misconduct. By design, it is the job of those accused of crimes to investigate police misconduct. The FDLE specifically told me it is the job of private defense attorneys to prosecute police when they break the law. So Republicans intentionally turned regulation over to criminals. They then said there is no need for regulation, because all the complaints come from criminals, and we will never believe them.

In her book "The War on Cops" Heather Mcdonald characterized this designed, intended part of the criminal justice system - the only monitor, the only check on police and prosecutor misconduct - as a war. By doing so, she declared war on anyone who complains about police misconduct, and their families and sympathizers.

So Heather Mcdonald effectively declared a war by police and their supporters, their worship cult, on the general public. As if the general public is not a legitimate participant! As if the general public is more corruptible, and the government is less corruptible! And she said that Republicans have a moral mandate to ignore allegations of police misconduct, to insulate police from any consequences of wrongdoing, to save lives.

It took literally only a few years for this book to infect all departments around the country, and create a war between the police and the citizens. And when Republicans align themselves with police, who do you think is going to win in a democracy? And it was also only a few years after Connick v Thompson interpreted the archaic rights of the King of England in the broadest possible way in 2011, that prosecutors were emboldened that there could never be any penalty for victimizing the innocent, and many gullible Republicans would reward them.

So Republicans have no idea the justice system they defend reflexively is evil garbage. It is enabled to be garbage specifically because they defend it reflexively, like parrots. And they have no idea what hit them.

Republicans need to take this issue of corruption and gaming the rules in the criminal justice system, this albatross which they have a reputation of being in support of, off the table as an issue in elections, by fixing it, so they can get back in power for all that is good. Republicans should try again being the party of freedom and limited government, instead of a utopian worship cult of fraudulent police and prosecutors.